application of bioinformatics include mcq

The b) molecular docking. Name the types of nitrogenous bases present in the RNA. Which are the main sub-disciplines of bioinformatics? Which of the following tools is used for the identification of motifs? Ans: Basic local alignment searching tool, used to find out the queried sequence from different databases of protein, DNA, RNA etc.. Step What are the different sources of air pollution? To develop, new algorithms and statical methods which may be used to access the relationships among information’s present in large databases.

a) data storage and management. -The going price for bioinformaticians with a year’s experience is upwards of Rs 50,000 per month. Which type of skills are required to be a good bioinformatician? 19. Biology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for Different Competitive Exams, © var creditsyear = new Date();document.write(creditsyear.getFullYear()); Q.6. build a consensus tree, where the number of times each branch reforms is counted and used to estimate its - Starting with a package of Rs 12,000 to Rs 15,000, you can expect Rs 20,000 with a couple of years of experience under your belt. Q.9. work using chemicals, drugs etc using water’ is referred as, 7. Q.8. 3.Which of the following scientists created the first Bioinformatics database? work using computers and associated web based analysis generally online’ is referred Ans: There are more than 200 databases which are used in bioinformatics but the main categories of database relate to annoyed database, curated database, federated databases, integrated databases, interoperability databases, non-redundant databases, proprietary databases, redundant databases, relational databases, in-depth flat files and indexed flat files. 43. To communicate among people, projects, and institutions engaged in biological R&D and applications.

MCQ Biology - Learning Biology through MCQs, AllRightsReserved. Share Your Word File b) Margaret Dayhoff. as, c) understand relationships between organisms, 12. Animal Biotechnology MCQ Part 1. c) understand relationships between organisms. 14. Ans: Discovery and retrieving of required data from different databases is known as data mining. If you want Lecture 16 - Applications of Bioinformatics Botany Notes | EduRev 8. The A wise method for solving problems in computer science is called, 4. Complete Which of the following compounds has desirable properties to become a drug?

Everything you need to know about bioinformatics. Assess the probability that the sequences in the alignment are unrelated. Ans: Federated database is an integrated repository information of multiple data sources presented with consistent and coherent semantics. The human genome contains approximately__________. Please take 5 seconds to Share. MCQ Biology - Learning Biology through MCQs. Students, who Studied Bioinformatics, wants to know "How much salary did Bioinformatician get?". molecule, a receptor and ligand is called, b) set of proteins in a specific region of the cell, c) entire set of expressed proteins in a cell, 14. 7. Share Your PDF File The 15. Ans: A bioinformaticist is an expert who knows how to use bioinformatics tools as well as to write interface for effective use of the tools. Test your knowledge with important MCQs on bioinformatics and applications. Ans: a. Allele: Different forms of a gene, which occupy the same position on the chromosome. c) PubMED and PDB. What is the main role of a bioinformatician in present biological research and development area? This is a question and answer forum for students, teachers and general visitors for exchanging articles, answers and notes.

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