dovetail jig comb

This platform is just a 1-1/2″ thick block, the same size as the router’s base, with 1/4″ X 1-3/4″ sides nailed on all around. Sturdy and easy to use Would buy their tools anytime. Setup is made effortless with easy-to-see alignment lines. However, this does not impact our recommendations. Using a jig and wood router together can really increase you efficiency versus using a clamp and cutting by hand. Ensuring you have the best dovetail jig in your workshop means you can make clean and flush cuts time after time. Here’s a tip from the furniture-repair world—when you’re knocking apart an unglued dovetail joint, stand the pieces on a towel, blanket or router mat. Brilliantly designed very easy to use. It is a quality little system for hobbyists and occasional users. If you are one of those people then using a dedicated dovetail jig can make that pain point turn into a pleasure. Remove the MDF and clamp two scrap boards in the left side of the jig. Half inch dovetails are standard, while quarter inch dovetails are typically used on thinner woods or smaller pieces. When you rout the joint, you sure don’t want any tearout. You could use a marking gauge, but if you don’t have one, this little jig will do the trick. This Silverline Dovetail Jig is guaranteed for a period of 30 days from date of purchase against a fault developing in either the materials or the workmanship during manufacture. Every dovetail jig has adjustable stops that set the distance between the first pin and the bottom edge of a workpiece. It comes supplied with a 1/2 dovetail bit with bearing. Make trial cuts and fine-tune the comb’s position on the left side until the dovetails are exactly the correct depth. When it comes to fashioning miniature dovetails, hidden dovetails, through dovetails, box joints, and other small ornamental joints, this is the perfect tool. The standard kit contains three templates. Just be aware that plastic and hot spinning bits really don't mix too well especially with a lot of use.

If one name is synonymous with dovetail jigs then it is Leigh. Knowing which type of join to use and when is pretty much a necessity if you are to take on harder projects where the aesthetics of the finished product play a vital role. You can make perfect dovetail joints with just the right jig. If you are a professional and need absolute precision combined with immense versatility the the Leigh Super range is what you need. If you only need to cut a plain ​or through dovetail every time then you really don'y need an expensive jig that has a lot of additional features. They are a stable in drawers and box joinery. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0"; If you’re making a drawer, you’d use one of the drawer parts, but you have to move it back and forth a number of times to measure the comb’s setback on both sides of the jig. It gives you the opportunity to do some real woodwork and make impressive dovetailed products such as drawers for example. To eliminate tearout inside a dovetail joint, make this your first step: Rout a shallow pass from right to left, all the way across the pin board. You can use all four corners of the backup board, then cut off its ends and keep on going. Accuracy on every cut really is paramount when you are making dovetails so an jig that is too light and develops alignments issues after a few months really is not worth the money.​. The classic Leigh Super 12 inch is a little pricier than others among these dovetail jig reviews however it is the highest grade jig that you can buy and has a reputation for being a near perfect jig for commercial and high end use. This article may contain affiliate links.

Features quick action eccentric clamps and 1/2" comb table.

For the more advanced user then you experience should be able to set up much quicker than a beginner.

Joints: half-blind, sliding, through, box joint, 4211 - half blind, rabbeted half-blind and sliding dovetail, 4215 - for small sized box joints, dovetails and half-blind dovetails, ​Joints: half-blind, through dovetails and box, Dovetails: classic, variable-spaced, acute, obtuse, compound-angle and curved, Includes straight bit and standard dovetail bit, Requires separate router guide kit(sold separately).

This type of dovetail jig features a simple toothed guide called a comb while the two sides of the comb have a different shape. For cutting both parts of a joint, simultaneously for perfect results. Very few professionals will cut out dovetails by hand as it can be quite laborious especially if you are doing a lot of them.​, Once set up correctly a jig and router can really eat through the work load far quicker than by hand and generally it is more accurate too.​. On this jig, you can clamp bumpers directly to the comb; for models without extra-long combs, clamp tall blocks to the workbench. It is a quality little system for hobbyists and occasional users. If you are on a tight budget the Woodstock D2796 and the ​General Tools 861 are both pretty competent jigs but lack the flexibility and the quality of the Porter Cable. For the beginner a jig that is simple to use and configure is the best bet. Copyright text 2020 by Woodworking Tool Guide. By: Ray w. 2020-06-25T00:00:00.

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