cisco switch password recovery

After the power cable has been plugged in, wait a couple of seconds and then release the MODE button. Stop Bits - set to 1

Step 8. You must have access to the local console connection. On this page, one merely needs to scroll down to the particular product series and click the respective link. After a couple of seconds you should see the Cisco ASCII logo with a prompt to escape the Autoboot loader. Ever turn on a switch or perform a reload just to find out that you’ve accidentally been locked out of your networking device?

Then boot the switch. Also, for Cisco NX-OS devices, such as the Cisco Nexus 7000 Series switches, that support Connectivity Management Processors (CMPs) on the supervisor modules, you cannot use the CMP management interface to recover the administrator password. Cisco Catalyst Fixed Configuration Layer 2 and Layer 3 Switches 04/May/2014 Enter Y to continue. :) Watched my co worker make one for a baytech the other day.
Data Bits - set to 8 Enter Y to overwrite the startup configuration file.

Enter the following commands to exit configuration mode and write to the configuration file. You can also hold down Backspace to continuously delete characters to the right of the highlighted cursor. SW1#copy flash:config.text system:running-config Assuming you have access to the physical switch, this guide will walk you through the steps required to reset a Cisco Switch back to factory default. Access the CLI via a local console connection.

Unplug and plug the power cord from the switch. Step 4 Reset the network administrator password by following Step 8 through Step 16 described in the “Method One” section.

Now with the terminal windows open, plug the console cable into the console port of the switch typically located on the back and labeled console. The loader> prompt is different from the regular switch# or switch(boot)# prompt.

Most network devices operate with the default IP address they come with but routers, and especially switches, in business and enterprise environments, are often changed when installed.

It is easy to solve it for it’s so common for a network user.

The following example shows how to set the Ctrl-\ as the escape key sequence in Microsoft Telnet: Step 5 Press Enter one or more times to return to the Cisco NX-OS login prompt.

Next set your password(s). To gain access to the console launch Putty and select the Serial radius button., Step 10 did not work for me on my Cisco 3560-X. For more information about document conventions, see the Cisco Technical Tips Conventions at

This requires a physical connection to the console port of the device so that the user can power cycle the switch, enter the boot menu, and start the password recovery procedure.

Follow these steps to configure the service password recovery settings on your switch through the CLI: Step 1.

Contributed by Mehar Swarup and Sumedha Phatak, Cisco TAC Engineers.

Identifying who and what is on the network is a challenge for many organizations. Step 1: Connect your PC or terminal into the switch console port with the blue console cable. SW1#config terminal Step 2: Open up a Hyperterminal for emulation and set the speed to 9600 baud.

Note: Default password complexity settings require that the password contain at least 3 character classes such as a capital letter, a lowercase letter, and a number.,, You will now see the 'switch:' prompt. The Cisco NX-OS software fulfills the routing, switching, and storage networking requirements of data centers and provides an Extensible Markup Language (XML) interface and a command-line interface (CLI) that is similar to Cisco IOS software.

Tips and Steps to Recover the Password on Cisco Catalyst 3850. You must have access to the local console connection.

Step 3 Restart the device with only the kickstart image to reach the switch boot prompt. Cisco switch password recovery without loosing configuration

It is not dependent on a specific software version. Below is a link to a standard Cisco console cable & attached is a picture to reference if you want to make sure you've got the right cable.

Switch:flash:config.text flash:config.backup

This 11 step process is sure to help you out!

