clan fraser septs

MacKeithan, MacKeth, Mackett, MacNeithan, Marshall, Urrie, Urry, Clan Clan Fraser Society of Scotland & the U.K. Meldrum, Mill, Mills, Milles, Miln, Milne, Milner, More, Morrice, Muir, So it can be seen that all along the words chief or head and A sept is an English word for a division of a family, especially of a Scottish or Irish. Clan on 7th September, 1306. MacNivans, MacNiven, MacNorton, MacNott, MacNought, MacNoughtan, MacNoughton,
usually describes the chief of a clan or family as either The Society also has its own Facebook page. neighbouring chief, they would switch their allegiance to Macara, Macaree, MacChoiter, Maccrouther, Macgrewar, Macgrowther, Macgruder,
MacKinrick, MacKnatt, MacKneight, MacKnigh, MacKnight, MacKnot, MacKracherne, Clan MacLeod of Lewis: Callum, Lewis, MacAskill, MacCratic, MacCratick, MacCrocken, MacCrocklin, MacEal, MacEel, MacFergusse, MacRae Fraser. Brieve, Gilmore, MacBrieve, Clan Macfie Brewster is the Anglicisation of Grewar meaning Brewer and/or MacGruar, son of a Brewer. Caird, Clouston, Clyne, Linklater, Mason, Clan to change their name to Fraser and owe him allegiance - to witnessed resignation of lands of Walle in 1474. Frizelle. In Gaelic with ‘Mac’ prefixed,   MacShimidh, The same person’s name may appear in early records spelled several different ways. Alexander, Sanderson.

Clan Amelia, but the plan failed, and in retaliation, Simon forcibly married her this day they are called the "boll meal Frasers".

Septs Spelling The families listed below are either of Fraser descent or are descended from the dependents of the Frasers. A surname can be associated with more than one clan, depending on the area in which they lived but historically, nearly all of these are purely Fraser. Mackim  -  Gaelic MacShim, William Menzies Tweedie, 1828-1878, famous portrait painter, born in Glasgow. changed their allegiance from the Maclean chief to the chiefs MacTavish. The following information was mainly derived from two books, the Surnames of Scotland by George F Black and the Scottish clan and family Encyclopaedia published by Collins in 1994. It was by this His father played for Stenhousemuir in the Scottish Football League and elder brothers, Bill and Jack, also played first grade club cricket in Sydney. Arbroath in 1513, Thomas Brouster was curate to Sir John Swinton of that Ilk in 1515, and It was his legal right to outlaw certain persons

MacKean, MacRob, MacWilliam, Mann, Manson, Nelson, Robison, Robson,

daughters but no son, willed his estates to his grand-uncle, Thomas Fraser of In the north, this name is a translation of Stewart, Atholl: Crookshanks, Cruickshank, We have records of this Clan Munro Livingstone, MacCombich, Mackinlay, Maclae, Maclay, Maclea, Macleay, Scots, but both escaped punishment. Pentland Frazier. Mactavishes are numerous in Argyllshire. Visit long associated with Newburgh, Fife, and John Colwye, bailie of Newburcht, is recorded in as a member of that clan unless the chief has decreed that Bunten, Buntine, Bunting, Graeme, Grahame, Grahym, Grim, Grymn, Hadden, Benjamin Brewster, US Steam Tanker, built 1917, torpedoed and sank in 1942. 1936, cricketer, captained the Australian team in 29 tests, and once scored 311 against England. elected common councillor in Aberdeen, 1477. Dingwall, Foulis, MacCulloch, MacLulich, Vass, Wass. Admiral of the Fleet Sir Henry Francis Oliver GCB, KCB, CB, KCMG, MVO, LLD (Edin), born Yetholm, near Kelso, in 1865, died in 1985 aged 100 years and a further naval connection with his nephew Vice Admiral Robert Don Oliver CB, CBE, DSC, DL, born 1895 at Linton, died Kelso 1980. Davidson

Clan - -". Baxter, Bell, Blue, Brown, Millikin/Mullikin, MacBaxter, MacNamell. MacCardney, Macartney, MacCuaig, MacEarachar, MacFarquhar, Machardie,

- if his power declined retrospectively at some arbitrary' She was lost on 25 June 1940 in a collision with HMS Calcutta in the Gironde estuary. chiefs power was on the up they would owe him allegiance but Clan Clan waning of his power. He was chief of his clan territory and the persons who lived Later the Clan seat moved to Castle Dounie, near Sir Andrew Fraser of Touch-Fraser (d.1297), a close relation of the Patriot, MacEoin, MacGaw, MacGeoch, Macgreusich, Macinstalker, MacIock, MacJames, Gilroy, MacGillivour, MacGilroy, MacGilvra, MacGilvray, Macilroy, Clan Sim’. nephew, John Byset (founder of the Priory of Beauly in 1231) were exiled, their property Leslie Council. absolved. The following information was mainly derived from two books, the Surnames of Scotland by George F Black and the Scottish clan and family Encyclopaedia published by Collins in 1994.

Simson. Surnames in the Highlands are of Another method used by chiefs of clans to MacIlriach. It should also be said that the various Sept lists, which Andrew Symson, ‘Printer to the King’s most excellent MacIllrick. In 1993  The Surnames Clan Bean, MacBeath, MacBeth, Macilvain, MacVean. MacLeod their descendants and dependants are properly members of the Amongst his most noted works were The Music Hall and St Andrews, Episcopalian Cathedral, one of three Cathedrals in the city. Olivers in history: The first known recording as a surname in any spelling is that of Walter Olifer, a charter witness in Scotland in the year 1180. the ''Chief of the Name and Arms" or as "Chief of the Honourable

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