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Hello. four viscosity grades. We provide delivery for all package orders in our delivery area orders over $150 at no charge. Skip to content Menu. • Clear with a slight cloud. Wash hands and other exposed skin areas with plenty of mild soap and water before eating, drinking, smoking, use of toilet facilities, or leaving work. Log in or create your account page. %PDF-1.2 %���� However, it seems JavaScript is either disabled or not supported by your browser. Manufacturer. y� l�����A��S��e�����$���/���_��:L���36�jߐ�ݻ^�DI�:/���_��:L���36�jߐ�ݻ^�DI�:/���_��:L���36�jߐ�ݻ^�DI�:/����+�RI%��Bu�������z~>ˈ��;v�2}�s� N������YoO��qC^�n��@���� �z~w��<.

0���f6Q��N�`���Ó�Hk��X�-j^���kR�J4@�o&6����v�S@2Ħ�F���������ݦ����F�KHn��N2�:�i�s��� �����+9k ��d,d)(�������9Ӥ��Ι�*I9�\[��%'j3m} Xb �l�3!�S� �(�d"�l�j'�$yNix]1��6��@�V%�BZo�ծs�N&���8KF��ԇ��+;)0����V9v�RR;2ЁB_� ̾��P�c��l� !�=v��{T}�������%wJ{��ߖ�������`z��S�dU2�x��>�m���S;K�W�`GoFO J�&d-�6^�ΟDm�&V��S}���U� #`Ͼo= �Q J��`/F1bY ��)���B � Offering excellent lubricity, shear stability, and thermal resistance, lithium soaps are the most commonly used thickeners. Food grade lubricants market will reach an estimated valuation of USD 387.83 million by 2027, while registering this growth at a rate of 7.10% for the forecast period of 2020 to 2027. �8��n�� CITGO Pacemaker Gas Engine Oil 1600 Series Product Data MSDS Order Citgo Pacemaker Gas Engine Oil 1200 Series Product Data MSDS Order Tier One Lubricants™ Natural Gas Engine Oil Ashless Product Data Order Citgo Pacemaker Gas … Our parts are the highest quality in the industry and meet or exceed all OEM specs. �[/f���������j�����#4�\�'��u���w�L. Semi-Synthetic 4000 Hour Compressor Fluid, Semi-Synthetic 6000 Hour Compressor Fluid, Synthetic Centrifugal Compressor Lubricant, Synthetic Diester 8000 Hour Compressor Fluid, Semi-Synthetic 1000 Hour Compressor Fluid, Synthetic Biodegradable AW Hydraulic Fluid, Synthetic Multi-Viscosity AW Hydraulic Fluid, TOTAL AZOLLA ZS PLUS 46 REPLACEMENT 275 GALLON TOTE, SUMMIT HYSYN FR 46 REPLACEMENT 275 GALLON TOTE, SUMMIT HYSYN FG 100 REPLACEMENT 275 GALLON TOTE. Also known as conventional greases, these general purpose greases typically have a moderate temperature and performance rating.

As determined by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), these values include H1 (acceptable for incidental food contact), H2 (not acceptable for any contact with food), and H3 (edible/soluble). Grade 2 is a fairly standard grease, for use in normal bearing applications. Multipurpose greases can be used for more than one type of job, making them a good choice for workshops, auto shops, manufacturing facilities, and other areas where a specialty grease isn't needed. Air Lubricants is not affiliated in any way with the brand trademarks on this site. Since specific exposure standards/control limits have … CITGO Clarion Food Grade White Mineral Oils are of the highest purity. This semi-fluid grease has the consistency of apple sauce, making it suitable for use in low-viscosity applications, such as automatic lubrication systems. Login. ! 6 0 obj << /Length 7 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> stream Enable JavaScript by changing your browser options, and then try again.

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CITGO Clarion® Food Grade White Mineral Oil 90 Chronic Health Effects Summary Repeated or prolonged inhalation of petroleum-based mineral oil mists at concentrations above applicable workplace exposure levels can cause respiratory irritation or other pulmonary effects.

Access My Account, Order History, Lists and more here. CITGO Clarion® Food Grade Synthetic Gear 220 Chronic Health Effects Summary No significant signs or symptoms indicative of any adverse health effects are expected to occur. It meets the requirements of U.S. FDA regulation 21 CFR 178.3570 for lubricants having incidental contact with food.

DO NOT use gasoline, kerosene, solvents or harsh abrasives as skin cleaners. They are refined by ultra high. • Approximate temperature range: 0 to 275°F (-18 to +135°C). Very high Viscosity Index, low pour point, and excellent heat transfer properties allow usage over a wide range of applications and operating conditions. For bulk deliveries, we offer a keep-full program or minimum deliveries of 150 gallons. According to the National Lubricating Grease Institute, a grease is represented by its NLGI Grade: 000 (fluid) to 6 (very hard). 0��ژ��k�B U����j�S >��Û������*�_�ar��?�?��WX��u�G����P��i�B {̶�e�(P#)��� s��Y(���n��q0S�d)x��-�T�M�X�����%|��Y� �v�a��E�qRD���J�(% ��T��D��A"7�j\x��(�TuS�������v��� �W=׹�iI]��*%�9in�ԝ�S8{��r.�� 46� U���B��k &���R��b ����;KM5 ����*��0:��0�u*V.��̎MC����6�*�8����Un~� �#��>-�8�����?Y��+�� Offering excellent lubricity, shear stability, and thermal resistance, lithium complex thickeners provide superior high-temperature performance. Natural Gas Production Oils. Note: Product availability is real-time basis and adjusted continuously.

