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Create Away Create Away is the only photo tour company actually based in the Camargue, so we bring you exclusive and unique workshops, unavailable to everyone else. Relevance. #133467471 - Herd of white horses running through the water. Each print is part of a limited edition set. Email Tony Bonanno for details about the 2021 Camargue Photo Workshop, May  16th - 21st.

We also run photo tours in other regions of France, such as Provence, the Luberon and the Cote d’Azur, Here to look after you is a team of experienced and passionate professionals, Cookie Policy My photos of the Camargue horses below list all the data on camera model, focal length, ISO, shutter speed and aperture used for each shot to achieve stellar results. #156103858 - White heron on the tree in Camargue, France. #156330680 - Herd of white horses running through the water. Filter by : Image Type . Ornithological.. #146871212 - Camargue Horses in the south of France, #146871221 - Camargue Horses in the south of France, #151262415 - young woman on a horse on the beach on a cloudy day, #152092422 - young woman on a horse on the beach on a cloudy day, #152092425 - young woman on a horse on the beach on a cloudy day.

This portfolio features fine art photographs of The Camargue horses in France. There will be several drives with the horses coming straight at our cameras, while the water splashes all around. the content you have visited before. Every year, we get a chance to photograph the beautiful white horses of the Camargue racing toward us at full speed..

Ornithological.. #144423213 - Horse of the Camargue in the Natural Park of the Marshes of Ampurdán,.. #140033014 - landscape of Camargues in the south of France. Interestingly, their foals are brown until they are 3 years old. It documents the bold, all white horses that roam this region in the South of France. Email. Herd of Camargue horses at Posterlounge ✔ Affordable shipping ✔ Secure payment ✔ Various materials & sizes ✔ Buy your print now! Provence. Download footage now! They are wonderful animals to watch and study.. and to photograph.

#114733051 - horse stands on a beach with white sand against the sea and blue.. #118504540 - Group of white horses in Camargue, France near Les salines of.. #138737425 - Pony grazing in the field in Dartmoor Nationl Park, Devon, #138346229 - A white Camargue horse walking through marsh (Grado, Italy), #135408501 - two riders are training their horses on the beach. Image taken in.. #144388798 - Horses of the Camargue in the Natural Park of the Marshes of.. #152273191 - young woman on a horse on the beach on a cloudy day. All camargue horse artwork ships within 48 hours and includes a 30-day money-back guarantee. Visitors from all over the world go to view and photograph these beautiful, intelligent, graceful horses. Portrait of a Camargue horse foal in the Camargue in southern France. "Eternal Gaze" is from award-winning photographer and filmmaker Drew Doggett's limited edition black and white print series Band of Rebels: White Horses of Camargue. Embark on an Equine Photographer’s Dream! Photography . Parc Regional de.. #122768093 - Close up Group Portrait of the White Camargue Horses.

New. I’m equally thankful to French nature photographer, Patrice Aguilar, whose help was invaluable in accessing  the best of the Camargue. His fine art images have been exhibited in numerous galleries and museums throughout the US and abroad. All prints smaller than 24x36 are printed personally and with great care by Carol Walker. "Luminary" is from the award-winning limited edition equestrian print series Band of Rebels: White Horses of Camargue by photographer and filmmaker Drew Doggett., Camargue horse in a wetland, Camargue, France,, Camargue stallion (Equus), trotting, stallion, France,,, Camargue Horses White camargue horse rearing in the dunes,,,,, Single White Camargue Horse Grazing on Misty Spring Morning in the Camargue Parc Natruel Régional or Nature Reserve Camargue Provence France,,, Camargue Horse (Equus caballus) two stallions fighting in a marsh in winter Camargue - France,, horse camargue provence wild free France French,, Camargue Horse (Equus caballus). However, what draws the horse enthusiasts and photographers to the park are the Camargue horse herds. About the Camargue Horse                                                                                                                                                  About the Gardians. Camargue is a paradise for those who love animals, nature and horses.

... Equine fine art photographer Lisa Cueman is known for an intimate and reductive approach to photography that imparts her images with the power to deeply contemplate the essential beauty and spirit of the horse. #141035789 - White horses are walking in the water all over the sea in Camargue,.. #147142541 - Camargue horse into the Natural Reserve of the Isonzo River Mouth.. #134796532 - riding girl are training her horse on the beach. Today, most of the horses are semi-feral and live on large expanses of open lands (or manades) managed by the Gardians. © Inmagine Lab Pte Ltd 2020. #126007447 - White horses run gallop in water at sunset, Camargue, Bouches-du-rhone,.. #132259781 - riding man are training her horse on the beach. This is an unframed fine art print, signed by Carol Walker and printed on archival paper with archival inks. #158655783 - Camargue, France-august 14,2016people with horses: strolling.. #156164487 - Horses running in the water, beautiful wild horses in Camargue, #156279547 - Red beautiful stallion run gallop in water with splash. The Camargue Horse is often called “the Horse of the Sea”. I use a 100-400 lens and am happy with the results. And the Camargue horses, inhabiting the area for thousands of years, along with Pink Flamingos, Grey Herons, black bulls, and the many sounds of nature.

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