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"The Seventh Johannine Sign: A Study in John's Christology," Bulletin for Biblical Research 5 (1995): 87-103, Köstenberger, Andreas J. (Later) Seventh Sign - Man Born Blind, John 9:39-41-John 10:1-21 Jerusalem. When He walked the earth, He healed the sick, cast out demons, raised the dead, walked on water, changed water into wine, and multiplied loaves and fishes. John 8:31 If You Abide in My Word, You Are Truly My Disciples, John 8:30-36 You Will Know the Truth and the Truth Will Set You Free, John 9:1-23 Why Was This Child Born Blind, John 9:1-7 Born Blind for the Glory of God, John 9:1-39 The Works of God and the Worship of Jesus, John 9:35-41 For Judgment I Came into This World, John 10:11-18 I Have Authority to Lay it Down, John 10:1-21 My Abandoned Life for Your Abundant Life, John 10:14-18 The Depth of Christ's Love: Its Freedom, John 10:11-18 I Have Other Sheep That Are Not of This Fold, John 10:15-16 I Have Other Sheep That Are Not Of This Fold, John 10:16 I Am God Almighty, Be Fruitful, John 10:22-30 Jesus Is Precious Because He Gives Eternal Life, John 11:1-44 A Meditation - Funeral Message, John 11:1-16 This Illness Is for the Glory of God, John 11:17-44 Jesus Is the Resurrection and the Life, John 11:45-57 Jesus Died to Gather the Children of God, John 12:1-11 Leave Her Alone, Judas, This Is for My Burial, John 12:12-26 If a Grain of Wheat Dies, It Bears Much Fruit, John 12:20-26 Where I Am There Will My Servant Be- A Call to Treasure Christ Together, John 12:20-26 Dying As A Means Of Loving Part One, John 12:27-36 For This Purpose I Have Come to This Hour, John 12:37-50 Belief in Jesus- Its Barriers and Blessings, John 12:20-33 The Hour Has Come for the Son of Man to Be Glorified, John 13:12-20 Sovereign Sacrifice: Foreknown, Foretold, for Faith, John 13:1-20 For His Sake and for Your Joy, Go Low, John 13:31-35 The New Commandment of Christ- Love One Another As I Have Loved You, John 13:31-38 s I Have Loved You, Love One Another, John 15:1-8 Praying From the Fullness of the Word, John 16:16-24 Put in the Fire for the Sake of Prayer, John 16:16-24 No One Will Take Your Joy from You, John 20:19-23 The Risen Christ — His Peace, Power, and Purpose, John’s Testimony About Jesus John 1:19-34, The Christian Form of Monotheism John 5:16-30, Christ Walking Across the Waves John 6:16-24, The World’s Hatred of Jesus Christ John 7:1-13, Characteristics of the Unbelieving Mind John 7:14-24, Walking in the Light While Living in the Dark John 11:1-16, The Resurrection and the Life John 11:17-44, Misplaced Enthusiasm for Jesus John 12:12-19, Jesus Christ in the Old Testament John 12:37-43, The Christian Coat of Arms: A Basis on a Field of Towels John 13:1-17, Introducing the Holy Spirit John 14:15-31, The Authority of the Church John 20:19-23, The Chapters in the Story of a Christian Life John 21:15-25, Brothers We Must Not Mind a Little Suffering, John 1:11-13: The Preacher’s Last Sermon for the Season, John 1:11-13: The Simplicity and Sublimity of Salvation, John 1:11-13 Faith and Its Attendant Privileges, John 1:12, 13 Open Heart for the Great Savior, John 1:14,17: The True Tabernacle & Its Glory of Grace & Peace, John 1:16 The Fullness of Jesus the Treasury of Saints. The Holy Spirit: Do All Believers Have the Holy Spirit? Gospel of John Commentary. John 3:3, 5 What does it mean to be born of water? Gospel of John, Frequent sermon illustrations. The good shepherd dies for the sheep (John 10:11-13), b. Calvary Chapel Published a century ago, this study of the Greek text of John's gospel first appeared in the Cambridge Greek Testament. Textual problems are for the most part untreated, but Pink does grapple seriously with doctrinal difficulties. A Note of Warning, John 13:3-5 The Lessons of the Foot-Washing, John 13:6 Jesus Washing His Disciples’ Feet, John 13:34, 35 Christ’s “New Commandment”, John 13:35 Characteristics of Christ’s Disciples, John 14:1-4 Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled, John 14:2 Col 1:12 A Prepared Place for a Prepared People, John 14:16-17: The Personality of the Holy Spirit, John 14:17 Intimate Knowledge of the Holy Spirit, John 14:19 Spiritual Sight and Eternal Life, John 14:22: Christ Manifesting Himself to His People, John 14:26 The Great Teacher and Remembrancer, John 14:26 The Teaching of the Holy Ghost, John 14:27 The Cause and Effect of Heart Trouble, John 14:28 Love’s Transformations—A Communion Meditation, John 15:2 A Sharp Knife for the Vine Branches, John 15:8 Characteristics of Christ’s Disciples, John 16:7 The Superlative Excellence of the Holy Spirit, John 16:8-11 The Holy Spirit’s Threefold Conviction of Men, John 16:13: The Holy Spirit--The Great Teacher, John 16:14 The Holy Spirit Glorifying Christ, John 16:14 The Spirit’s Office Towards Disciples, John 16:14-15: The Holy Spirit's Chief Office, John 16:20-22 Sorrow At the Cross Turned into Joy, John 16:31, 32 Christ’s Loneliness and Ours, John 16:33 Christ the Overcomer of the World, John 16:33 Good Cheer from Christ's Victory Over the World, John 16:33 Sweet Peace for Tried Believers, John 17:1 The Son Glorified by the Father and the Father Glorified by the Son, John 17:9-10: Christ's Pastoral Prayer for His People, John 17:15 Christ’s Negative and Positive Prayer, John 17:15: Christ's Prayer for His People, John 17:15 The Preservation of Christians in the World, John 17:16: The Character of Christ's People, John 17:17: Our Lord's Prayer for His People's Sanctification, John 17:18 Believers Sent by Christ, As Christ Is Sent by the Father, John 17:22, 23 The Glory, Unity and Triumph of the Church, John 17:24 Mt 26:39 "I Will,” Yet, “Not As I Will”, John 17:25, 26 The Righteous Father Known and Loved, John 18:8, 9 The Captive Savior Freeing His People, John 18:8, 9 The Living Care of the Dying Christ, John 18:18 A Sermon for a Winter's Evening, John 18:38 Our Lord’s First Appearance before Pilate, John 19:17 The Great Cross-Bearer and His Followers, John 19:28: The Shortest of the Seven Cries, John 19:30 Christ’s Dying Word for His Church, John 20:10-16 Magdalene at the Sepulcher—An Instructive Scene, John 20:15: Supposing Him to be the Gardner, John 20:17 Christ’s Manifestation to Mary Magdalene, John 20:17 Noli Me Tangere” (“Touch Me Not”), John 20:27: The Evidence of Our Lord's Wounds, John 21:6 Lu 5:4 The Two Draughts of Fishes, John 21:15 "Feed My Lambs”—A Sunday School Sermon, John 21:17 Comfort from Christ’s Omniscience, John 10:22-23.

