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: Cultures as old as time have worshiped it. "Once Upon a Time Quotes." But I love it! that sealed the deal for me. boy in at least a couple of scenes in Fairytale Land. Another interesting tidbit - there is a literary theorist named Wayne C. Booth (AWB's "W" is for Wayne - or so he says) whose main work is on the concept of the "unreliable narrator".Wikipedia says: "This narrative mode is one that can be developed by an author for a number of reasons, usually to deceive the reader or audience. I also believe he is the 7-year-old boy who found baby Emma and the author of Henry's book. Your email address will not be published. My theory on the August W Booth (the writer) Even though we now know August’s fairytale identity, there hasn’t yet been any explanation of what the name “August W. Booth” itself actually means. Official Sites Will August W. Booth be Emma’s true love? Just a reminder for everyone who hates August W Booth: He was SEVEN years old when Marco sent him through the wardrobe. Thank you to everyone who shared their ideas! Water is a very powerful thing. 3) He’s hinted he’s been to Storybrooke before as he finds the place gives him writing inspiration I agree with the theory that August is Pinnochio. One Day At A Time won’t be returning for another season at Pop TV. That's what "hop on" means. 1) He was Emma's first friend. If the tree was magic it knows everything and also pinocchio knew the story of the wardrobe and the curse. I believe August Booth is Pinocchio as well. ;-) Posted by Michele Matucheski at 10:13 PM. [Emma forces her way through the door; Booth is lying on his bed, with two wooden arms]. i guess we'll see. No one else in storybrooke has 2 names. --Kate Bush, "Moments of Pleasure". Our very own mysterious stranger, Mr. August W. (Wayne) Booth. They say there's something special about this well. Presumably she knew (or at least had seen) Pinnochio when he was a child in Fairytale Land, so it wouldn't be a stretch that she thought the adult version of Pinnochio resembled someone she had seen before.5) Since Pinnochio lived in Fairytale Land and had knowledge of what happened there before the curse took effect, it makes sense that he would be the one who wrote the stories in Henry's book. It’s possible that, in the fairytale worls, he was made with the same wood as the wardrobe. : google_ad_slot = "8653449259"; sp.