700 fill power down temperature rating

800+ Many people consider 800 to be the highest possible fill power… This article helps you decide which down jacket is the... the world's most carefully tested and objective gear reviews. The Guides Down Hoody stuffs into its own zippered internal chest pocket for compressing and stowing. Experience the best 700 fill down temperature jacket with the Marmot Down Hoody men jacket that is capable of being used by men of … That said, we do admit that this jacket perhaps feels slightly out of place among our selection of lightweight down jackets, as it is the heaviest and also the bulkiest one that we tested. That number usually ranges from 350 to 900, and it indicates how many cubic inches a single ounce of down occupies. 8.8 ounces for a men's size large, recording the highest total weight of any jacket in this test.

The higher the number (800 fill, 700 fill, 600 fill, etc. Because it is so big, bulky, heavy, and fits as an outer layer rather than mid-layer, we wouldn't recommend it for medium cold alpine climbing, or other active pursuits, which many of the jackets in this review are designed for. 700: Luxury down comforters will often have a fill power rating of 700 or above. Six out of 10 points. Even though it only uses 700 fill-power down, it packed the large sewn through baffles until they were completely full, giving this jacket a very puffy appearance and feel. Its features and design make it a great choice as a belay parka while out ice climbing or winter climbing, or even a great choice for hanging out at base camp or in cold weather conditions. This is your classic puffy jacket, and does not make a person look trim. This is the warmest jacket in the review, slightly better than the comparably puffy Arc'teryx Thorium SV. It was easy for us to test the water resistance of the face fabric and DWR coating on this jacket, but much harder to get a solid idea of what was actually going on inside with the Down Defender coating applied to the 700-fill power down.
Sleeping bags with fill ratings of 600-700 are considered very good, 500-550 is considered good, and 400-450 is considered medium quality. of down has a Clo of approximately 1.68.

This jacket is so large and insulated that is more reminiscent of a parka than a jacket. If warmth is what you want, then this is the jacket for you, but if you are more attracted to a super lightweight mid-layer similar to the Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer Hooded, you may also take a peak at the Marmot Quasar, an 8.4 ounce, 850 fill-power down mid layer.

Considering you are getting the very warmest one we tested for one of the lowest price tags, and considering we thought this jacket was the second best one in our review, we certainly think that it presents a great value and is well worth the money. It also has the best set of features that we found on a down jacket, including two-way zippers, fleece-lined hand pockets, dual draw cords for the hood, and Velcro wrist enclosures. The Guide's Down Hoody is filled with 700 fill-power hydrophobic down that we wanted to try and test for its water resistance.

That said, we wore it a bunch anyway and still compared it to the rest of the jackets, so we're telling it like it is. The two-way zipper is a great feature if you wish to use this jacket for climbing or as a cold weather belay jacket, as it allows you to easily access your harness and belay loop without unzipping the top of your jacket and losing heat. It was about one ounce heavier than the Arc'teryx Thorium SV, but far heavier than the average weight of around 12 ounces that represent the Canada Goose Hybridge Lite Down Hoody or the Western Mountaineering Flash XR. However, this jacket employs hydrophobic down meant to greatly increase its water resistance, up to the levels of a synthetic jacket even. This is a necessary feature, since we found that the DWR coating on the face fabric of this jacket was among the least effective in our water resistance tests. While this may seem like a fair bit of money, on a comparison scale this is a pretty affordable jacket. As such, we still chose to bump up its score a couple points and awarded six out of 10. Front view of the Guide's Down Hoody with the hood deployed. Examples include the forearm, shoulder and leg regions of climbing and expedition down jackets/suits - where it is able to resist compression better than higher fills. GearLab is reader-supported. A great feature on the Guide's Down Hoody that was not found on any other down jacket in our review is Velcro wrist enclosures. Compared to the other jackets we reviewed, the Guide is thicker, heavier, and bulkier, although far warmer.

It would also work great as a base camp jacket in the greater ranges of the world, or as an everyday winter jacket if you live in truly cold places such the high mountains or Minnesota. Fill power is calculated by how much space 1 ounce of down clusters takes up in a cylindrical tube (1 ounce of 800-fill power down will loft to 800 cubic inches, 1 ounce of 700-fill power down will loft to 700 cubic inches, etc.). Fill power can be identified by the number that accompanies it. Got feedback? Retail price for the Guides Down Hoody is $250. This is a jacket for standing around in the cold, working, or at the crag, where you will spend all day not moving so much and want the greatest warmth possible. Our Editors independently research, test, and rate the best products. Although the temperature rating system has its flaws, there are still other numbers, figures and facts to consider when looking for a great down jacket. Unfortunately, in this test the Guides Down Hoody was among the worst in the test, slightly worse even than The North Face Trevail Hoodie or the REI Co-op Down Hoodie. Slightly lower fill power down (i.e. The feathers will often be Hungarian white goose down and selected for their large, lofty clusters. It would make a great belay jacket for winter climbing or very cold alpine climbing.

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