clackamas county rental assistance programs

The organization is in effect the local Community Action Agency for Clackamas County. 503-650-5647. County officials stress that accurate information — about the state of the coronavirus, guidance for what to do if you feel you may be infected, and best practices for staying healthy — should only be taken from credible health sources. Kuv yuav ua licas thiaj zam kev kis tus kab mob coronavirus tshiab no (COVID-19)? Contact the Coordinated Housing Access Line at 503-655-8575 or request help online. … Mid-Columbia Community Action Council (MCCAC) – Columbia Gorge 541-298-5131 – Wasco & Sherman Counties 541-386-4027 – Hood River County. Как я могу избежать заражения новым коронавирусом (COVID-19)? Housing Authority of Douglas County Section 8 Program. 503-655-8224 Rent Well. The Housing Rights and Resources Center (HRRC) works with tenants and landlords to protect the housing rights of our community and educate Clackamas County on housing issues. Since the beginning of June, we have increased our number of appointments from 30 to 500 per month. Clackamas County central line (county services like permitting, marriage licenses, passports, etc.) Clackamas County assistance programs. Clackamas County Salvation Army assistance programs. OHA and local health officials are monitoring COVID-19 in Oregon, COVID-19 Recursos y preguntas frecuentes para inmigrantes y refugiados, Nuevo coronavirus Nuevo coronavirus Hoja de datos, Lo que debe saber sobre la prueba del COVID-19. OHA iyo saraakiisha cafiimaadka degaanka ayaa eegaya COVID- 19gudaha Oregon, Nguồn Trợ giúp và Các Câu hỏi Thường gặp về COVID-19 Dành cho Người Nhập cư và Người Tị nạn, Những gì bạn nên biết về Xét nghiệmCOVID-19. Ayude a prevenir la propagación del COVID-19, OHA y los funcionarios locales de salud están monitoreando COVID-19 en Oregon, Personas que corren riesgo de contraer COVID-19, الموارد والأسئلة المتداولة عن فيروس كورونا (19-COVID) للمهاجرين واللاجئين, ما يجب معرفته عن اختبار فيروسكوروناالمستجد19-COVID, 19-COVID الأشخاص المعرضون لخطر الإصابة بفيروس كورونا, Cov Ntaub Ntawv Hais Txog Tus Kab Mob COVID-19 thiab Cov Nqe Lus Nquag Nug rau Cov Neeg Thoj Nam thiab Cov Neeg Tawg Rog, Yam Uas Koj Yuav Tsum Paub Txog Kev Kuaj tus kab mob COVID-19, Cov kev pab rau cov tsev neeg thiab cov tsev kawm ntawv. The HRRC provides general housing information and referral regarding landlord-tenant, fair housing, and other housing-related issues. Clackamas County Call Center Rent Assistance Program: This program oversees and administers a wide variety of funds that are used to help pay rent. For food service eligibility please call or text the numbers listed. It works as the landlord will realize that the county government played a role in the process.

Rent Assistance. Housing Authority of Douglas County Section 8 Program. You must qualify for these programs. Clackamas County features 1,337 low income apartments with rental assistance where households typically pay no more than 30% of their income towards rent. Lane County Human Services – Lane County Access rental assistance application Lane County website.

The center can assist community members in finding lower cost housing in Clackamas County. Targeted Heating Assistance: Targeted heating assistance is conducted from October 1 through November 30 for the most vulnerable senior and disabled Clackamas County residents including those that are homebound, those who are medically fragile and those requiring assistance to apply for services Outreach is also conducted to households with children … Legal aid. We answer calls Mon. To request rent assistance, call 503-615-0770, or fill out the online screening request HERE. 902 W Stanton St Roseburg, OR - 97470 ... CLACKAMAS COUNTY . The Clackamas County Social Services organization has several resources and ... Debt, foreclosure, and bankruptcy counseling. Northwest Housing Alternatives. Important Update: We are receiving an extraordinarily high number of …

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