children's sermon exodus 4

I. Needed: (Lead the children marching 7 times.). Closing Prayer: Tell your students a funny story about something that went wrong, but insert their names in the places where people sometimes take God's name in vain. It pushes it aside as inherently incredible, or at least as of no interest to it. If you're looking for more ideas on how to teach these stories, visit my collection of children's sermons about the Exodus . This in itself was not incredible, but it would assume an incredible aspect to those whose faith in a living God had become shadowy and uninfluential - who had learned to look on such appearances as connected, not with the present, but with a distant and already faded past. But there may be what looks like humility, that is not the fruit of God's Spirit. Game: Impersonating the Plagues (The Amalekites. God can forgive all of our mistakes and still use us to do great things for Him. Was it not a symbol of the great things God was about to do? Humility, when it is genuine, the work of God's Spirit, cannot be overprized. He sent Moses to free the Israelites from slavery. ", Why does the Commandment tell us to honor our parents? Act out a scene in which one car doesn't stop a stop sign and hits the other car. We're supposed to stay married to our husband or wife until we die, just like we're supposed to serve God our life until we die. That's why we have to listen to the Bible. Patreon But, after a while, Moses' arms got tired and he had to bring them down. (A snake. If man had been asked, "Now, what means should be used in order to deliver out of the iron bondage of a powerful monarch a nation such as Israel?" In the case of Moses we see very remarkably a course of preparation going forward for many years, both as respects the dealing of God's providence with him, and also as respects the blessing of God's grace bestowed upon him. Use this children's sermon about the eighth of the Ten Commandments to teach children how much damage stealing does. If we look at our Lord's miracles when He was upon earth, we shall see this truth strikingly illustrated. How do you think it made _ feel when everyone booed them even though they didn't do it? Purpose: and continues with picture of a POW digging a hole. Why did these two cars crash? – Charlton Heston, the actor who played Moses in The Ten Commandments movie, voices Moses and acts as host for this series. But will bread fill a person up forever? I have two children's sermons below in which you could use this, Saved for a Purpose and Saved to Save. Show students your picture of a POW (prisoner of war) digging a hole. 3. Most years, I have bought the simple, two-dimensional types, featuring some seasonal picture and twenty-five paper “windows” that can be opened, revealing perhaps other pictures, scripture verses, or song lyrics. These resources from others will add to your teaching time with videos, storybooks, coloring and activity pages, and more teaching ideas. Imposture, credulity, the force of mere ideas, the commanding power of a great personality, are, together or apart, incapable of explaining all the facts. One difficulty Moses would not have to contend with, viz. with the following story.). And thus we come to the philosophy of means in the system of grace. That night, God sent His angel to kill all of the firstborn children in Egypt. I'm going to write something down. Then, put the box down without offering them one.). First, God said, take your whole army and march around the walls of the city. The only difference Protestants will need to make is changing certain terms, such as "Mass" to "church service" as you read. Sufficient force would break it. Check out his Patreon or the About page to find out how you can help support his efforts. , He was working as a shepherd when he saw something strange. It would make them feel like they wasted their time, wouldn't it? , quoted here in the NIV. ), Did you know that God tells us to obey our parents? God told me, "Lead the Israelites through the sea on the dry ground." The illustrated Bible paraphrases and story books are useful for when you want to give kids a visual to look at while you tell the Biblical story. But, then, God had a job for Moses to do, didn't He? (3) His plans were not to be laid before the multitude at all, but before the "elders" - the cool, cautious heads of the nation, who would be sure to ask him for very distinct credentials before committing themselves to a contest with Pharaoh. And so they illustrate very well the apostle's saying, "Professing themselves wise, they became fools." They even said that they wished they were still back in Egypt so at least they would have some food! Following this lesson might be a great time to do a series of lessons on the Ten Commandments. God Gives Manna to Eat In fact, that's number three on God's Top Ten rules. What I want you to think about this week is this; now that God has saved you from your sins, what does He want you to do? Men may see that the ten commandments are right and salutary, and may observe them on that account. .). Everyone, act like you're hungry. God is the most important thing to us. Then, He made it totally dark everywhere in Egypt except where the Israelite slaves lived. How different with the Gospel, which, with its spiritual salvation, rouses in arms against itself every propensity of a heart at enmity against God! When we do that, we're taking Jesus into our souls, just like the Israelites took the bread into their bodies. Even with God on their side, it might seem to the Israelites as if the chances of their deliverance from Pharaoh were very small. Why do you think the Amalekites attacked the Israelites? That's why God tells us not to steal. You shall not covet your neighbor's wife, or his male or female servant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor.". In Jesus' name we pray, amen. For a long time you do not exactly know how to hold the gift that is given you; and for a still longer time you little know what use you may yet make of it. One team is the Israelites, the other the Egyptians. ), That's a big word that basically means, "You can only be married to one person at a time, and that marriage is supposed to last until one of you dies. God didn't want to do all of those bad things to the Egyptians. We know that You love us no matter what we do. Moses might have stood and said, This wooden stick cannot divide the waters, or turn the dust to flies, or make the heavens dark, or draw water out of a rock; and he would have said nothing but the truth. Categories Exodus, Object Lessons, Sermons for Kids. – This book is perfect if your group is mostly made of preschoolers or early elementary students. Maybe they thought the way was clear so they didn't have to stop.).

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