Eighth Sign.

John 4:46-54. Serving Christ's sheep (John 21:15-17), 2.

Gospel of John Commentary. A liberal work, now outdated as to literature but long held in high esteem on critical and exegetical matters. Mp3's Only, F B MEYER See also the notes on Pink under "Commentaries" and in the discussion of Supernaturalistic interpretation. See also Vincent for more Greek word studies. A full verse-by-verse exposition of John by an accomplished conservative Baptist scholar of the past century. You will find in it the ripened results of a matured scholarship, the harvesting of a judgment, generally highly impartial, always worthy of respect, which has gleaned from the most important fields of Biblical research, both modern and ancient, at home and abroad. Christ and the Blind Beggar (John 9:1-7), 32. John 1:35-36: The Lamb of God in Scripture, John 1:37; Mt 4:18, 19; 10:1, 2 Peter’s Three Calls, John 1:43-45: Found by Jesus, and Finding Jesus, John 1:47 Nathanael—The Man Needed for the Day, John 1:50 Nathanael—Or, the Ready Believer and His Reward, John 1:50, 51 Greater Things Yet Who Shall See Them, John 2:11 The Beginning of Miracles Which Jesus Did, John 3:8 The Holy Spirit Compared to the Wind, John 3:14-15: The Mysteries of the Brazen Serpent, John 3:36 The Unbeliever's Unhappy Condition, John 4:1-42 Exposition - Scroll down to page 6, John 4:27-30 The Samaritan Woman and Her Mission, John 4:34: Jesus About His Father's Business, John 5:1-9 Exposition Jesus at Bethesda—Or, Waiting Changed for Believing, John 5:1-23 Exposition - Scroll down to page 6, John 5:8 The Hospital of Waiters Visited with the Gospel, John 5:11 The Work of Grace the Warrant for Obedience, John 5:40 Unwillingness to Come to Christ, John 5:44 Why Men Cannot Believe in Christ, John 6:11: The Lad's Loaves in the Lord's Hands, John 6:29 A Plain Answer to An Important Enquiry, John 6:37 The Certainty and Freeness of Divine Grace, John 6:37 High Doctrine and Broad Doctrine, John 6:37: The Sum and Substance of all Theology, John 6:44, 45 The Drawings of Divine Love, John 6:47, 48 Feeding on the Bread of Life, John 6:53-56 Truly Eating the Flesh of Jesus, John 6:55 The Meat and Drink of the New Nature, John 6:66-69 A Home Question and a Right Answer, John 7:37 The Preacher’s Last Sermon for the Season, John 7:38, 39; 16:7 The Indwelling and Outflowing of the Holy Spirit, John 7:46 The Unrivalled Eloquence of Jesus, John 8:30-32: Believing on Jesus, and Its Counterfeits, John 8:31 Characteristics of Christ’s Disciples, John 8:46 Nominal Christians—Real Infidels, John 8:51-53 The Man Who Shall Never See Death, John 9:3, 4 The Blind Man’s Eyes Opened—Or, Practical Christianity, John 9:5-7 The Blind Beggar of the Temple and His Wonderful Cure. (An Introduction to the NT) Note that Plummer also authored the Cambridge Bible for Schools and Colleges (see below). John 11:37 Could He Not? Emphasis on Greek Word Study on John. Rich in references to other works on the gospel current during the past century. Lazarus, John 12:20-36 Jerusalem. - Andreas Kostenberger - JETS 48/1, 2005, John 19:14-16 - Johnny Miller - The Time of the Crucifixion - JETS 26/2 - June, 1983, John 19:38-20:18 Nicholas P. Lunn, "Jesus, the Ark, and the Day of Atonement: Intertextual Echoes in John 19:38-20:18,"JETS 52.4 (Dec. 2009): 731-746. John 1:45-51 - L. Paul Trudinger, "An Israelite in Whom There is No Guile: An Interpretive Note on John 1:45-51," The Evangelical Quarterly 54.2 (1982): 117-120. John 10:11 What did Jesus mean when He said “I am the good Shepherd?”.

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