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Atlanta Electric Car Company This (you guessed it) Atlanta, GA-based EV conversion company is doing some mighty fine work. The range on these cars is about 100 miles, and you can recharge your vehicle using a standard household outlet. How do develop an electric scooter yourself? All Rights Reserved. We take beautiful cars and make them all-electric, creating clean, green classic vehicles with all the modern benefits of the 21st Century. Green Shed Conversions offers you a quality selection of electric car parts, DIY conversion kits, and one on one Tech Support for your Electric Vehicle or EV Conversion.

With that in mind, here are 15 companies that specialize in EV conversions and/or provide parts to brave souls who want to try an EV conversion on their own: Based in sunny Florida, Green Shed Conversions offers customers the choice of either full, partial, or assisted conversions. Electric vehicle revolution: How does automotive industry change?

Electric vehicle news, articles – growing list of blogs, The least read articles in GetElectricVehicle.com. If you can charge your phone, you can charge this car! Sometimes better than them.

We converted this Mini for the Univirsity of Birmingham.

Falcon Electric offers full service vehicle conversions, Allowing you to drop off your pride and joy and receive it back with a complete brand new electric drive train. The Northern Arizona based company provides services such as. EV4U also holds workshops for interested EV enthusiasts a few times a year where they teach students about conversions and other important topics. It claims to get people interested in classics that might previously have been put off by trying to maintain an old Internal Combustion engine (ICE). Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site. Other advantages of electric vehiclesattract customers to them. MME also sells the first DIY electric car that comes in a prefabricated kit ready to assemble. Free residents parking in many London boroughs.

We’ll carefully strip out what’s not needed and add an electric motor and battery pack. We can also look at integrating any modern technologies you might want. ... We recommend budgeting £25,000 or more for an appropriate conversion and other sympathetic upgrades. A classic 1993 Rover Mini converted with a Nissan Leaf motor and drive train. make them superior to gasoline vehicles. Curb your breakdown anxiety by going electric. Electro Automotive was established in 1979 in Felton, California and specialized in EV conversions. More Tesla electric vehicles have been sold in the U.S. since 2010 than any other combination of electric cars from a single automaker. Interested parties can also sign up for their monthly email newsletter for free.

1993 Rover Mini.

I recommend watching the video embedded here for a really neat overview of their company. Full, Partial,  or even ASSISTED Conversions. In addition to offering conversion services, they will also build EV replicas of various Mercedes and Porsche models from the ground up! Read: Electric vehicle revolution: How does the automotive industry change? Do you want to get a brand new electric vehicle? ‘Spritey’ was bought new by Ollie’s Great Grandfather and has been in the family ever since. The electric vehicle is an environmentally friendly vehicle with zero/fewer tailpipe emissions. Please contact us with your requirements and we shall be pleased to provide an estimate. This 1933 MG was the most recent of these projects. Super cool! What do our readers think about this list of excellent EV conversion companies? Other advantages of electric vehicles attract customers to them.

Electrogenic converts classic cars to 100% electric - with style and new technology. We supply only the best quality parts making your conversion reliable, usable and have outstanding performance at very competitive prices. Even though it was invented earlier, electric vehicles are not that popular. London Electric Cars - affordable electric cars.

* There is a 3.5% FEE for Credit Cards. Please comment below and share your opinions and stories. As of the date of this writing, they are capable of turning your Renault Twingo II, Fiat 500, Citroen C1, Peugeot 107, Toyota Aygo, or VW Polo into an EV. “Clean Classics adapted the under tray on my 1933 MG J2 to create more ventilation to keep the ENV preselector gearbox cooler. An EV conversion improves the acceleration and potential top speed of the classic car. This one is a special one.

NOT your DADDIES GOLF CART !! According to their website, “Atlanta Electric Car Company makes any car affordable and climate Do you want to get a brand new electric vehicle?

Check out their website and geek out over their interesting inventions. Even though it was invented earlier, electric vehicles are not that popular. These AC conversions include regenerative braking and give you the ability to travel at freeway speeds. We're excited to announce that we've been aw. From 1901 Olds to 1956 Ford F500's to your Favorite CLASSIC CAR, We are converting ONE MEMORY at a time. You supply the vehicle—they provide the conversion in 3 to 4 months. make them superior to gasoline vehicles. Next up in the workshop, this tiny sports car will make a fantastically fun electric conversion and it’s small, light weight design will work well to maximise range from its battery pack.

A classic 1993 Rover Mini converted with a Nissan Leaf motor and drive train. While I’m sure everyone who visits this site knows that you can buy a new or used EV, what you may not know is that you can also convert your current gas-guzzler into an EV. Conversions – full, partial, assisted, DIY. There are 1 billion cars in the world.

From full restorations to small modifications - we love to give these cars the love they deserve, electric or not. Convert your car to electric!

Electro Automotive was founded in 1979 and offers instructional books, DVDs and DIYev Located just south of the San Francisco Bay Area, Electro Automotive is one of the oldest electric car conversion companies in the nation. that you have before choosing a conversion company. How does COLD WEATHER affect ELECTRIC CAR performance?

Green Shed Conversions is one of the premier Electric Vehicle Conversion companies in the United States, with satisfied and gasoline-free happy customers all over the country. © 2020 London Electric Cars. DIY claims that their products can simply be bolted to existing engine mounts, making installation a breeze. According to their website, an experienced technician can “Convert almost any car or light truck, weighing 5,000 pounds or less, to a highway performance electric vehicle using our excellent kit!” They also have a really cool poster for sale that would look great in my garage….

By carefully positioning the batteries we are also able to optimise the weight balance of the car. Tell us about your classic, we'll estimate a price for converting and talk you through our process. Electric car conversion companies would help you out here.

Only one can claim that they literally “wrote the book” on EV conversion. When he's not busy blogging about the latest on electric technology he enjoys grilling, rock climbing, and taking naps in his hammock. Our blog, projects, short stories and more. A lot of companies convert gasoline vehicles to electric vehicles. The performance of the electric vehicle is comparable with IC engine vehicles.

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