compound subject and predicate worksheets

1. The predicate is the part of the sentence containing a verb and not including the subject. Ishani and Koushani are fighting over a pen. �)�:�j�e���g�`����X>�֎#d�#���} The subject is what the sentence is about; the predicate tells us what the subject is or does. The subject or predicate including its phrases and modifiers forms the complete subject or predicate. }�d��$��W!�Q�y�p4�#�^���K1&f���/@���e*�vy0\�e�m�g��iO�#�U��YZ�-����Ӻ�Kʪ�% �&X���Bi���{��I�\4�F ��� ***Temporary terms of use concerning COVID-19 and distance learning: Redistribution of this product. Finally, we will solve worksheets on subject and predicate to strengthen our learning. The teacher wrote the lesson on the board. Use these printable worksheets for teaching students about the subjects and predicates of sentences. Compound verbs : Questions like Underline each compound verb or verb phrase and Add a compound verb to complete each of the following sentences.

_____ 2. …. The bird, A buzzing bee, My mother, A spider, A blue dolphin, The children, The girl. Preeti and his brother play in the mud on a rainy day. Examples of subject and predicate is provided in the following tables. Downloadable worksheets: 101 ELT GAMES! So, care must be exercised to understand the meaning of the sentence for identifying the subject. Taking too long? Downloadable worksheets: 101 ELT GAMES! Taking too long? The predicate normally explains what the verb is doing. Simple and complete subjectsSubjects, predicates and sentences. My brother and sister really enjoyed the magic show. Reload document | Open in new tab Download [50.45 KB]. © 2020 For example; Ram and Rahim are playing football. Grade Levels: … Compound Subjects & Verbs : Definition of Sentences with Compound Subjects, Compound Verb, Compound Subjects and Verbs, …. Your email address will not be published. 4 0 obj Free grammar worksheets from K5 Learning. More than one subject, more than one action. My naughty cat tracked dirt inside of the house.

So, “Ram and Rahim” in this sentence is a compound subject. A sentence can be considered to have two parts: a subject and a predicate. In this printable identify the complete subjects and predicates worksheet, kids go through each sentence, underline the complete subject, and circle the complete predicate. The entire family went on a summer vacation. kp�d��;# View PDF . A subject is what the sentence is about; a predicate tells us what the subject is or does. Here's a worksheet to help students identify compound subjects and predictes. Hint: Don't confuse a verb phrase with a compound predicate. You can  download or print using the default browser document reader options. Sentences are divided into two parts: the subject, which is who or what the sentence is about, and the predicate, which is everything else (verbs, adjectives, prepositional phrases, etc.). Her mother and father decided to go out to dinner. We will be going to China this summer. the predicate tells us what the subject is or does. ______________________ looked for nectar in the flower. The Compound Subject : Recognize a compound subject when you see one. You are here: Language Arts >> Subject and Predicate >> Compound Subjects and Predicates, ▶ Complete Subjects and Complete Predicates, Complete Subjects and Complete Predicates. To locate the complete subject and predicate in a sentence, just divide it into two halves: the person-or-thing part and the message part. This set includes 4 worksheets, with a corresponding answer key for teacher use. When there are multiple subjects and predicates in a sentence, it's called a compound subject or predicate. For example, in the Sentence “Get out from the class”, the full sentence is the predicate. In addition, worksheets on related topics, such as sentence fragments, commands and questions, and inverted sentences have been provided. is distributing chocolates and sweets on his birthday. The manager and director approved the business case. Compound Subjects and Compound Verbs : Definition of Compound Subjects and definition of Compound Verbs. The telegram was late but contained exciting good news.

James mowed lawns and delivered papers over the summer. In our earlier example, is playing is the verb. Taking too long? Agreement with Compound Subjects : Common errors when writing compound subjects with exercises. My grandfather loves me very much. The free printable worksheet is appropriate for students of 3rd grade and 4th grade. Some Rights Reserved |. The sentence completes the thought with the verb opened and modifier. Depending on the number of quantity, nouns are of two types: Singular noun and plural noun. Comparative forms of the Adjectives Worksheets.

______________________ spun a web in the corner of a wall. In compound subject, all the subjects perform the same action. Three tables are prepared showing subject predicate examples as follows: Now as you already learned the basics of the subject and predicate in a sentence and examples of those; Its time to solve few worksheets on subject and predicate. A sentence can be considered to have two parts: a subject and a predicate. ______________________ played in the mud. Well, I am a Science Graduate, currently a housewife and mother of two. Compound Sentences : Definition of a compound sentence with exercises., Compound Subjects Worksheets : Exercises – Making Verbs Agree with Compound Subjects, Combining Sentences Using Compound Subjects …

Fill in the correct subject or predicate from the word box; Easier for grades 2-3. Every sentence needs a subject and a predicate; however, many sentences have more than one subject (Jim and Bob went .....) and / or more than one predicate (....walked to the store and bought a banana).In these exercises, students identify multiple subjects and predicates.

Free Worksheets for Teachers and Students, Some of the worksheets below are Compound Subjects and Predicates Worksheets : Underline the subjects and circle the predicates on the line below., Compound Subjects and Predicates vs. We bet you are well versed with subjects and predicates. Sometimes, the subject may not appear distinctly in the sentence but it can be implied. link to Singular and Plural Nouns: Definition, Rules, Examples, and Worksheets [With PDF], link to Countable and Uncountable Nouns: Definition, Rules, Lists, and Worksheets (With PDF). The parents and teacher met in the parents’ teacher meeting. Remember that the subject can be a single or more word. Let’s take an example of a sentence, “Advik is playing.”.

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