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Want to watch this again later? Designed and Developed By BP Technology Inc. As a novelty, this new season will extend its duration up to an hour and a half to deepen even more in each of the themes. An online film archive to watch films (documentaries, short films, talks & more). To reach the heart of the cartel, Beriain will immerse himself in a universe populated by armies of hitmen, narcos, corrupt policemen, human mules, chemists who process drugs in scenes reminiscent of the Breaking Bad series and eternal parties of the junior narco, Children of big bosses who mix alcohol, cocaine and weapons. I truly believe that this is the best Clandestino season”, assures Beriain. More. Report. In Tomb Thieves, a group of local Indiana Jones waged a race against the clock with the huaqueros, treasure hunters who loot pre-Columbian graves to sell them in a black market that competes in numbers with drug trafficking or arms trafficking. Sign in. We want to offer a unique and unfiltered vision of clandestine and inaccessible worlds that includes different points of view to make up an integral look. World of Tanks Duel Rivals Worlds of Mythros Destiny Farm of Tanks of Kings Nation of War Online Online of Angels of Kings of Tanks CONEXAO101 VIDEOS CAMINHÕES MAIS TOPS DO PLANETA JOVEM sendo pago para fazer esta propaganda. We have seen Mexican drug traffickers cut roads to land planes loaded with American weapons and followed their trail to the jungles of Colombia to end up in the hands of the guerrillas.
In Rhino, the damn horn, Beriain enters the war unleashed in South Africa and Mozambique for the traffic of rhinoceros horns. A three-month odyssey that will take you from the bastion of the cartel in the Sierra, where they have their opium and marijuana crops, passing through the laboratories of Culiacán and the collection houses near Tijuana or their final destination in the streets of Los Angeles. We believe in the importance of visual art that interprets various views of today’s society. A minority ethnic group from the mountains of Southeast Asia, the Hmong, recruited by the CIA as part of the largest clandestine operation in the agency’s history.

On this occasion, the program hosted by David Beriain shares nomination with HBO’s At the heart of Gold inside the USA Gymnastic Scandal, Period.
Copyright 2020 93 Metros | Todos los derechos reservados |, Utilizamos cookies para mejorar su experiencia. It costs more than gold or cocaine.

Support learning about the ‘self’, culture, nature and the eternal soul – the evolution of life. And seen how 400 of those kilos were landed in Mexico. Clandestino Films, is an award winning production company based in Chicago. “This season we have experienced some of the most intense and difficult moments since we started recording Clandestino. A story that, I think, will not leave anyone indifferent”.

Our passion is projected through our award winning independent works. This part of the endangered animal exceeds 100,000 euros a kilo in the Asian black market. Sign in.

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