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Responsible for all aspects related to the building of structures(residential & commercial), Handled and executed all activities related to erection and dismantling of scaffolds, Determined and utilized all required tools need to construct scaffold safely at proper rating, Maintained all work-related records for tools and inventory, Read, interpret and understand architectural drawings, Lay out all carpentry work including footings, framing, acoustical ceilings and finish work, Anticipate and plan for load path in structural framing, Prepare detailed and accurate material list for all carpentry work, Plan work for self and assigned crew at least one week in advance. Built residential and commercial structures; decks, railings and bannisters.

Install structures and fixtures, such as windows, frames, floorings, and trim, or hardware, using carpenter's hand and power tools.

Skills : Excel, Bluebeam, AutoCAD, P6, Google Docs, Concrete, Steel, Wood, MEP Coordination. This phone is to be carried at all times, To undergo any training deemed necessary by Engineering Management, Be responsible for ensuring that the supplied uniform is clean and in good repair especially before entering any guest areas, To keep and high standard of personal hygiene and adhere to the Fairmont and the Engineering departments grooming policies, To be fully conversant with and adhere to the Hotels Health, Safety and Security policies, Read blueprints and perform advanced layout, Extensive experience in building and setting forms, laying rebar, use of Simon forms, layout of anchor bolts, Ability to use level (instrument); ability to use transit, Operation of pneumatic and electric power tools, Minimum of 4 years experience as a craft Journeyman in the Construction/Maintenance, Follow and adhere strictly to Gunderson's safety policies and regulations, Prepare layout using rule, framing squares and calipers, Mark materials, cutting and assembly lines using pencil, chalk and marking gauge, Shape materials to prescribed measurements using saws, chisels and planes, Verify trueness of structure with plumb bob and a carpenter's level, Put up and take down structure and fixtures of wood and plywood using carpenters hand tools and power tools, Select specified type of lumber or other materials accordingly, Erect framework for structures including scaffolding, cradles, gangways and staging accordingly, Ability to know or learn how to use the following equipment: level, square, rule, calipers, saws, chisels and planes, plumb bob, carpenters level, various hammers and power tools, timbers, sledge hammers and other measuring instruments, Lift, carry, push and or pull 1 -- 50 lbs for 1 -- 6 hours per day, Bend, twist, kneel, walk, climb and reach for 1 -- 6 hours per day, Sit, stand and walk for 1 -- 8 hours per day, Experience working in a shop around noise, dust, and all types of weather, Have previous bridge carpentry / construction experience preferred, Must have proper knowledge of using and maintaining any type of power equipment required to fulfill job description and possess the appropriate tools of the trade, Examine specifications to determine dimensions of structure, Measure boards, timbers, or plywood, using square, measuring tape and ruler, and marks cutting lines on materials, using pencil and scriber, Saw boards and plywood panels to required sizes, Nail cleats (braces) across boards to construct concrete supporting forms, Brace forms in place with timbers, tie rods, and anchor bolts, for use in building concrete piers, footings, and walls, Cut and assembles timbers to build trestles and cofferdams, Dig or direct digging of post holes and set poles to support structures, Examine structural timbers and supports to detect decay, and replace timbers as required, using hand tools, nuts, and bolts, Emergencies – To be available for any emergencies and act in a professional manner to protect our Guests, Staffs and preserve the Hotel Property and its system. Took pride in completing projects on time and according to high company standards. Improve your CV with help from expert guides. Get the job you want. Assemble and fasten materials to make frameworks or props, using hand tools and wood screws, nails, dowel pins, or glue.

Installed partitions, doors, and windows. Get the job you want. Carpenter-construct, erect, install, maintain or repair various structures and be responsible for framing and forming or finishing cabinets, doors, stairs and other major structures in the building. The following Carpenter resume samples and examples will help you write a resume that best highlights your experience and qualifications.

Here’s how to write an education section as strong as a load-bearing wall: Pro Tip: Most carpentry jobs require only a high school diploma (or equivalent, like a GED). Attended training classes to learn the variety of skills needed to be a Carpenter. Install rough door and window frames, subflooring, fixtures, or temporary supports in structures undergoing. Experiences in using shop equipment such as; table saw, drill press, band saw, electric planner and router are required. From circular saws to framing squares to cat’s paws, you know your way around wood.

Skills in leadership, supervision and communications are required, Experience using computers for basic data entry, Knowledge of: safety procedures and equipment; types and usage of different woods; types of glues and solvents; concrete and cement products and procedures, Ability to read instructions, work orders, blueprints, measuring tape; perform basic math; estimate materials needed for projects, Ability to discuss variety of maintenance procedure with customers, Experience using power tools, such as skill saws, hammer drills, table saws, planers, radial saws, drill press, band saw, compound miter saw, tile saw, disk sander, nail gun and grinders; hand tools such as hammer, tape measure, chisels, hand and hack saws, screw drivers, fasteners, Knowledge and experience installing and repairing doors and door hardware, Experience repairing and/or installing store front systems, Experience building/repairing walls including framing, installation of sheetrock, tape & float, etc, Previous experience working in an educational environment, Knowledge of and experience with institutional grade doors and door hardware, Experience working both independently and in a team environment, Perform other related duties as assigned or requested, Perform general carpentry and repairs for all District facilities, Develop estimates for various repair projects, secure bids and recommend contractors, Order parts and materials for repair and maintenance jobs, Coordinate and consult with other personnel on maintenance projects, Direct work of other personnel as appropriate, Will be responsible for supervising daily staff activities and work assignments to ensure timely and satisfactory completion of work assignments and will liaise with other departments to resolve miscellaneous facility issues, Will respond immediately to all facility emergencies and will provide direction and resources to engineering staff for timely resolution. Planned, prepared, and delegated work for 1 to 40 volunteers daily. Installed locks, knobs, hinges, closures and other fixtures to structures.

Shape or cut material to specified measurements, using hand tools, machines or power saws. Create a resume in 5 minutes. Responsibilities include layout, drywall, doors, windows, trim, ceiling, kitchens, metal studs, and installation of cabinets and countertops. Consistently assumed additional responsibilities and worked Extended hours to meet project deadlines. Perform heavy labor such as ditch digging, paving, and hauling. Journeyman Carpenters are wood workers who have completed their apprenticeship. Sample Carpenter Resume—See more templates and create your resume here.
Foreman during construction of parent's retirement home.

A well-written resume should mention the following qualifications – carpentry expertise, exceptional knowledge of handling all aspects of carpentry; supervisory skills, attention to safety, physical strength, and the ability to get the work done from workers. Those interested in a Carpenter position should highlight in their resumes qualifications such as excellent numerical skills, accuracy, stamina, customer service orientation, teamwork, and time management. Managed subcontractors scheduling and ensured that subcontracted jobs were completed on time as specified. Skills : Experienced Mig welder, have current certificates in 3G,4G, and6G smaw, Class A CDL, experienced in the operation of indoor/outdoor tow motors, mobile cranes and most construction equipment,USWA Journeyman Carpenter,. Objective : Positive, exertive leader with innovative organizational skills and problem solving techniques. You may also want to include a headline or summary statement that clearly communicates your goals and qualifications. Maintained and operated all equipments and facilities. Effectively used power tools, hand tools, and various auxiliary instruments to craft wood projects in the allotted time frame.

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