can i ask about flexibility in an interview

Use the words “work-life” balance in an interview setting. If the company is committed to doing things the way they have always been done simply because they’ve always been done that way, it should raise a red flag. In addition to elaborating on the challenges you’d like to tackle and the growth you’d like to experience, also touch on the importance of a flexible schedule. Cookie Policy | Referred to as “The Dear Abby for Lawyers”. Ask yourself if you would want to work at this company even if you had to keep a traditional schedule. Before partnering with Dr. Fennell, Cheryl was president and owner of The Charitable Resources Group, where she provided both executive search services and fundraising consulting to the clients she served. Through this research you can assess whether or not bringing up flexibility would be well received or a deal breaker. But, that doesn’t mean it’s an inherent employee right—so, you’re smart to want to address this early on. You can ask clarifying questions about the company culture, how they prioritize work-life balance, and even the company’s views on flexible work arrangements in particular. 100 Waugh Dr., Suite 300 Spend your time in the interview conveying that you meet all of those objectives. Would you prefer a large or a small company?

Again, I would not place excessive weight on the information (a disgruntled employee, a competitor bash), but it can flag some items for a deeper dive. Managers who are resistant to flexible work from the outset might become more flexible as they understand an employee’s quality of work and build a level of rapport and trust. Do associates typically meet that requirement? If you have flexible work experience, bring it up when the opportunity arises to discuss your career background and achievements. Can you provide some information about your benefits and vacation policy? Is the office a mess?

Questions that you ask in an interview can improve your chances of getting an offer. Is the firm/company closed over the holidays?

Alexandra Levit contributed to this post. A job interview is a protracted dialogue.

If work flexibility is a top priority for you as a job seeker, the question is not whether to bring up work flexibility in an interview, but when? Come armed with facts—for example, talk about how remote workers have been shown to be happier and more productive. But these labels certainly don’t apply to every job seeker. Can you forget your education and start from scratch? How have you handled difficult changes in your working situation in the past? Another study by PwC, the University of Southern California, and the London Business School found that “a significant number of employees from all generations feel so strongly about wanting a flexible work schedule that they would be willing to give up pay and delay promotions in order to get it.”, Broaching the Subject of Flexible Work in the Job Search. By coming in hot with your lifestyle conversation, you risk giving the impression that your priorities are askew. Are the lawyers in the department siloed or broad-based? This is a decision you need to make at the outset of your job search.

We offer recruiters and independent Broaching the topic too soon may be a non-starter for the employer if their organization is not yet open to flexible work options like remote work or job sharing. Work-life balance is the “it” phrase of the decade. So people seem happy? But you can bet your bottom dollar it’s on the minds of just about every candidate who walks in the door: How hard do people work? You will need to read between the lines, but the answers should be clear. Can you work … of recruiters to drive the hiring of top talent faster and smarter. What major provlem have you encountered? What adjustments do you expect to make in this job since it is so different from your (previous/current) employment?

Do you have a problem with irregular hours? If they don’t, are they penalized in any way? Friends and Colleagues: Tap those around you who may have information about the employer and ask about the environment.

An increasing number of employees work remotely, have flexible schedules, or work compressed workweeks. Do they like you and would they want to work with you?

Start by asking questions about this during the interview process—rather than approaching the employer with your own demands.

So take heed of the dos and don’ts and follow my advice above. Teamwork vs Individual Work: Would You Rather Work on a Team or Alone? What will you do to compensate for your deficiencies? Do people look thrashed? A recalcitrant management style will not create an environment where you or your career will flourish.

If an employer has a flexible work program or expresses openness to the idea, great! How much vacation time is there? Receive our newsletter for latest trends, compensation info and secrets to a winning career strategy. If work flexibility is a deal breaker, then you may be wasting not only your time, but the employer’s time too, if flexibility is a no-go option. How do you describe yourself as a manager (if interviewing with the manager) OR how would you describe Chris Smith as a manager (if interviewing with others)? How would you describe the culture? If working flexibly is absolutely essential to you in your next job, make sure to feature that experience prominently on your resume, which will help tremendously if you’re looking to bring up work flexibility during a job interview. What can you do to help adjust to a new job? If you’re a parent or caregiver determined to work from home, for example, you may be setting yourself up for disappointment by applying for jobs that don’t offer remote options.

Salary can certainly be a touchy topic, one that needs to be handled with care. And, if flexible hours make that list for you, I hope these tips help you find the right role and employer to meet your needs. Have they offered options like working from home or alternative schedules in the past? It almost goes without saying that you’ll need to do your due diligence before the interview, and understand what there is to know about the employer’s history with work flexibility.

She sits on various local nonprofit boards, offering a variety of expertise to each organization. Now that you have guidance on the most important dos and don’ts, below are some effective questions that will produce the information you need. Suggest options like a compressed workweek, making the point that flexibility helps employees achieve healthier work-life balance. It’s important to look at the interview from the employer’s perspective. When doing so, you should also be prepared to share the specifics of what type of arrangement you are looking for and a detailed plan for how you would make it work while still meeting the demands of that role. What are your opinions on the challenges facing our company? If someone is out of pocket will others jump in to help? Cheryl Hyatt is partner at Hyatt-Fennell Executive Search. Here’s the deal: If you’re thinking of work flexibility as an option and not as a must-have, you may have some wiggle room as you prep for job interviews. Experience working in a flexible position may be a great bargaining chip if you encounter resistance to flexible work options from a potential employer. Do you view job security as of prime importance?

Is there a minimum billable hour requirement? Will I have to work weekends and holidays? Tell your friends about FlexJobs via email. Flexible work arrangements are growing in popularity.

Theoretically, you should absolutely be able to ask this sort of question right at the start — along with salary and everything else that could be a potential deal breaker about a job. If they are adamantly against it or express hesitation, the reason behind the answer is as important as the answer itself. Flexibility Interview Questions and Answers will teach us that how to behave Flexibility as we can while conducting an interview for a job, this Flexibility guide will set some directions for you to follow these and make a successful interview, so start learning Flexibility with the help of this Flexibility Interview Questions with Answers guide.

You can network within the company and find out from employees what their experience has been with flexibility. | Forgot your password? All letters to Ask an Expert become the property of Daily Muse, Inc and will be edited for length, clarity, and grammatical correctness. professionals earning and career opportunities - learn more

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