Cisco Small Business 300 Series Managed Switches, View with Adobe Reader on a variety of devices, View in various apps on iPhone, iPad, Android, Sony Reader, or Windows Phone, View on Kindle device or Kindle app on multiple devices, SF300-24 24-Port 10/100 Managed Switch with Gigabit Uplinks, SF300-24MP 24-port 10/100 Max-PoE Managed Switch, SF300-24P 24-Port 10/100 PoE Managed Switch with Gigabit Uplinks, SF300-24PP 24-port 10/100 PoE+ Managed Switch with Gig Uplinks, SF300-48 48-Port 10/100 Managed Switch with Gigabit Uplinks, SF300-48P 48-Port 10/100 PoE Managed Switch with Gigabit Uplinks, SF300-48PP 48-port 10/100 PoE+ Managed Switch with Gig Uplinks, SF500-24 24-Port 10/100 Stackable Managed Switch, SF500-24MP 24-port 10/100 Max PoE+ Stackable Managed Switch, SF500-24P 24-Port 10/100 POE Stackable Managed Switch, SF500-48 48-Port 10/100 Stackable Managed Switch, SF500-48MP 48-port 10/100 Max PoE+ Stackable Managed Switch, SF500-48P 48P-Port 10/100 POE Stackable Managed Switch, SG300-10MP 10-Port Gigabit Max-PoE Managed Switch, SG300-10MPP 10-port Gigabit Max PoE+ Managed Switch, SG300-10P 10-Port Gigabit PoE Managed Switch, SG300-10PP 10-port Gigabit PoE+ Managed Switch, SG300-10SFP 10-port Gigabit Managed SFP Switch, SG300-28MP 28-port Gigabit Max-PoE Managed Switch, SG300-28P 28-Port Gigabit PoE Managed Switch, SG300-28PP 28-port Gigabit PoE+ Managed Switch, SG300-28SFP 28-port Gigabit SFP Managed Switch, SG300-52DC 52-Port Gigabit Managed Switch, SG300-52MP 52-port Gigabit Max-PoE Managed Switch, SG300-52P 52-port Gigabit PoE Managed Switch, SG500-28 28-port Gigabit Stackable Managed Switch, SG500-28MPP 28-port Gigabit Max PoE+ Stackable Managed Switch, SG500-28P 28-port Gigabit POE Stackable Managed Switch, SG500-52 52-port Gigabit Stackable Managed Switch, SG500-52MP 52-port Gigabit Max PoE+ Stackable Managed Switch, SG500-52P 52-port Gigabit POE Stackable Managed Switch. 13 drwx   192 Mar 01 1993 22:30:48 c2960-mz-124-0.0.53, 11 -rwx   5825 Mar 01 1993 22:31:59 config.text, 18 -rwx   720 Mar 01 1993 02:21:30 vlan.da, To find out how to access more videos like this, check out, Application Development, Coding and Programming, Certified Wireless Network Professional (CWNP), Juniper Data Center, Automation, & Advanced Technologies, Juniper Service Provider Routing & Switching, High Definition Instructor Led Training (HD-ILT). This includes enable passwords, secret passwords, telnet, SSH and console passwords. Step 6 Complete the upload of the NX-OS image file. Step 3: Unplug the power cable to the switch. Step 2. Switch: flash_init Step 10 Load the Cisco NX-OS system software image.

All rights reserved. Switch:boot, Would you like to enter the inital configuration dialog? 2. All rights reserved. The first step is to connect a console cable to the COM port of your workstation to gain access to the switch.
Labels: Labels: Catalyst 3000; 111629.

Procedure to reset a Cisco 2960 (or 2950) password without losing the switch configuration.

Step 7: Power on the switch Cisco Switches do not have an on\off switch, they are simply powered on by supplying power to them. To reset the network administrator password by reloading the device, follow these steps: Step 2 Reload the device to reach the loader prompt by using the reload command.

Step 1 Specify the local IP address and the subnet mask for the system. 0 Helpful Reply.

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The RSS feeds are a free service and Cisco currently supports RSS version 2.0. Step 14 Boot the Cisco NX-OS kickstart image on the standby supervisor module, if necessary.

Password Recovery Procedure for Cisco NX-OS, View with Adobe Reader on a variety of devices. It could be COM3 or 4, You'll need to confirm by looking in device manager)

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