demeyere industry fry pan

The Proline series offers the ultimate frying pans for professional chefs and ambitious hobby cooks alike, being equally at home in the commercial or domestic kitchen. Each type of Demeyere pan is designed for its specific cooking function. This elaborate range of cookware with an industrial look, developed by Belgian designer Stefan Schöning, will provide years of high performance thanks to its 5-Ply construction. The Industry series from Demeyere combines the best of two worlds: solid, sturdy, ‘American style’ cookware with Demeyere technology and European heritage. Demeyere For over 100 years, Demeyere has been adapting the technology of cookware to suit different cooking methods. Thanks to the advanced materials and technologies, all Demeyere frying pans are extremely efficient and suitable … Demeyere Frying Pans The ultimate pan for frying right up to the edge Proline. Depending on what you need from a frying pan, Demeyere a series for you: uncoated, non-stick coated, heavy or light, and in a variety of designs. A frying pan needs to do a different job to that of a stockpot; a conical sauté/saucier pan must achieve a different result to that of a saucepan.

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