cooking in butter term

A French culinary term meaning to coat in black pepper and cook.

To cut food into two with the centre still joined, and the two halves spread on either sides to look like a butterfly. Salt is used for preservation and flavour, but varies according to the breed of cow and its feed. Wow !!!Hema. Generally it refers to meat dishes prepared or served with the juices released by the meat while cooking. This often results in a tender, translucent and flavourful pieces. To reduce foods like vegetables, cheese etc to small shreds by rubbing against a rough or sharp perforated surface.

To cook food, esp meat by prolonged exposure to heat in an oven or over a fire. A French culinary term which which means to cut vegetables very thin and in the form of the vegetable being cut.

To stir a mixture rapidly to incorporate air into it, using a whisk ,like in cakes. Get daily tips and expert advice to help you take your cooking skills to the next level. When referred to meat, it means medium rare. To let food sit at room temperature for a few hours to enable microorganisms like yeast, bacteria etc to break it down to simpler substances. There are 8 pints in a gallon. A hot or cold mixture of diced vegetables, like in a salad. And let us benefit from it. A French culinary term which means a greaseproof paper lid placed on top of sauces ,stews etc while cooking or while cooling after cooking.

If you are using knives, hold a knife in each hand and cut across the shortening in opposite directions, working it into the flour—this may take a bit of time.

A French culinary which means the action or an instance of tasting especially in a series of small portions. To make cuts on the surface of foods such as bread, fish etc. This ensures that the air is retained and the mixture remains light and fluffy.

A French culinary term meaning, flour mixed with water or egg white, used to seal pans while cooking. A French culinary term and is essentially a slicing techinique in which leafy vegetables or herbs are finely shredded and used as garnish in soups or salads.

To coat a pan with a layer of butter, oil etc to prevent food from sticking to it.

It is mostly at the beginning or end of cooking and is. Sometimes the recipe will tell you to cut the shortening into the flour until the pieces are the size of crumbs—no matter how it is described, follow the recipe while applying this cutting in technique and your recipe should come out flaky. To remove substances that normally float from the surface of a liquid with a spoon or ladle. To immerse plant or animal food, in vinegar or salt water to preserve it from spoiling. Also a French culinary term which means flamed.That is to pour alcohol esp brandy over food and set fire to it during cooking.

A method of cooking in which meat, especially chicken or veal is cut up, sauteed, braised, stewed, and served with its sauce traditionally a white sauce.

... Brunoise: A French term used to describe a specific cut or mixture of vegetables – usually small dice, braised in butter. Learn how your comment data is processed. Your email address will not be published.

An Italian culinary term meaning "small mouthfuls".

Just  an attempt to get you acquainted with the cooking terms that you come across in your daily life. The resultant liquid is very flavourful and used in making sauces. To tie, bind, fasten or thread the wings or legs of a fowl in preparation for cooking.

Butter can be bought salted or unsalted. The fat is compressed and chilled into blocks of butter. That is food, typically pasta, rice or vegetables cooked to be firm to the bite. A blend of herbs (fresh or dry)used in French cooking usually including parsely, tarragon, chervil and chives. I shall keep adding to this list as and when I come across new terms.

A cooked mixture of an equal quantity of flour and fat used to thicken soups, sauces, gravies etc. Fruit stewed or cooked in a syrup, usually served as a dessert. A French culinary term which means, a crisp piece of bread or pastry hollowed to receive a savoury filling.

Mocha is a high quality type of coffee, made from a specific coffee bean. A French culinary term meaning "kneaded butter".

Butter is around 80 per cent fat and for this reason, many people prefer to use alternatives. To boil or simmer a liquid mixture so as to thicken it and intensify its flavour. Butter is also used in baking, such as in classic sponges and pastries, or for enriching sauces.

A flat frame of metal bars, on which food can be cooked over fire.

This is referred to as "cutting in." A French culinary term and refers to a sauce made with pureed and strained fruits or vegetables, used as a base or garnish. Tempering hot liquid into eggs, prevents curdling and tempering chocolate is to melt and cool chocolate so that it becomes smooth and glossy when set. ... Beurre noir: French for black butter, whole butter cooked until dark brown (Not black) sometimes flavored with vinegar or lemon juice.

The purpose of cutting butter or solid shortening into flour is to create a flaky texture in pie pastry and cookies. For rubbed in cake mixtures, use butter straight from the fridge. A French culinary term which means to reduce liquids while cooking to the point of almost dry, though not completely dry. Mixing a substance with another so that they become a uniform homogenous substance.

To mix cornflour or a similar ingredient with a cold liquid to make a thin paste before adding a hot liquid to cook the starch.

Also means to flip food like pancakes, omelettes from the pan into the air so that they land into the pan on their opposite side. One of the French cooking terms most often seen on the menu in restaurants. Health Benefits of cooking with butter Raw shea butter can be used for cooking too; image source: .com. You should stop when the pieces of shortening coated with flour are about the size of small peas.

Beurre Rouge: French for red butter, an emulsified butter sauce made from shallots, red wine, and butter. To cut away the outer layer from something especially a fruit or a vegetable. To cook food in hot fat or oil, typically in a shallow pan. To burn or scorch the surface of foods, esp meat with sudden intense heat. Butter comes in many brands and packaging.

To remove the tough central part and seeds from fruits like apple, pears, pineapple etc. En papillote in French or al cartoccio in Italian, is a method of cooking in which the food is put into a folded pouch or parcel and then baked.

To make meat tender by marinating, pounding or applying a tenderizer.

1)A French culinary term for an appetizer usually made of pork or goose meat that is sliced, seasoned, cooked in seasoned fat, mashed to a paste and preserved in the fat for use as a spread.

Butter is a dairy product made from separating whole milk or cream into fat and buttermilk.

To use the pastry blender, hold the handle and press the blades into the shortening while rotating your wrist from side to side; repeat this mixing technique while moving the pastry blender around the bowl to incorporate all of the shortening. Also called White butter.

To press or pinch into small regular folds or ridges, as in a pie. To cut in a little quicker, you will want to use a pastry blender, which is somewhat circular with an arched handle connected to about four narrow arched blades. A square deep fried pastry served hot and sprinkled with icing sugar. To distribute cold fat like butter into flour by performing a cutting in motion with a knife or pastry blender. To cut up food esp meat into very small pieces usually with the help of a mincer. Don't work the shortening into the flour so much that it becomes a solid mass. The final rise of the bread dough before baking. Required fields are marked *. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Combined with high protein diet, these fats can even help us lose weight. To remove the shell or natural covering from foods that are eaten, like removing skin of fruits and vegetables or shells from oysters. French butter is prized for its superior quality, but can be pricier than others. Keep it up . To gently turn the mixture over itself, until it is mixed.


Essentially dough is kneaded to form gluten which gives structure to baked goods. The parcel is typically made from folded parchment paper, but other material, such as a paper bag or aluminium foil, may be used. That’s a lot of effort and hard work.

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