egg in a basket v for vendetta

Preheat your frying pan on a low heat and add just enough oil to lightly cover the bottom of the pan.

omygoodness! //LinkWithinCodeEnd -->. Take a cutter that’s approximately 70mm across and cut a hole out of the middle of the bread. The people of Norway have been going through a nationwide shortage of butter due to heavy rains affecting milk production. If you've been wanting to recreate Portman's eggs in a basket, without the help of a masked anti-hero, then we're here to help. Whilst we never see V throw anything away like that, the recipe I made allows a similar preparation without the waste. As usual these days, this idea wasn’t entirely original, meaning that a bit of quick googling uncovered that the dish in question was called ‘egg in the basket’ (seeing the film in German and having a bad memory makes this kind of ‘research’ necessary) or – rather amusingly when having in mind the rather gross English dish by the same name – ‘Toad in the hole over in the U.S. Best thing is, though, that making it is delightfully simple. Twitter Finish cooking eggs as you prefer (over easy or over medium). I still make it every so often and it’s always a really delightful and delicious breakfast. My mum used to make them. While the future looked pretty grim in Natalie Portman thriller V For Vendetta, her terrorist-cooked breakfast looked absolutely delicious.


Eggs in a Hole.

Not too healthy but a great tasty, quirky breakfast alternative. It’s Black Friday week on WonderHowTo!

oh my god….i never thought i could find this wonderful place!!! -egg in a basket for lunch,