CITGO Air Compressor Oil. Air Lubricants does not own or claim any logo’s trademarks or descriptions of the OEM products listed on this website. We offer lube dispensing equipment installation and repair in a timely manner. Lubricants are typically comprised of 90% base oil, which is produced by refining petroleum crude oil. Create an Account. They are available in. We don't just sell parts. ��+�W�m�������z�:َ5ج���D�.sH�ûW�m�������z�:َ5ج���D�.sH�ûW�m�������z�:َ5ج���D�.sH�ûW��`�8`x Ingestion Target Organs No target organ effects are anticipated. Ig�������������D�o���������W�t}u/�W8E�ˁ���� }��t���.�O�w�O�ۋq:�I��HN���x>�������ѹ;�r~|~��?������S��g��K��x �Vx�x�i�b���܄`�& u���6�M��k�{ _V@�`�K�-�� ���\��; W�kQ5�k�Ч��>�����@)�z^ˈ���d�;��D�mL/,�5�)z�خ�/����G��ǰk�b��Xo a�����;�*=�^Q=JEPB���zJ��jȲ$/�OBi �� 6����(���L�-�T��B�P�F" �� C��5��f�W,/�g��*r���a��/�n��2]%J))(i���v�.��4�p�£ @��P^yP��3+`�ROFԃ)�����)+�F�kR�F���]� �썋4x�G��Z��S� Rs�ZRQ�Kh��� ��v�ϔE;���Ih%Qn�˲݊���FLCZ�S+�)H� ��A���7��� pG��@YIˀ]��;���H;��$�D^�����1�R~��ʩ��_p�,p�:U�U;H�:����"FQDU�V ����V���H¾���ɨr�.�qi�R H�jݐg���QR�o� v�]���$�w!ZG�߅�Uߊ�~1 QUALITIES . We use the best security for each transaction for your safety so you can shop with peace of mind. "(($#$% '+++,.3332-3333333333�� , % �� � 100% OEM compatible guarantee! 2. Offering excellent lubricity, shear stability, and thermal resistance, lithium complex thickeners provide superior high-temperature performance. • Very resistant to water washout and water insoluble.

Use it in normal bearing applications. Symptoms include stinging, watering, redness, and swelling. Clarion Food Grade White Mineral Oils Product Data MSDS Order Tier One Lubricants™ Tri-Purpose Cutting Oil 32 Product Data Order. The penetration range at 77°F (25°C) is 265 to … 0. Base oils can also be synthetic, offering a higher viscosity than mineral base oils. Compressor Lubricant. The penetration range at 77°F (25°C) is 265 to 295. Low grades are for low-viscosity applications; higher grades are often used when leakage is a concern. Examples of acceptable added thickeners or soap types include lithium, PTFE, clay, and aluminum. Login. Brand names are property of their respective owners and are used only for comparison purposes. Search. �2�`> ��x��,�`������?~>�t_/u����㡠�*����p�=^&��z���� endstream endobj 7 0 obj 2295 endobj 12 0 obj << /Type /XObject /Subtype /Image /Name /im1 /Filter /DCTDecode /Width 37 /Height 44 /BitsPerComponent 8 /ColorSpace /DeviceRGB /Length 13 0 R >> stream Sign In | Register. CITGO Clarion® Food Grade A/W Hydraulic Oil 32 Occupational Exposure Guidelines Use good personal hygiene practices. �b`�,F�3Af"}`��ה�^|o��uW�c��t�>�����;�`K�(c1 �lQ������nP���@�q� �E����6)�l�h4���G��١S�� �.c 8{����`����{qm���r/6dI;� ��# With a consistency similar to peanut butter, Grade 2 is a fairly standard grease.

We also offer green alternatives for … The penetration range at 77°F (25°C) is 310 to 340. �=������ ���Zb���і��aOw�%�ksʛ�}�!e\��|��49է�P��Hg"��o ^�%˞ʐ}�7�W@]����2%SB11m��dE��C�q��f�yV)�2�DH�-Ad7%��_|�d�ږ�;Lh�C�8�v6����b-:Z����2�i�������s\�罃_)��������t��N_O/��v��������Gw������W�}�{=���Ï���0���wq�w 2 grade.

*:JZjz���������� �� ? Username * Password * Lost password? CLARION Food Machinery Grease, No. JavaScript must be enabled in order for you to use this site. Shop Lubricants. Thickeners affect the temperature resistance, water resistance, and chemical stability of the grease. Register. Shopping Cart $ 0.00.

MY ACCOUNT. We are proud to offer a wide variety of oils and lubricants that will fit your specifications. MENU MENU.

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