ancient greece 6th grade powerpoint

Transition: Keep these answer sheets to review with. Transitional activity: Last week, we introduced several Greek Gods. Transitional Statement: It said in our textbook that the Olympics were held to honor the Gods.

Greek Gods: The ancient Greeks explained the wonders around them and the happenings in their lives as being the work of the gods.

Have students provide information from the list into each section. And there is no answer key. IV. Ancient Greece Notes

Now everyone let us have a little fun today.

(Manilla folder sheets, cut in various shapes, works well). Their small ships could maneuver better. Talk about how Zerk the Jerk had his slaves carry his golden throne from Persia and set it up on a hillside so he could watch the Greeks be destroyed. Following is a list of essential thinking skills and related concepts that will be related to each days activities. __________ was the site of the festival that centered around sports, and honored Zeus.

- Ancient Greece Early Greek thought and philosophers Science and Religion in Schools Project - Unit 3b Map of Greece Map of Ancient Greece Timeline of key figures Key ... Greece is a peninsula, which means that it is, Greece has a lot of smaller peninsulas sticking, Greece is covered with mountains. Transitional activity: So far we have just talked about Greece. Take out some paper to write down some notes. The student will be able to describe what a "dark age" is. - Ancient Greece The Persian Wars ... Herodotus, a Greek scholar, tells the full story of the Persian Wars. Each skill will be numbered and this number will be listed at the end of each days subject matter outline.

Below are the links for Chapter 9: Ancient Greece.

You can download the presentations to your hard drive by clicking the link under attachments, Mr. Ferguson's Sixth Grade Social Studies. This link is also listed above, under Lesson #6: Olympics.

The Greeks picked up the Phoenician alphabet between 900 and 800. The sea was an important to the people of ancient, The population grew and people moved from the, Greek merchants established trade routes among, The earliest civilization began on the island of, The people are called the Minoans after their, The Minoan king lived in the capital city of. They are all artistically enhanced with visually stunning color, shadow and lighting effects. Ancient Greek Olympics. Drill (5-10 minutes): (Activity #1) the vocabulary words are written on an overhead transparency. What were the main features of the geography of Greece? 133 B.C. Developmental Activity: Students will read aloud p345. Mt.

Transitional Statement: We will continue with our presentations tomorrow.

Begin reading the Odyssey (the Cyclops cave) as an example of Oral history that was later written down.

For Kids: Overview. The Student will be able to describe the major phases of the Persian wars.

What details of the battle would be different? It includes an alphabet. The Ionian and Aegean seas are not very large. The Greek culture of sailing and trading developed over thousands of years. 2. Lesson Background: This is the tenth lesson of a unit on Ancient Greece. Transition: Have students break into pairs, reminding them that I have the option of breaking up a pair if they are not working.

epic - a long poem that tells the story of a hero, barbarians - the name given by the Greeks to any people who were not Greek, colonies - areas set up in conquered lands by the Greek city states for use when they themselves became overpopulated, Minoan (min-o-un) - an ancient Cretan civilization, myths - legends or stories that attempt to explain natural events. PowerPoints. Today we are going to use those graphic organizers again. have them solve problems using the two type graphs shown using the try it section. We will be reviewing the material we have covered in two ways.

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