12 squadron commanding officers

Matt Boland relieved Capt. Trained at No.2 ITS (graduated 28 January 1942), No.2 EFTS (graduated 22 May 1942), and No.11 SFTS (graduated 11 September 1942). XII Squadron, is a flying squadron of the Royal Air Force (RAF). Their wireless operator had been more fortunate. This marked the start of Tornado GR4 operations in Afghanistan, with the type replacing the Harrier GR9 in theatre. After the fate of Belgian Battles attacking the day before, the commander asked for volunteers and every pilot stepped forward; the six crews on standby were chosen.

- Hamburg, F/E: Sgt Hamill, EDWARD ... KIA - 523827 - Wednesday, 28th July 1943 - Age 28 - Hamburg, M/U: Sgt Woolford, REGINALD JOHN ... KIA - 1323920 - Wednesday, 28th July 1943 - Age 21 - Hamburg, R/G: Sgt Bartlett, PERCIVAL JOHN ... POW - Stalag Muhlberg-Elbe, Capt: F/S Smitheringale, K.B DFC ... 1319581, Note: F/S Smitheringale was flying for 101 Squadron during April 1943, W/T: Sgt Mitchell, LAWRENCE DOUGLAS (See Forbes Crew), M/U: F/O Phillips, PHILLIP HENRY - After surviving the ditching flew with S/LDR Slade, ultimately perishing at Peenumunde - Age 20, Sgt Scott and crew were reported missing after the operation to Bochum - 13.5.43 - They had ditched and were picked up a Minesweeper on 19.5.43 and returned to the squadron 3 days later.

[39], In August 2015, Jane's reported that the squadron will stay active for a longer period[40] and it was subsequently deployed to Syria for reconnaissance of ISIS troop movements. The London Gazette of Friday 3 March 1944 contains the following from his DSO citation: 'This officer has completed a very large number of sorties and has displayed great skill and determination, qualities which have earned him many successes. Number 12 Squadron, also known as No. 12 Squadron returned to England in June. His interest in medicine had been lifelong but in addition he had developed a feeling of need to do something to try and make amends for the terrible death and destruction of which he had been part during the war. The squadron initially operated Vulcans from RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire and then later from RAF Cottesmore in Rutland. [41] The squadron's last mission operating the Tornado took place on 14 December 2017 in the skies over Iraq and Syria. [4] The Harts were replaced by the Hawker Hind in 1936 and in 1938 the squadron was equipped with Fairey Battles. “Operation of a nuclear submarine is an exquisite system of ultimate standards, exceptionally trained people, and design that is a triumph of humankind,” said Youtt. Early the following year the squadron relocated to Batchelor airfield (located further inland) but left a detachment at Darwin. [17], During the late 1970s the squadron featured in the RAF documentary film 12 Squadron Buccaneers, produced by the Central Office of Information. All Hands Magazine highlights the Navy's culture and heritage, while striving to be the number one source of information for Sailors about their Navy today. Maurice grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan, Canada and joined the RCAF in 1942. On 1 June 1940 Anson crew and personnel were posted out to form the Darwin-based 13 Squadron. Many thanks to Jeff Ritsick for this information. Two Blenheim squadrons were supposed to attack Maastricht at the same time as a diversion and twelve Hurricane squadrons were flying in support but half of these were operating to the north-west and the others were only flying in the vicinity, except for 1 Squadron, which was to sweep ahead to clear away German fighters. Details of the evening F/Lt Polgrean died from RAF Bomber Cmd Losses: Details: Take off 1834 from Burn. What happened then is unknown as William died serving with 578 Squadron at RAF Burn in Yorkshire probably flying Halifaxes. 14 Dec 1966: Commander Barnett, commanding officer of VA-12, led a 42-plane strike against a heavily defended target in … Public Records Office Air 2/9149 has recommendation dated 13 February 1944 when he had flown 28 sorties (199 operational hours), 22 July 1943 to 30 January 1944. The Commanding Officer of 12 Squadron was Charles "Moth" Eaton. 12 Squadron Airmen and Commanding Officers. A A A By Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Alfred A. Coffield, Commander, Submarine Force Atlantic Public Affairs . Promoted to Warrant Officer, he remained in the RAF on permanent appointment after the war, Posted to 81 OTU after completion of tour and after a time instructing completed a second tour flying Halifaxes in India, Aged 22, another good-looking Rhodesian. The pilot nursed the bomber home but ran out of fuel a few miles short and landed in a field; the observer got back to Amifontaine but the gunner was taken prisoner.

