amazing grace notes

Pleae notice that this is a protected file.You can find the password in the download email. Even though it is not all that expensive, I can't justify the cost of it because it doesn't seem to last more than 15 minutes on me. The bottle I had before was NOT as pretty as this!!!! I love this. At the most, you can smell the base note up to three hours later, but not much longer. The only problem, and it's a big one, it does not last!

Many here stated that this is a nondescript perfume that doesn't make any statement. I actually enjoy the body wash and conditioner better, prob because it lacks the musk.

A little bit of citrus, a hint of tea, a tad of pepper all wrapped in a gentle musk that sits close to the skin for a few hours.

for Beginner/Level 1 Piano Solo. On the other hand, it's neither beautiful nor inspiring.

I think jasmine is one of my power notes and this is a nice, dry, clean jasmine/rose with a really beautiful musk base.

It can also be used for work, not offensive at all. Kind of powdery, lightly floral, and soap-like. Way to go!! Do you even remotely care about the opinions of your long-standing customers?

I've always been curious about this line and it has been picked up by my favorite department store. For rose that is a bit "feminine," I'd likely reach for Fresh's Cannabis Rose, as that one has clearer and more interesting notes (to me).

Not really a fan. To me, this is the essence of the word "beautiful". It's a very fresh floral with freesia and rose over clean musk. He will my shield and portion be Very pure and soapy. I'm clearly oblivious to it! (I have the travel size bottle for trips.). I am a hairstylist and many clients say they hate overly perfumed people, they get headaches from it. I really like this one for an inoffensive, everyday-friendly perfume. My favorite part about this scent is the prominent musk in the base notes. It almost comes thru as medicinal on me and I don't like that at all.
Smells great on a guy like me. Than when we first begun.

I thought, "where have I smelled this before?"

Browse our 100 arrangements of "Amazing Grace." A friend and I beelined straight for Mecca Cosmetica to spritz ourselves with this perfume. Smell faded after 4 hours. Philosophy AMAZING GRACE is doubly misnamed. this is very clean soapy scent that its so light that you can barely smell it.

Sadly it's just not that special! I bought it today in a haul cuz I saw the rave on YouTube... all I could think of was freshly done nails with baby powder♀️. This perfume reminds a bit of Gucci Envy, very fresh and clean. 5 with I don't think I could even use this as an air freshener. It has a very pleasing fragrance that my husband loves. The scent is beautiful.

This is surprisingly nice. So ladies this is what your mans mum wants you to smell like lol!!! I would consider this the antithesis of musky. So not to offend anyone, but sorry grace and beauty is nowhere to be found in this scent. Unless we all continue returning scents to the stores and let them know we are returning them due to no lasting power, they will continue to pump out "water" perfumes. My office mates used to compliment me a lot, saying I smell like a baby. my heart to fear, and grace my fears relieved; how precious did that grace appear. To me this is a very very soft scent. I am a big freesia fan, now, add to this rose, jasmine and musk with a hint of citrus notes; mix in a magic cauldron and you have the cleanest, softest and yummiest 'feel-good' scent that is also unbelievably pretty! With the message that forgiveness and redemption are possible regardless of sins committed and that the soul can be delivered from despair through the mercy of God, Amazing Grace is one of the most recognizable songs in the English-speaking world.

It takes away all the warmth and just leaves a bunch of florals. Amazing Grace Perfume by Philosophy ... (.

It took me awhile to test this one properly because the first sample I got was a bad one and smelled awful.

It's floral, musky, a little citrus, and very clean. I am a huge fan of this fragrance,,, You won't be sorry if you buy this one. This was always my signature scent until a couple of years ago when I started to get into more niche fragrances and wanted to find something a little more sophisticated. It is very feminine, fresh, and clean; I imagine that the woman who wears this as a signature scent probably wears a lot of white and never worries that she might get a smudge of dirt on her skirt or a drip of sauce on her sweater--her immaculately clean house is painted in shades of cream and light beige, there are always fresh flowers on the credenza, and everything is just so. It is light and sweet and reminds me of being young again. Thank you for subscribing. It used to be the epic non-perfume - perfume to wear. It was by no means a beast back then but it had decent longevity & sillage. I do have to be honest though, it's not strong and it doesn't seem to last as long as it should for the price tag. I’d buy a full size bottle if it lasted more than 20 minutes. Wow! To me, this is a young (20's), light, no-complications, clean fragrance.

3. freesia?) I find that the freesia and musk notes make it seem really clean, so for me it's the perfect perfume to wear after a bath or shower. It actually smells very clean. Longevity is pretty terrible.

It was a “blue” rose, which means it’s actually a deep purply color that’s sort of close to “blue.” Anyway I can’t recall what the name of this rose was, I believe it was “climbing blue moon.” This was sentimental to me because it smelled very much like that rose, which at the time had special meaning for us. Coty, what have you done?!

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