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2020 © Codeware Inc. | All rights reserved. Unlike software that loads tubesheets only, COMPRESS loads the entire heat exchanger. © 2020 The American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Manufacturer of custom designed heat exchangers built to ASME code specifications for petroleum, chemical & food processing industries. Software packages like COMPRESS exist to increase productivity and save Engineering hours. Pressure Vessel Engineering has twenty years of successful experience in the pressure vessel field working for more than a thousand customers. Many companies use the alternative rules of Division 2 because of the cost savings, versus Division 1. TEMA/ANSI end & nozzle connections are standard, with metric designs available. Engineering is at the core of Codeware. Neutralization of thermocouples, if necessary, and doing dye penetration test, Sampling from shell fouling and corrosion products and making lab analysis and making interpretation by corrosion engineer (if necessary), Cutting small area of insulation sheet and removing the insulation and doing visual inspection for any sign of corrosion under insulation, Thickness measurement of different parts of shell and shell nozzles and making corrosion rate and remaining life calculation.

|, Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC), ASME® UHX and TEMA Heat Exchanger Software. Leak Testing of Seal Weld (Tube to Tubesheet) - if seal welding considered, then the leak test will be a mandatory requirement. ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer of shipboard electric water heaters including heat exchangers with ASME code compliant made from high grade materials. Six Professional Engineers on staff licensed to stamp and sign off on designs for use in all Canadian jurisdictions. All rights reserved. If your company can help provide supplies, capabilities, or materials for products such as N-95 Masks and Tyvek Suits — Please let us know. at H&C for several years and are very impressed with the expert help and deep knowledge provided. ASME Heat Exchangers & Vessels has been established in the year 1995, by Rajan K. We provide Design, Manufacturing, Testing, and Supply of Heat Exchangers & Vessels. x 16 in. Similarly, the amount of test pressure shall be as the one indicated in the approved drawing. Canadian Registration Number (CRN) – We are Canada’s largest independent registrar of fittings, vessels and piping under the CRN program registering for more than a thousand customers. Nominal sizes range from 4 in. Custom manufacturer of heat exchangers including ASME code pressure vessel rated organic fluid vaporizers.

Design capabilities are up to 20' diameter, 300' length, 2500 psig pressure, 4" welding thickness, and 1200 degrees F temperature. to 3 in. Types include miniature shell and tube and tube-in-tube heat exchangers. Western Cooling Efficiency Center R&D engineer Erfan Rasouli and Vinod Narayanan (right) show off a 3D-printed heat exchanger. We use SolidWorks to create heat exchanger drawings unless a 2D drawing in AutoCAD is required. If you need ASME UHX and TEMA mechanical design calculations, drawings and reports then the COMPRESS heat exchanger option is for you. Types are chemical, shell, and tube heat exchangers. The wall reduction should not be less than 5% and should not be more than 8% of the tube wall thickness. Codeware personnel are actively involved with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). Our philosophy is that very specialized knowledge is needed to properly interpret and program the rules of the ASME Code. Checking inside surface for any cladding, liner failure or separation, Inspection of Shell flange gasket seating area for any erosion, damage and cracking, Inspection of longitudinal and circumferential weld joints, inlet and outlet nozzles, reinforcement pads and small bore connections for any crack, corrosion and mechanical damage and deformation, Dye penetration test on weld joints that are susceptible to cracking, austenitic flange face, weld overlay and cladding surface and exchangers exposed to amine and caustic, Hydrogen blistering inspection in hydrogen services (hand lamp procedure), Heat exchanger support, steel structure, foundation, bolt and nut inspection, Inspection of gasket seating area for corrosion and deformation, Inspection for internal surface for fouling, liner, cladding and coating soundness, Lifting lug weld joint inspection for any possible crack, Inspection of gasket seating area, pass partition and nubbing for any possible corrosion and deformation, Girth flange weld joint inspection for any possible crack and corrosion, Internal surface inspection for corrosion and fouling and soundness of liner, coating and cladding (if any). Up to eight design conditions can be investigated for fixed, u-tube, kettle and floating tubesheet style exchangers. Emergency repair & rush shipments are available. Copper-brazed heat exchangers have a Btu/hr. Metallizing services for more than 30 materials are also available. Nozzles include continuous casting, descaling, roll cooling, flat spray, waste treatment, dust control, hollow and solid cone, solid square, air atomizing, quick connect, clean-in-place, chemical and food processing, lubricating and degreasing nozzles. While the U-Max® ceramic is universally corrosion and erosion resistance, the Impervite® graphite is suitable for processing mixed acids, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid, nitric acid, waste acids and chlorinated hydrocarbons and also for corrosive condensing, vaporizing, absorbing, heating and cooling applications. to 36 in. Custom manufacturer of ASME code and TEMA® standard heat exchangers. Stay up to date on industry news and trends, product announcements and the latest innovations. Sales Policy Shells are made of steel, steel-lined with PTFE, FRP, CPVC, polypropylene, or different metals to meet specific application requirements. These parts are the ones inside the shell, primarily the tubes. Perform ASME UHX and TEMA calculations and transfers these designs to your estimating and drafting departments. Capabilities include replacement tube bundles, new TEMA shell and tube fabrication, repairs and upgrades. The Codeware HTRI interface imports HTRI thermal designs and checks them for mechanical interferences and ASME Code compliance. Photo: Gregory Urquiaga, UC Davis, Anthony Rollett (right) and his team in the 3D printing lab space.

Drawing. Can meet stringent design constraints and custom requests. Tube and shell heat exchangers are fabricated.

The test result will be satisfactory if no leakage being observed and no pressure being dropped while the shell side was under pressure. Company. Types include shell & tube heat exchangers, multi-tube hairpin heat exchanges, double pipe hairpin heat exchangers, bayonet-type heat exchangers, line & suction heaters, tank coil heat exchangers, condensers, after-coolers, inner-coolers, U-tubes & straight tubes, fixed & floating heads & single pass or multi-pass heat exchangers. The shell body and welding seams shall be inspected.

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