[46], sfn error: no target: CITEREFBaughen2017 (, sfn error: no target: CITEREFJackson2001 (, A charity event by RAF No.

- Monchengladbach, R/G: Sgt Frazer, NORMAN ROSCOE ... KIA - 408585 RAAF - Tuesday, 31st August 1943 - Age 26 - Monchengladbach, Born in Melbourne, Norman was a Mechanical Engineer before volunteering, Capt: F/O Mounsey, WILLIAM NORMAN ... KIA - 124550 - Monday, 24th May 1943 - Age ? He was compelled to fly through very adverse weather on the outward journey and after reaching the objective he searched for twenty minutes before establishing the target and releasing his bombs. - Dusseldorf, Capt: P/O Borland, JAMES DFC ... KIA - 157303 - Monday, 3rd January 1944 - Age 20 - Berlin (156 Sqn), Nav: P/O Purmal, VINCENT ROBERT ... KIA - J, W/T: Sgt McKenzie, DUNCAN BENJAMIN GRANT ... KIA - 991795 - Monday, 3rd January 1944 - Age 21 - Berlin (156 Sqn), B/A: F/S Snelling, DENNIS CYRIL GEORGE ... KIA - 1389270 - Monday, 3rd January 1944 - Age 20 - Berlin (156 Sqn), M/U: Sgt Waller, ALAN ABRAHAM ... KIA - 1392292 - Monday, 3rd January 1944 - Age 22 - Berlin (156 Sqn), R/G: WO1 Adair, LESLIE JAMES ... KIA - R/133591 RCAF - Monday, 3rd January 1944 - Age ? David Youtt as Commodore of Submarine Squadron 12 (SUBRON 12) at … In 1936, he was commissioned into the Royal Engineers and at the outbreak of war he was serving in Hong Kong. By his skilful leadership, sound judgment and initiative, Wing Commander Wood has contributed materially to the many successes obtained by his squadron. - Berlin, F/E: Sgt Moore, VICTOR CLAGUE ... KIA - 524207 - Wednesday, 1st September 1943 - Age ?

Lastly, while assigned to HSC-6, CDR Haines was selected as the 2013 AIRPAC HSC Pilot of the Year.

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- Berlin (156 Sqn), R/G: Sgt Minogue, JAMES STEEL DFC ... R69302 RCAF - Completed Operational Tour? He holds an Executive Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the Naval Postgraduate School. Aged 21, a quiet and friendly engine fitter from Blackpool. Norman was born on 21 April 1916. As captain of aircraft this officer has completed many operational sorties including attacks on such heavily defended targets as Essen, Hamburg, Spezia and Stettin.

Youtt said he is grateful to the commanders and crews for their hard-working spirit, determination, and ability to deploy in challenging environments. Boland said he will carry a strong commitment to maintaining combat readiness as squadron commander. M/U: F/L Polgrean, William Henry "Harry" ... KIA - 137230 - Wednesday, 7th March 1945 - Aged 24 - ? He worked with his father as a carpenter/coachbuilder/undertaker in the village of Urswick, Cumbria before enlisting. He then reported to NAS Pensacola, FL for flight training in October 2001. Commissioned 1943.

- Berlin (156 Sqn), Nav: Sgt S, L.J ... INJ - On return from Berlin Mission (156 Sqn), W/T: Sgt Egan, A.E ... INJ - On return from Berlin Mission (156 Sqn), B/A: Sgt Harries, R ... INJ - On return from Berlin Mission (156 Sqn), F/E: Sgt Johnson, GEORGE ... 1511990 - Tuesday, 23rd November 1943 - Aged 34 - Berlin (156 Sqn), M/U: Sgt Hodges, RONALD HORACE - ... KIA - 754928 - Tuesday, 23rd November 1943 - Aged ?

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