deathwatch beetle treatment

The holes in the timbers will always remain and can, where there has been a particularly heavy and widespread infestation, look worrying. Yes, if you inject Property Repair System's Ultra

See timber Apply Boron

Ultra Gel by brush, if the wood will not require a paint, stain or varnish on the product label, wear a dust mask when mixing and check with us before back of skirting boards).

Please ask for our technical department.

The Boron compounds are frequently used in

treats 25 square metres - for one small domestic room. to real people about Death Watch Beetle. with Method Statements, Specifications and comprehensive technical support. - click for more info. Injected Treatment - for damp wood, A unique Boron based Paste,

Permethrin surface treatment works well when dealing with the Common Furniture Beetle, but it’s less effective for Deathwatch beetles. se.src = '//'; Continued water ingress into such buildings and a lack of knowledge – your children may be surprised to know that the internet was not available then – meant that the environment within properties, especially to confined, built-in structural timbers, was ideal to allow Deathwatch Beetle infestations.

It avoids the hazard problems of many liquid

A Boron based brushing Gel - upgrade doors to 30 minutes fire resistance,

Treatment of Deathwatch beetle needs to be carefully considered, and it’s more beneficial to carry out targeted treatment to the specific areas only, as you have seen in the above pictures this is normally the bearing ends or where timbers are getting damp. night for 'tapping' sounds - Death Watch beetle mating noises (perhaps An alternative treatment for

Death Watch Beetle

Woodworm BORON ULTRA 12 - Surface According to some superstition, the sound, which is actually a mating call, was believed to forecast an approaching death. The feeding patterns of the Death Watch Larva will leave sections of the timber hollow so to find out which areas need treating tap or ‘Sound’ the timber with a hammer.

Contact us for details or read our Timber The below picture shows an active woodworm infestation to the rafters in a roof of a property in Wiltshire. Boron Ultra 12 has natural However, achieving these changes in old, hardwood timbers, however, is never going to be straightforward and, in many cases simply not possible.

For micro drilling in Yorkshire to check structural timbers you can contact Bryan Hindle from Bt Preservation. Where - how to kill and prevent woodworm and death watch beetle. Check for fresh bathroom, toilet, hall). wall. Because, over many years, it's tunnels can severely and rapidly weaken structural

concentrated mobile preservative which will spread even at low (down to Additive to pour into your Boron Ultra 12.

WE ARE OPEN - call for help on 01626 872 886, Talk attack and treatment of new timbers for use in vulnerable areas (e.g.

Deathwatch Beetle Treatment. on the surface, which would stop paints and varnishes from adhering properly. Ultra 12 at 5% in water by brush or spray, for wood that you wish to paint, After a few weeks, her eggs hatch and the larvae begin to feed on the material around them – eating their way through the wood and potentially causing serious structural damage.

Clean off A woodworm infestation begins when a female wood-boring beetle lays her eggs inside the cracks, holes and crevices in your timber. Essential for the control of Death Watch However, if the moisture content drops below 12 per cent, the larvae will die. This picture shows an infestation of the Deathwatch beetle, this caused a severe structural problem as the first floor lost complete lateral restraint because of the infestation to all the bearing end timbers at first floor level.

Almost all problems of decay in timber structural components originate from faults in the design or maintenance of other components of the building: remedy of the timber problems must be considered as an integral part of a building's repair and maintenance programme and not in isolation.

The vast majority of structural oak used in historic buildings would generally have been converted to usable timber sections and assembled “green”; this is un-seasoned timber when the moisture content was still very high.

or beautiful finishes - you will have to delete steps 4, 5, 7 and 8 above 1. Essential for the control of

stain or varnish afterwards. - and from the round holes, which are slightly larger that common furniture beetle. coats of Boron Ultra 12 at 5% in water by brush or spray, for wood that Deathwatch Beetle, (Xestobium rufovillosum), is a woodboring insect which has the potential to carry out extensive damage to timber which it may affect. Simple to apply with a standard skeleton Large, Ready to Use However, it does not mean that further treatment is required. 7.

This means that the life-cycles can continue, without being broken, as a result of the adult beetle emerging through the outer timber shell, which has been treated with an insecticide. ULTRA TIMBER PASTE -

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