daoc phoenix login error

The RvR realmwide tasks are divided into short-term, middle-term (not implemented yet) and long-term tasks. by Fasalot » Thu Mar 14, 2013 5:58 pm, Post The place for tutorials, mob-strategies and any other pve-related stuff. XP Realm tasks Bonus: it is granted from completed reamlwide PvE tasks (see next section). Level 1- 50 = orange, Group of 6 to 8 This will send an reset email to the email associated with the account. I played DAoC on my dad's account for a long time until I could afford my own in 2007.
The closer you are to the cap of your base XP, the better your bonus XP will be. In addition, it will give a permanent, infinite 1% bonus on that mob type every time it is finished. Our only knowledge of the problem is the error message and we don't know if the message is accurate. We dont have NNF Charge and we don’t have any RR5 abilities. Appendix. Please read our rules. I finally got logged in and created a character.

It shows very detailed what bonuses you get for killing a mob. Download the classic patch under mods in our download section. Please keep in mind that in either both ways it may take some time. EA Account Login. It is only allowed to create one account per person. All classes can learn all professions. Uthgard, a classic Dark Age of Camelot freeshard reviving good old times You can blow up if your skill is below 1000. Click 'NO' when asked to create an account.

Re: Time for a thanks to the Devs and GMs, Re: Computer already assigned to at least one other account, Re: Tinderbox not giving power (heal / endo) even out of combat, Re: Can no longer double-tap same button/spell, Re: Setting / Zone for the rest of the beta. Personal tasks count every mob that you helped killing. Do you have suggestions or great ideas?

They are not tradable and you need to head to your trainer and turn them in to get a small amount of extra XP. To buy an item from such a merchant you need to have to kill the boss once. After that time, you will have all three realms available to choose when logging into the char selection again. We changed that to remove the attacker count mechanic and the trivialization via petspam. | Those will help new players to catch up with players which are already RR5+.

Sin) You have about 50% proc chance. If you just type „/task“ you see only the active tasks that you are currently working on. You only told me about one file in the error message, so you kept me in the dark while I was trying to help you. Thank you very much Leah!! Should fix it. If you can't find more info I'd try renaming login.dat, then running the patcher, to try to force DAOC to recreate the file from scratch. Characters will remain, but all progress you made/gained this weekend will be wiped (items, gold etc.) All completed community votes, regardless of outcome. Similiar to the PvE tasks there are realmwide and personal RvR tasks. Caravans are neutral to enemy players. Any relic that your realm captures from an enemy realm has to be put down in a regular keep in your realm which your realm owns. Phoenix Feathers are a custom currency that we implemented to give everyone the possibility to get the endgame gear. Your reward will be XP and coins. If you claim a keep it will upgrade automatically and it doesn’t cost any guild bounty points. It also makes caster useful and makes group size affect the time required linearly (for example: every 200dps person you add reduce the time taken by 200dps). 9. Level 1 to 19 = blue 10. Each spawn point has a porter close by and/or has a horse merchant. Thank you very much for this tutorial. Feathers will drop only from high level bosses in special zones. If you haven't been playing DAoC for a long time, and don't have a master account on the Account Center, then this guide is for you! Phoenix Eggs: If you are solo when killing a mob you will receive Phoenix Eggs. Our mobs are very drop-friendly and you will easily get all the equipment that you need to become a great hero of your realm. You will need Phoenix Tear and Phoenix Ash for some recipes. It doesn’t matter what class or race you choose, it is always random. 3. Your trainer doesn’t hand out any armor. Ok, I get an error when I try to download this dll folder, and I don't know how to drop it into the folder.....you may have to walk me through Barney style on Mumble. There are three different battlegrounds on Phoenix. I'm stuck! We removed the classic „whisper“-tasks and therefore put in realmwide and personal PvE tasks. /craftqueue (will repeat the next started recipe until it succeeded times or you no longer have enough materials.)
Now his twink, the healer Healmasterofdoom can also buy any dragondrop of the merchant. An EA Account is required to use the Broadsword Account Center. You will follow the instructions of authorized personnel while on any Phoenix service. Welcome to the Phoenix Stress Test! Phoenix doesn’t have base classes (for example Guardian, Rogue, etc). Attacker count mechanic doesnt have any effect. Realmwide tasks are tasks, where every kill of a mob grants credit to the task. If you think your group is doing well and the hordes of mobs you are killing are way too easy, try „/challenge“. There is a reduction when crafting in a capital city and the higher your realms RvR Score is, the higher the craftime reduction will be. 11. Enter your DAoC game account name in the box provided and click. by Rob » Thu Mar 14, 2013 6:11 pm, Post It is only possible to put down one relic per keep. While short-term tasks only grant a reward when you actively help completing them (in this example killing players in emain), middle-term and long-term tasks will give a 24h bonus to rps to everyone in the realm when a task was finished. Select server Uthgard and then input any login and password. Those tasks count which and where you killed the different types of mobs. I get this whether I use a password or not.

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