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No additional charge for shipping. Tim Rogerson Original and Limited Edition Art As a rising star in the art world, Tim Rogerson casts his artwork with a very evident energy and passion. "A Fine Feathered Friend AP 2007 Embellished", "Tappin the Keys For the Love of the Blues 2005 Embellished", "Benny Goodman Bronze Sculpture 1992 27 in ", "Basquiat and Warhol With Glenn, From the Series a Day At the Gallery 2006 35x28", "Heating Up the Night Bronze Sculpture Unique 1989 30 in", "Lip Lockin', Mouth Open, Finger Poppin' Jazz 2004 Embellished", "What's So Dog Gone Funny AP Embellished", "Lip Lockin, Mouth Open, Finger Poppin' Jazz AP 2001", "Flipped Flopped, Jazz on Top 2011 Embellished", "Bambi the Buck Stops Here 2007 Embellished". His unique results are a product of his technique, in which he breaks down the composition into simple shapes. His father, who at the time, was employed by Walt Disney World as Show Director in charge of managing and maintaining all of the performances in the park, made every day a magical adventure for the future artist, even though they no longer had the safety umbrella of Disney. All visual copyrights belong to the artists. Required fields are marked *. Inspired by the works of Edgar Degas and Malcolm Liepke, the North Carolina native has embarked on an artistic journey that has taken him from Degas to Disney to darling of the industry. Available for sale from QART.COM, Tim Rogerson, Friends by Design (1990-2020), Canvas, 8 × 24 in The piece measures approximately 15" x 30" (image). Mr. Rogerson grew up living the everyday life of a kid, playing outside and "hanging out" with friends, however, the artistic urge to create was always present, compelling him to apply the pictures and images in his head to paper and canvas. Tim Rogerson 90 Years of Mickey Mouse Premiere Edition, Tim Rogerson A Mary Tune - From Disney Mary Poppins, Tim Rogerson Bella Notte From Lady And The Tramp, Tim Rogerson Belle and the Beast - From Disney Beauty and The Beast, Tim Rogerson Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo From Cinderella, Tim Rogerson Captain Hook And Gang - From Disney Pirates of the Caribbean, Tim Rogerson Cast of Toys Gallery Wrapped, Tim Rogerson Celebrate the Duck From Donald Duck, Tim Rogerson Celebrate the Mouse - From Disney Fantasia, Tim Rogerson Celebrate the Mouse From Disney Fantasia, Tim Rogerson Cheer Up, Dude From Finding Nemo, Tim Rogerson Cheshire Way - From Disney Alice in Wonderland, Tim Rogerson Donald's Paris From Donald Duck, Tim Rogerson Dreaming in Color From Alice In Wonderland, Tim Rogerson Electric Mayhem Band - From The Muppets, Tim Rogerson Friends by Design Mickey And The Gang, Tim Rogerson Friendship Masquerade From Winnie the Pooh, Tim Rogerson Green is All There is To Be Framed, Tim Rogerson Hawaiian Pizza From Lilo And Stitch, Tim Rogerson Hawaiian Roller Coaster From Lilo and Stitch, Tim Rogerson Hugs and Kisses From Mickie And Minnie, Tim Rogerson In The Company Of Legends Deluxe, Tim Rogerson In The Company Of Legends Deluxe 4 Panel, Tim Rogerson Incredibles to the Rescue From The Incredibles, Tim Rogerson Journey to Paradise Falls From The Movie Up, Tim Rogerson Lamour - From Disney Lady and The Tramp, Tim Rogerson Leader of the Club From The Mickey Mouse Club, Tim Rogerson Let It Go From The Movie Frozen, Tim Rogerson Love Flying High Satin Finish, Tim Rogerson Magical Moment - From Disney Fantasia, Tim Rogerson Magical Moment Deluxe - From Disney Fantasia, Tim Rogerson Mahalo Stitch From Lilo and Stitch, Tim Rogerson Maleficent's Fury - From Disney Sleeping Beauty, Tim Rogerson Maleficent's Fury From Disney Sleeping Beauty, Tim Rogerson Maleficent's Fury Premier Edition - From Disney Sleeping Beauty, Tim Rogerson Mickey's Gala Premiere From Mickey's Gala Premiere, Tim Rogerson Mickey's Train From Mickey Mouse, Tim Rogerson Moana Knows the Way Gallery Wrapped, Tim Rogerson One Hundred And One Roses From One Hundred and One Dalmations, Tim Rogerson Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Framed, Tim Rogerson Splashes of Fantasia From Fantasia, Tim Rogerson Steamboat - From Disney Steamboat Willie, Tim Rogerson Stitch - From Disney Lilo and Stitch, Tim Rogerson Summer Picnic From Winnie The Pooh, Tim Rogerson The Enchantment Of Snow White, Tim Rogerson The Hero of Neverland From Peter Pan, Tim Rogerson The Original Toys From Toy Story, Tim Rogerson The Scariest Little Monster Deluxe, Tim Rogerson The Scariest Little Monster H/E Premiere, Tim Rogerson The Warmth of True Love Original From The Movie Frozen, Tim Rogerson The Witching Hour Fom Melody Time, Tim Rogerson Triumph of Imagination From Disney Fantasia, Tim Rogerson True Love's Tale From Beauty and the Beast, Tim Rogerson We Only Have Each Other From The Movie Frozen, Tim Rogerson Willie at the Helm - From Disney Steamboat Willie, © 2020 The Collection Shop .

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