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Earth’s first album is a musical milestone and served as a blueprint for drone music. Again that background noise is important: you can hear swirling guitar arcs that almost form ghostly human voices (you'll swear!) This record sounds like black heat waves radiating off of black pavement. Obviously at the time I had narcotic interests. It's funny, because when I was working with Stuart [Hallerman of Avast! When heard on a macroscopic level, it appears to most as extremely minimal and lacking in variation. If so, why? This is an album best reserved for when you're tripping balls, working on homework, or just chilling, man. I had had no idea what to expect, though before this time I'd become fond of sunn O))) and most likely was expecting something similar. Have you ever heard a guitar act as the sole source of rhythm for a fifteen-minute song? The riffs are so slow they sound like tectonic plate movement - this sounds much like the best parts of a band like Sunn O))), about 8 years earlier, and leaving out all the uselessness of a band like Sunn O))) too. Earth 2: Special Low Frequency consists of three long sections that seamlessly flow into each other. Yeah, this was a really good review, you described this really well. We'd already done long songs.

Produced by Earth and Stuart Hallerman, it was released on February 5, 1993, on Sub Pop Records. If sobriety is your thing this music is highly meditative. Added on my 'to listen to' list. Album Rating: 3.5Listening to this album puts me iin a real good mood for some reason. Sub Pop clearly didn't mind this decision and Earth 2 ended up being a success.

"Seven Angels" could be a proper doom metal song with the addition of some sparse drumming and vocals, because there are actually enough notes being played to form a riff and there is even some palm-muted crunching to be heard. Then and only then can you appreciate and understand the beauty, complexity and power of drone. It's an added bonus that this was the album that started it all. This is dull, overlong, and musically barren. Is that bad? If you're prepared to stick with this recording, you'll find it gives up its secrets and treasures slowly.

[4] According to Sub Pop co-founder Bruce Pavitt he thought the album was one he was fond of and has since referred to it as "I do think that [Earth 2] is the most extreme recording ever put out by Sub Pop.". referencing Earth 2: Special Low Frequency Version, CD, Album, RE, RP, SPCD 185. Album Rating: 3.0Dopesmoker? It goes great with pot, of course, and I daresay it's the perfect aural representation of a high dose of xanax (or downer of choice.) In an interview with The Stranger, Carlson would talk about the recording process for Earth 2 and it's lasting impact: [On the idea of it being a concept record] That kind of came after we did it, when I was coming up with the cover. You honestly probably can't - seriously, if this were a bit faster and not so downtuned, then Earth would have created the first slam death metal song in 1993. It's truly baffling that the people responsible for its creation didn't realize halfway through that what they were working on wasn't worth even the minimal effort it took to make and decide to redirect their energy toward something else.

And maybe that instrument is doing something interesting? Listening to this late at night on earphones is best. This was Earth's first album and it's usually pointed to as their best. Album Rating: 4.5It's soo good with some good heavy bass headphones, relaxing in the dark. Carlson's intent at the time was that he had a few ideas for long songs and the definitive intent of filling up the entire CD length, which was only 73 minutes at the time. There are probably five or six riffs spread throughout the entire course of Earth 2, but none of them are really decent enough to justify recycling them to such a ridiculous extent. Not even buried drums. However, I've written over half of this review so far listening to some dope-ass nu-metal, and I'm pretty sure that if I wanted to, I could write about this album entirely from my relatively stale memory of it (keep in mind I usually listen to this album in the background instead of trying to actively focus on it) and my review would still be factually accurate, because I really can't stress how little actually goes on throughout this album's 73-minute length. I usually try to listen to the albums I'm reviewing while I'm writing about them, just to make sure that I haven't mistakenly claimed that "Hammer Smashed Face" has the best kazoo solo I've ever heard in metal or whatever. I'm honestly amazed that Earth constructed genius songs like "Geometry of Murder" and "Ouroboros Is Broken" and then decided that this was the most logical progression from that. Drums could benefit the atmosphere if used effectively in this music, but most of the time, we don't get any drums at all. It will be devoid of rhythm and any sense of time if it were not for a number of riffs that are not like anything you have heard before. This is the only track to feature any sort of percussion. It's long and dense. ). But this is not due to any failing of the music at hand. Earth could be considered one of the most important bands in musical history. The sound on this album is straight up drone, simply put. I love this album, But I like pretty much everthing Earth has out. For nothing to happen? [3], Ned Raggett of Allmusic gave the album a positive review, stating: "If Carlson and his bassist du jour, in this case Dave Harwell, weren't quite Sub Pop's answer to the ranges of UK guitar extremism from the likes of Godflesh, Main, and Skullflower, Earth still came pretty darn close to it, creating a record even the Melvins would find weird." Partway through the song the riffing comes to a stop and the song slows, through the same drone continues unabated, and when the riffing picks up again much later it is not immediately noticeable under the force of the drone. So I'm reviewing Earth 2 - Special Low Frequency Version or more simply known as Earth 2 by the band Earth.

Think of a riff...any riff. Get this at your own risk. Earth’s first album is a musical milestone and served as a blueprint for drone music. I wonder if this is the piece that inspired Earth fans Greg Anderson and Stephen O'Malley to form Sunn0))) as this sounds most like early Sunn0))) material and of course one of those guys had a project called "Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine". If you have superhuman lungs, you can hum a low A for 30 minutes and maybe occasionally shatter a glass plate on a tile floor, and in doing so you will have constructed a true-to-the-original cover of "Like Gold and Faceted". "Seven Angels" is the closest anything on the album comes to an actual song, with a surprisingly fast riff and even a "bridge" of sorts. I like that idea. That should give you an indication of what these colossal riffs sound like. Now imagine it being three times slower. We get a large range of death growls, screams, and operatic, soaring vocals. Extra-Capsular Extraction was a milestone in drone-doom, and all the ingredients of the genre were already there: slow, heavy riffing, extremely minimal song structures, and brain-numbing repetition on into eternity. Like Gold and Faceted is like a soundtrack to meditation and with focused listening the experience this track creates has a cleansing sensation to it, resulting in a truly amazing, enlightening thirty minutes.

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