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Another interesting feature of the property showed just how strong a believer the previous owner was in the hauntings there. Penfield, Mrs. Roosevelt, and Little Steel, In 1937, Mrs. C.J. I don't don't know if any paranormal investigators have concentrated in those spots, but I sure will if I ever get there to investigate again.We also got to see evidence of how they kept a speakeasy in the basement hidden in the 1920. The Historic Buxton Inn has been a staple of the Granville, OH area for over two centuries, and isn't going anywhere.

In 1812, Orrin Granger, a pioneer from Granville, Massachusetts, built “The Tavern” on land that was purchased in 1806. Numerous reports of the spirits that circulate the halls and rooms of The Buxton Inn have been voiced by both staff members and guests. Englehardt was shocked by what happened next. More recently, Englehardt, who now resides in Wisconsin, visited The Buxton Inn with his family a couple of years ago. We’ll even mail them for you.

We wanted enchanting appeal, a unique lodging location and phenomenal restaurants. You have the option of a limited contact check-in. Go check it out on... Agree with the comments about the ambience and decor. The group has had ownership of The Buxton Inn ever since (History Goes Bump in the Night Podcast, Episode 54). Like the Orrs, the Schilling family is intimately connected with The Buxton Inn. Aside from adding some playful modern touches in the lobby and the industrial chairs in the tavern, the place still maintains a very historic feel. Originally constructed as an inn and tavern in 1812, the building has remained in its historic use for more than …

I assumed the flicker was due to a broken bulb, but after a second time, I realized that both rooms had the mysterious flickering. Historic Buxton Inn gives you a taste of elegance wrapped in historical intrigue. After purchasing the inn, the Orrs began a two year restoration program and painstakingly restored the building and stabilized the structure. In addition to being a lovely historical building, it's also the best food in Granville, very reasonably priced, and has surprisingly good cocktails. (The cat is said to jump on the bed and cuddle up with whomever is spending the night in the room.) However, strange knockings have been heard in the Inn… Bonnie Bounell had been a retired opera singer when she took ownership, and decided to reside in one of the rooms in the inn. The inn is managed by Bob’s daughter, Jennifer Valenzuela, and the entire family is involved in Urban Restorations. “I would describe them as kind of on edge,” she says of the inn’s resident spirits, “as not understanding where everyone was; why the activity had stopped.” 313 E. Broadway, Granville 43023, 740/587-0001, buxtoninn.com, © 2020 Great Lakes Publishing.

Buxton Inn was originally called the Tavern and it was built by 1812 by Orrin Granger. The Buxton Inn in Granville is one of my favorite places in the larger Central Ohio area. BY Lindsey Sellman | Photo courtesy of the Historic Buxton Inn, The Historic Buxton Inn was built in 1812 and known as The Tavern for many years before serving as the final stop on a stagecoach line heading west into Columbus. The Buxton Inn building had fallen on tough times and there was talk of razing the old structure to create parking. In 1812, a pioneer named Orrin Granger built “The Tavern,” which had a ballroom, a dining room, and a stagecoach court, and also operated as Granville’s first post-office and a stagecoach stop between Newark, Ohio, and Columbus, Ohio. All rights reserved | Site designed by Quest Digital. The Historic Buxton Inn has been a staple of the Granville, OH area for over two centuries, and isn't going anywhere. Their goal was to restore the restaurant and Inn to it’s original glory providing the local community and regional traveler with a welcoming destination. They researched the history of the building and successfully nominated it to the National Register of Historic Places. Valenzuela says the inn’s closure during the pandemic led to increased paranormal activity.

In the year of … “A lot of people throughout the course of the inn’s history put their life into working [here], into making sure that it’s wonderful,” she says.
Since the old owners retired and sold the place, I was curious about the changes I had heard that they had made.

