clear american ice ingredients

We want to eat and drink plenty of sweets without getting fat and when we got fat we want to get back slim without due efforts like by taking a “magic pill” or by  use of liposuction.

Let’s face it; there are claims that everything in the world somehow, someway, in some form, causes cancer. According to the Wikipedia ( it is uncertain that acesulfame potassium may increase risks of cancers and neoplasms. No one is perfet and I am not an exception. I just wanted to say, If you are concerned about drinking clear American talk to a nutritionist or your health care provider. Don’t let articles like these above related to artificial sweeteners scare you into avoiding a bunch of food products that are healthy alternatives to most fattening foods out there today. I want referring you to the book by Eric Schlosser “Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal” from reading of which you will see how the army of food scientists and chemists (perhaps, like myself – I am a professional PhD chemist, FYI) is working for Big Food to make ANY, literally ANY junk taste good and, even worse, ADDICTIVE to public. Any soda may contain 8 – 10 teaspoons of sugar per serving. You’re missing out on life, buddy! Those who interested can always follow them. That comment alone makes me not trust this website. My point is that the information on its safety is extremely controversial and even POLITICIZED (!). I only give you facts based on the analysis of food ingredients. No quality researcher would do so. So, if I was diabetic, I would stick to PURE WATER only to enjoy real life, not sweets, especially artificial and fake ones. Good luck! Zero Calories. I should also say this before I get attacked by the original poster. Questions regarding the safety of aspartame were renewed by a 1996 report suggesting that an increase in the number of people with brain tumors between 1975 and 1992 might be associated with the introduction and use of this sweetener in the United States. In 2005, a laboratory study found more lymphomas and leukemias in rats fed very high doses of aspartame (equivalent to drinking 8 to 2,083 cans of diet soda daily) (1). was just wondering how healthy it actually is. Again, my goal is TO INFORM. I am not a Chemist by any means and I DO NOT claim to really know anything about that subject, I work in IT. As a female? everyone is so hyped on aspartame I still can not find out where Clear American ia made and by whom! Your email address will not be published. I don’t know how skilled you are at math, but 1 kg compared to 64 kg is significantly less than 2.5 times a lower weight. Each one always quoting the same exact study, the same ONE study conducted on rats.

Oh, it contains Antioxidants: Vitamin E + Vitamin A + Zinc. My dr also recommends clear American over soda regular or diet. Yes, we use lab rats. I could go in right now on that link posted with this article, and change all the information on that wiki page to say that “Aspertame causes magically rainbows to form all around you and is proven to expand the average persons lifespan by 150 years”. Statis, Clear American is a decent option, as long as you continually work to drink less and less. Somewhere down the line you have decided to become so lacklustre in your structural appearance of writing. Dasani Black Cherry Sparkling Water . Even drug addicts sometimes get pumped full of other drugs to keep them off of the hard stuff.

Anything artificial has consequences and anything out of moderation as well. Secondly, regarding your comment about one of the posters being a part of the beverage industry, [i]how in gods name do you fucking know that? It has about half the calories of a regular Coke, and uses both cane sugar and the natural plant sweetener Stevia, a sugar substitute that has been growing in popularity in recent years. What should I drink if I want to stay off sodas and still not get cancerous rats growing from my spleen? Perhaps you have seen my videos exercising and lifting heavy weights. or what they call it – original?) There is always price to pay for lying. All the references are next to where the phrases are given. Would you put 10 teaspoons of sugar into a glass of your morning tea? Hint Sparkling Water 4-Flavor Variety Pack.

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