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Now it’s time to pin. Hi . There is even a great ruffled couch cover that would be perfect for your rustic farmhouse look. I am starting with the base of the sectional, and I will follow up with how I covered the cushions in a separate post. I can't afford to be that luxuriously wasteful :-P. So I measured and then bought an approximate amount ( moving toward the excess approximate amount!) I love those little kids’ sofas – they’re so adorable and perfect for giving the little ones their own place to sit. Yay!!! Cut the fabric into 2" or 1.5" strips. DIY couch or sofa is a sign of absolute comfort for a sitting space in the home. Now again put the cover in the wrong side on the chair. Yes, all the trimmings! 5 years ago Only a week to make covers for two recliners and your advice along with the pictures has been great! There are 2 methods you can go about for the fabric. So my mom gave me some sofa with the condition that I need to get slip covers for it as the fabric was ruined.

I wasn't happy about this.

(I did not worry about cutting on the bias. See and save the pattern you like. I’m so happy it turned out well. Outdoor Umbrella Stand on Wheels that You can Make! That is it! About 80 safety pins. in DIY, Home on 11/14/12. The biggest advantage is that they instantly change the appearance of your furniture and in addition protect it from dirt, spills or stains. If you have an ugly or non-matching couch, I hope this tutorial gives you the courage to slipcover it and give it a new look. These can even be made to fit your DIY outdoor furniture pieces. And if you haven’t already, be sure that you take a look at these 55 DIY farmhouse furniture décor ideas to give your home that coveted rustic look. Sew a diagonally in a 45 degree angle (here perfection is not necessary). These are much easier to make than they look.

You can have this one completed in just a couple of hours from start to finish and you can use any number of materials from an old bed sheet to a couple of yards of fabric. In the end, we couldn’t afford a new couch, so we took the free one, in all of it’s plaid glory. Seat.- Push tape into the crevices, down to where you want your seat to end and attach to the skirt.

This easy and cheap couch slipcover doesn’t require any sewing. The black line is drawn to show the shape I took. Congratulations for being a finalist to:), hey shazni!

Please check picture for reference. In my case I have 11 pieces. What prize would you like to receive? You just have to make a few modifications to a regular couch slipcover to make it fit over the reclining sections and you have to cover those sections so that they stay put when the couch is reclined. Plus, these DIY slipcovers are much cheaper than the ones that you can buy in stores and they’re just as easy to put on your furniture. Since the couch is one of the most important pieces of furniture in any living room or lounge spaces, often even the focal point of the room, we don’t really dare to think of it as a potential DIY project.Sometimes that’s a fair strategy but there are also plenty of cases when a self-made couch would fit perfectly into the decor. I'm assuming most sofas will be joined at the arm, if yours is not, lucky you, it's pretty straightforward. I’m thrilled with my new DIY slipcover! Now This part has to be joined to the seat and back rest.

I was so pleased to find 20 easy to make slipcovers that I can have finished in a weekend! I have one that has been in my home for years and I just can’t get rid of it…no matter how worn out it looks. Check out the sections it has and measure and mark in paper. So what did I do?

If you don't then all the way down). Center the cover over the couch. The couch is the name of stylish sitting anywhere in your home or especially in the living room.

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. You can adjust the pattern to fit any sectional, even if it has a chaise at the end. Then Pin and tack the front panel to the piping and the Arm Rest Fabric. In my case the width shrunk about 3", Not sure of the length. Though I have put the wrong side here you have to put this in the right side and joint both right sides together. 1. Method 2- Here is basically the lazy method where you simple do a straight stick joining both fabrics with right side together.

You can either go with a needle and thread or mark with a pencil the sewing line. Finding a slipcover to fit your reclining couch can be difficult and expensive. It is easy and inexpensive to protect the couch from scratches or stains. Thank you for the inspiring pictures!

can't wait for a picture of your finished products :-), 5 years ago ). You don’t have to tuck and hide seams as much with dining room chairs as you do with sofas and other upholstered furniture and this is a great way to cover up any dinginess that your dining chairs may have gathered over the years and you can make these from an old tablecloth. Now place your cord in the center of the wrong side of the piping. The first thing you need to do is measure your sofa.

Now place the both of the AR fabric together right side facing each other. Dry it till it’s damp, then drape it back on your sofa. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,, and Just be sure that you measure accurately and leave enough room to tuck the slipcover around your cushions when you put it on. Maybe you need a new chair and you want to pick one up at the thrift store. So make a 2" fold inwards on either side of skirt at the center point of the ARFP to form a box pleat.

Anything and Everything interests me and i love to create in the process of learning. ... Then cut out the two pieces you’ll need to cover the front and go over the top and down the side of the arms. I would also love to have your vote for the Craft 101 contest. You can use the covers to change the colors in the design and to create a special mood in the home at different times of the year. I was quite happy how it turned out! This works well for couches or chairs – not so much sectionals unless you have a couple of bedspreads that match. Log in. Read my full privacy and disclosure here, To create the piping, I folded the fabric in half and then in half again. When some friends offered us a free couch, I hesitated before accepting it. (See that HERE.) Always buy more as you have to wash the fabric before you start to cut as some fabrics shrink. This was my first trial. This is such an easy project and one that you can complete in a day.

Turn inside out and check it out. This would be your sewing line. I normally cover my dining room chairs around the holidays; you know, for added décor, but have you thought about making actual slipcovers for them?

', For the life of me I couldn't figure out what the problem was. You’ll need about 35 yards of fabric to cover the sofa and you can use any fabric that you like. Then cut out the two pieces you’ll need to cover the front and go over the top and down the side of the arms. Change your machine foot to the zipper foot. Best tutorial I have seen, great job.

It is best to leave 4" for the pleats. Made a pair of slipcovers. While you do that make sure to pin and tack the Back Rest fabric too to the Back Panel. That’s what I love about DIY slipcovers.

If you have hemmed the seat fabric then tuck it into the seat firmly with the wrong side facing up.

We have to move to the next step.

First cut all the panels. Hi, Vanessa Beaty, Thank to share this idea, Perhaps this is the right way, for old furniture in a new style. We have collected 15 casual and cheap sofa cover ideas which will help you protect your furniture.

This DIY ruffled sofa slipcover is just as easy as any other to make and it has a wonderfully ruffled design. After all, it's your sofa! Note - I have fitted the backrest back in the wrong side on the sofa and just placed the arm rest fabric so that you know what I am about to tell you.

Congrats on the win Shazni , Portrait is cute :D, Yes, it's cute :-D and I have the same plan for it as it's predesor, Wow:) Awesome project! When we discuss couch covers we have to say a few words for the pros and cons.

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