did the emperor love the primarchs

Yes. - posted in + AGE OF DARKNESS +: Hi there long time lurker first time poster Where did the Emperor truly fail in his treatment of the Primarchs ? I'm not going to go into the Lost Primarchs here, since I don't know enough about them. Here's my position. So primarchs are these weak emo daddy issued babies now? So out of nine Traitor Primarchs, one of them can be blamed entirely on the Emperor and three of them were managed badly by the Emperor. Actually, Horus did. Upon seeing this, several of them wondered if The Emperor planned on imprisoning them there after the Great Crusade had accomplished it's goals. There was a special area of the Imperial Palace on Terra that was reserved solely for the Primarch’s. Now, the Emperor was not able to … There is far more evidence in the actual books that the Emperor did in fact love his sons (I believe he loved them more than anything), than the opposite. Horus=pride. What is weak to me is that Guilliman is supposed to be the practical thinker strategist, so why is he getting emotional about his creator's love? Fulgrim=Vanity. None of his decisions make sense regarding Angron. Discussion topic: Did the Emperor manage the Primarchs badly? The Emperor thinks the primarchs are weapons, because they are. And when Sanguinious who supposedly had the Emperor's compassion died the Emperor regained his compassion and couldn't bring himself to kill him. Depends on the primarch. He loves them as his own children but … And honestly i think the Emperors personality fits very well kurze=cruelty. He was rather open in this aspect, and questioned the need to destroy all Xenox. Here's my take on this : The Emperor doesn't see his Primarchs as simply tools. Unlike the later leaders of the Legiones Astartes, the thunder warrior Primarchs were the same as the troops they led and were hand picked by the Emperor for their skill and command ability. It’s been clearly established that the Emperor never had any real love for the Primarchs and only saw them as useful tools at best. Personally how the Emperor handled Angron was the biggest mistake regarding his treatment of the Primarchs that he made. There is a theory that all the primarchs are aspects of the Emperor's emotions such as for example. And all this supposedly happened because the Emperor was still ‘holding back’ out of ‘love for His son.’ Having read more about the Emperor, I think that’s a bunch of bull. The primarchs were tools to get various jobs done, nothing more. I’d imagine that Magnus, in his private moments, regrets the circumstances leading to his betrayal (though he definitely sees the end result as the fault of his father). He talks to the Custodes about the primarchs almost with contempt. Guilliman should know his place and be the good soldier he is and fall in-line. The Emperor has eighteen known Primarch sons. I would argue that he did. The Emperor was genuinely surprised that his sons turned against him and in the buried dagger book he tells the Knights Errant that this sons turned to and used the forces of Chaos against him without understanding what they did so even at this point he does not realise that the forces of Chaos where behind everything. The Primarchs began as a continuation of the Emperor’s Thunder Warrior legions and were successors to the Angel.Each of the 20 proto-legions were led by a general analogue called a Primarch. Mortarion was just a screw-up, Magnus honestly stumbled into treason rather than actually deciding to betray the Emperor… Page 1 of 2 - Where did the emperor really with the Primarchs.

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