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I like what I came up with.

When you open the year page you're gonna see the vision you had set for that year, the projects, goals... And inside you have a page for each month of the year.

Have a birthday coming up next week? To give you the best of Notion.

This is a robust template to digitize your bullet journal practice. For our bookworms, Zoe Chew created your digital bookshelf to help you keep track of and categorize all the books you’ve read. be … A bullet journal is a super popular way of organizing your life. This Weekly Habit Tracker by Glenn André Viste Bøe is a work of art, capturing the wide range of Notion’s feature set (including complex formulas). I’ve journaled in Notion for a few months and I credit it for helping me build a daily journaling habit.

©NotionEverything, All Rights Reserved. It can be a paragraph, a row in a table, an image. It could be simple things like eating out less or working out more or something more complex like deciding to leave your job or make a big move across the country.

This Company Wiki template was created by Red Gregory and enables you to create a skeletal framework for all of your company’s documentation. Manage yearly, monthly and daily tasks, keep master database lists (like to do and to read lists) and conduct daily reviews in your Notion Bullet Journal!

What activities I did, where I went, anything interesting or noteworthy that happened. A bullet journal with all kinds of add-ons. Your bullet journal, or BuJo or BJ, is what you make of it. ‍2k Notion lovers read it. TERMS-  This is a digital product, no physical item will be shipped-  This planner is for personal use only-  Files cannot be reproduced for commercial purposes or shared with others-  Files cannot be resold or redistributed-  Due to the nature of this digital product, it unfortunately cannot be returned or refunded.

Here are the 3 tags I use for my daily entries: The two date tags change when appropriate.

Cookies allow us to improve your experience and offer you a journey adapted to your profile. Creating a template is no different than “saving” a Notion page. Future Log: List big events for the year to come that do not fit inside the Monthly Log → Go back after the month is complete and reflect as well.

Made by fans of Notion With unique blocks ranging from embedded tables, databases, calendars and kanban boards, it’s easy to fire up a task manager, finance tracker, or personal wiki. Learn how to copy a Notion template here. ©NotionEverything, All Rights Reserved. I like what I came up with.

To access more templates, look for them in the menu on the left side of your screen. You can connect each one of them to the respective time frame you want to accomplish then: the year, the quarter or month, the week or day... As you can see: all of it is connected. You can also earn $26 in free credit by completing a few actions, like logging in from the Desktop and Mobile apps, and installing their web clipper. I can’t wait to see how you make your own bullet journal in Notion. You can download the Bullet Jorunaling template here and check out Vance’s blog here. JOURNAL PLANNER Template for Notion! Here’s a quick screenshot of my latest entries and how the tags show up in Notion: I love how each tag is automatically added to my daily entries. Let me know how you journal, even if you don’t use Notion. After your purchase you will get all the PDF editions and a link to duplicate te page inside your own Notion account! Hover your mouse at the top, and click Add Cover. Download Notion. Public template available here. Hi! I don’t need to do any housekeeping when I want to journal since they’re added automatically.

Notion is a powerful productivity app I’ve written about a lot recently. The same can be said about Notion, the (self-proclaimed) all-purpose productivity app. To add a template to your workspace, simply click duplicate in the top right corner of any public page. It’s based on the name of your pages, and in this case I named the page 2/10/2020.

Reflect on your personal growth with this journaling template. Play around and see what looks good to you! I like what I came up with. In all seriousness, NE is in my opinion the best Notion resource on the web. Traditional bullet journaling takes place in physical notebooks, but with the power and flexibility of Notion, you can now digitize your bullet journal without loosing your process! Create more Notion magic as our series continues with Notion Formulas. If you haven’t already signed up for Notion, you can go here. This is The Complete Bullet Journal I've put together in the last few weeks. It's short, sweet, and practical. On Notion, it is much more powerful and much easier to automate things but by translating the bullet journal idea so literally you lose all that functionality. I started off making a template with the pages I needed, then edited it to look the way I wanted to after everything was set up. I really love the simplicity and ease of the bullet journal, so I basically just migrated the same concept over to Notion. Notion can make you more buff. He didn't even use a real calendar database, or really any databases. This plant manager template from Thomas Sanlis will monitor and manage sunlight, water consumption and fertilizer.

Updated 2020. It’s much more than a habit tracker and serves as a central location for your to-dos, monthly calendar, long-term goals, journal, and more. Notion provides a good enough landscape for bullet journaling but the aesthetic touch needs a bit of help. I prefer to use Toggle Lists, so I can hide them to keep my BJ organized. ‍2k Notion lovers read it.

It felt really good to roll over my Year tag from 2019 to 2020 when I wrote my first entry this year.

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