Stocked with history from the 1800's, you'll find uneven floors in the main building and tons of character. “I almost felt like we were in an episode of Ghost Hunters; you would hear the occasional sounds at night or light footsteps outside your room,” she says. This place is really a gem. Allyson Rohrer, 20, of Cuyahoga Falls and 3rd year Human Resources and Spanish Linguistics student at The Ohio State University, also got an eerie feeling when she stayed at the inn in 2017. MINIMAL INTERACTION. It was 1978 when he first started work at the inn as a junior in high school, and in just a few years, he said that he and many of his coworkers had multiple encounters with the ghosts that reside there. In order to understand the types of entities that supposedly still reside there and the occurrences that Englehardt and many other people have reported, we must take a brief look at the history behind this historic landmark. Granville’s Buxton Inn is one of Ohio's most important early 19th century properties. She was completely freaked out. The property is spiritually active with a cast of characters tied to its past. Mr. Orr replied that he had not returned, leading Englehardt to believe that it was a spirit that had produced the sound.

“I saw her, laddie!” he told Englehardt, saying that The Lady in Blue had pushed him out of the bed and onto the floor during his nap. I expect you will find it just as intriguing as I did.Becky and I both really enjoyed ourselves. Over … The rest of the night was filled with paper writing and a late night run to Taco Bell. The Buxton Inn in Granville, Ohio has received a 2018 Preservation Merit Award from the State of Ohio Historic Preservation Office.

They allowed me to stay in the portion of the main house that closes at 11 p.m. to look around and take videos and pictures. The renovation of The Buxton Inn and five adjacent houses preserved the existing historic character of the building, with minimal interior changes but a focus on needed upgrades to common spaces and guest rooms, including baths. I also felt the occasional chill down my spine, quite unlike anything I had experienced before. Granville’s beginnings included log cabins for housing and a few businesses, and was finally declared a village in 1832, just one year after the founding of Denison University, a college located near the Granville settlement. It was long and typical of the times – early American. Over the last 200 years many people have visited, eaten a meal, and stayed overnight at the Buxton Inn. Although I was sitting in the windowless basement alone, I felt calm… with the exception of the boar and deer heads on the wall (those were pretty creepy). However, the inn became disheveled, and rumors of its excavation circulated. I had gone “ghost hunting” before at the St. Augustine Lighthouse, but I didn’t see, feel, or hear anything, so I remained a skeptic. They found that person in Bob Schilling, owner of a family-run development business in Columbus with ties to Granville.

Stephanie Peters, 45, of Pataskala, OH, is no stranger to the eeriness of the hotel, and she started working at the inn just six months ago.
Later that night, at around 10 p.m., Catherine joined me in Room 9. In addition, guests and employees have also reported doors opening and closing on their own, guests hearing their names called out in empty hallways, and orbs showing up in photos taken at the inn (History Goes Bump in the Night Podcast, Episode 54). If I can’t sleep in here with you, I’m leaving. The story of these two owners – one who succeeded in preserving an early 19th century landmark by saving it from the wrecking ball and breathing new life into it, and one who is carrying the legacy of that renovation forward into the 21st century – is the story of two families who are committed to historic preservation in a meaningful way that benefits us all. Once they made the decision to sell the building in 2014, the Orrs knew they wanted to sell to someone who would maintain it as the historic landmark and family-friendly inn it had always been.

Originally constructed as an inn and tavern in 1812, the building has remained in its historic use for more than 200 years and is Granville’s oldest business.

“I pulled out the phone and everything, and there wasn’t a single picture on there.”. As many times as I have been in the building over the years, I had no clue that a certain door was there. To this day, the inn is filled with secret doors and staircases that hid runaway slaves during the era of the Underground Railroad and served illegal drinks to consumers during Prohibition. After settling in, I quickly phoned John Englehardt to get a real sense of the things that he and others claimed they had seen, felt, and heard while staying there. He requested to see Room 9, as it had been years since he had been employed there. I already knew quite a bit about the place, but was surprised at some of the more hidden aspects of the history. I know there aren't tons of places to stay, so didn't expect much.

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