ernie ball fretboard conditioner directions

2. lift by being levered off the body by raising the opposite pivot screw

Set the string height/action. However, many of our necks are not finished that way. Silhouette Double Neck: 6 string uses RPS-9 Slinkys (9-42) catalog #2239; 12 string uses EB Nickel Wound 12-String Light catalog #2233 d. Adjust the pivot screws to allow both back corners (nearest the intonation screws) of the bridge plate to rest on the body. Now is the perfect time to get the gear you want with simple, promotional financing. The middle pickup is set to 7/32". i.

No personal data is transmitted to Econda in the process. i. Try adjusting the internal trim pot to adjust the intensity of the tremolo circuit. Review from: solskip at 08/10/12 Remove review Edit review.

The purpose of this new nut design is to improve note accuracy all over the fretboard. 2.

6. If your guitar is equipped with a tremolo you may need to add tension to the tremolo springs by tightening the trem claw and/or adding an additional spring. b. 9. Almost there! iii. This is only a starting point; the final height will be determined by the action as measured off the 12th fret. If at any time the knob is released before the signal returns, the instrument will exit the function with no changes made to the output.

b. ... youll receive an activation key via email. You can not adjust the bias on later versions.

Re-tighten the thumbwheel screw to secure the string in the tuner post.

That's what we consider the best option - the magnetic pickups are routed to a dedicated electric guitar rig and the piezo output is routed to a dedicated acoustic rig or perhaps the pa. To do this, you can either use both outputs at once with mono cables or you can run a single stereo cable out of the "magnetic/stereo" output and use a stereo-to-mono splitter box. i. Tune up the inner 4 strings (A,D,G,B) until some amount of tension is placed on the trem system. There is no hard and fast rulebook when it comes to changing your strings.

It is also available strung as a baritone guitar, tuned from A-A. There are no authorized service centers.

If low, a thinner shim is needed. The same holds true for 5 string basses except the low B is set to 7/64". On an maple neck, some discoloration after many hours of playing is normal.

Raise or lower the bridge using the pivot screws until the plate is level and flush with the top of the body. The John Petrucci 7-string guitar (including BFR 7, JPX 7, JPXI 7, JP12 7, JP13 7, JP15 7 and Majesty 7) RPS-10 Slinkys (10-46) with an added .56 nickelwound for the low B string. It should be no more than the thickness of a thick business card. They can be bought separately in packs of 6 wipes, or as a combo pack containing 1 x Fretboard Conditioner wipe, 2 x Instrument Polish wipes, and 3 x String Cleaner wipes, for a total all round instrument care solution. An extra spring (up to five) can be added to the rear trem cavity if necessary. ii. a. Tighten the spring claw slightly and re-tune. The top of the strings should have the radius of the fretboard when you are looking at the strings in the playing position and by rotating the instrument while at the same time bringing strings into view one at a time.


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e. Adjust the trem claw to bring the G note back to the correct pitch. Your newsletter subscription was not successfull.

10-46, 11-48, and 10-52 will use three. The John Petrucci Baritone: 12(RPS)-16(RPS)-22p- 34-46-62 available in single strings only. Ernie Ball is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of strings and accessories and has been making high-quality electric guitar and bass strings since 1962. i. 3.

The dots are located where the fret wire would be on a normal fretted instrument. Leave the instrument in its case while it acclimates.

ii. It will likely be out of tune. Tension is only placed on the inner 4 strings as to not permanently nick the outer strings while adjusting the pivot screws. To verify which products/locations are available for free two-day standard ground shipping, enter your shipping zip code during checkout. The Compensated Nut has been engineered to improve your Music Man instrument's potential to play perfectly in tune up an down the fretboard. The Sterling is a sleeker, lighter bass than the StingRay. Not doing this will cause extra pressure on the nut, which can cause the nut to crack, particularly on the lower strings. a. If the block falls out or is easily removed, tighten the spring claw to provide sufficient tension to keep the block in place. When the signal returns, the LED on the battery box will pulse blue once for Mono or twice blue for Stereo. i. The 5-string basses use the same with an added 130.

Set the tremolo spring claw Some kind of description along with package could be useful.

Using the latest technologies and finest materials to continuously improve and enhance their products, Ernie Ball also offers a high-quality range of merchandise and accessories, such as the Wonder Wipes range of guitar care products. Readjust if necessary.

Having both spring and string tension will help keep the bridge from “jumping” on the pivot screws and closer to its natural resting place while performing the setup. There is a small retainer plate on the underside of the main bridge plate. Move the tremolo through it's range of motion and adjust the tuning with the fine tuners on the bridge. Questions?

c. Repeat step b on the treble side. The Free Two-Day Shipping icon will appear next to the items that typically arrive in two days.

Set the intonation.

We all like the way it looks on vintage instruments, but it does shrink, crack and scratch much worse than either polyester or polyurethane finishes. You should be able to slide a Post-It note between the plate (near the pivot screw) and body without it pinching.

If experiencing fret buzz across the entire neck, the bridge saddles need to be raised.

It's not a good idea to subject your instrument to extreme or sudden changes in temperature or humidity for many reasons.

Heavier gauges in standard tuning can use four or even five springs, but drop tuning will usually lessen the tension to only require three or four.

Remember, string height is ultimately determined by your preference and playing style.

You can find more information about international deliveries on our website. There is no special tuner, setup, or intonation required.

Factory string setting for standard tuning starts at the bass side 2/32" (1.59 mm) to 5/64" (1.98 mm) and the treble side is 3/64" (1.19 mm) to 2/32" (1.59 mm) measured from the 12th fret to the bottom of the strings. These wipes are super effective, thanks to the blend of orange, jojoba, and linseed oils.

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7. Set the bridge plate It can cause structural and cosmetic problems, so take every precaution to avoid it.


1. The data is stored anonymously at Econda.

Nettoyez, polissez ou affinez votre guitare ou votre basse avec ces produits exclusifs d'Ernie Ball. iii. Are you sure you really want to delete this review ? 5.

Stretch the strings. Place an object to block the bridge between the bridge plate and body.

If a string buzzes on an open string to the 5th fret and no higher, more relief is needed.

If there is more buzz from the 5th to the 12th fret, the neck needs to be straighter. An annual (or so) dose of tru oil and gunstockwax will help to keep the neck maintained; we use and recommend Birchwood-Casey Tru-oil, but any good quality gunstock oil will work.

An extra spring (up to five) can be added to the rear trem cavity if necessary. The design has been optimized for standard string gauges and tunings, but will be of benefit when used with alternate tunings, string gauges, and playing styles. The Ernie Ball Wonder Wipe Fretboard Conditioner 6-pack includes 6 individually wrapped Wonder Wipes for fretboard.

It will likely be out of tune.

If you need a guaranteed delivery date, you must select an expedited shipping method (either next-day air or two-day air) during checkout. It is even suitable for playing some chords.

Place a folded piece of cardboard between the bridge's string lock screws and body. When the G is back in tune, the bridge should be back to where it was originally set when blocked.

Adjust truss rod – This step is critical; all other adjustments will be affected to some extent when the amount of neck relief is altered. Set the tremolo spring claw


b. Tune any string to pitch using the 12th fret harmonic. Experiment a little to get the exact action you want. c. If the action is high, a thicker shim is needed in the neck pocket. a. Clean, polish or fine tune your guitar or bass with these exclusive products from Ernie Ball. This will help keep the bridge from “jumping” on the pivot screws and in its natural resting place while performing the setup. b. We use technologies, such as cookies, to customize content and advertising, to provide social media features and to analyze traffic to the site.

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