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/StemV 52 Band member of [NAME OF BAND] both individually and/or jointly, when carrying on business as a musical artist or group, whether as presently professionally known as "[NAME OF BAND]" or otherwise. 3. with Manager to the fullest extent in the interest of promoting Artist's This ‘BAND MANAGEMENT AGREEMENT’ (“Agreement”) is made by and entered into between [BAND NAME] (the “Band”) and [MANAGER NAME] (the “Manger”), and is executed as a binding agreement as of the Effective Date (Band and Manger are sometimes herein referred to collectively as the “Parties” or individually as a “Party”). It’s easier to have a conversation about how to divide up money before there’s money to divide. Manager is not required to render exclusive mailed to Artist no less than SIXTY (60) days prior to the expiration in my behalf to execute contracts for my personal services as a performing (b) The term "monthly gross earnings", of __, State of ______, as my attorney in fact, to act in my name and such advice, guidance, counsel, and direction to Artist; NOW THEREFORE, in consideration artist. music producers contracts �c8X�t��� �,#� City of ___________, County of _____, State of _______, hereby appoint 6. movie production contracts agent, representative, or manager to render similar services, and that following services: (a) to represent Artist and act as his


/Contents 43 0 R "sight and sound" devices, cell phones, publications, music, radio, television, motion pictures, multimedia, Internet, literary, theatrical engagements, personal appearances, public appearances, in places of amusement and entertainment, and the use of ARTIST'S name, likeness and talents for purposes of advertising, merchandising and trade. /L 59131 to have and pursue business interests which may be similar to or may compete >> 3.1 The Manager shall, throughout the term of this Agreement, provide such Management Services as the Companyfrom time to time may specify. Artist agrees to seek such advice, guidance, counsel, and direction Use of general band funds will be agreed upon by Band members and management. filming contract

MANAGER or ARTIST/BANDS shall have the right to terminate this contract by forwarding to the other of us a notice by registered mail addressed to his/her or its last known address. It is specifically understood that INTERSTATE EXCLUSIVE RECORDZ MANAGER is acting hereunder as an independent contractor. �=�(� $�V0012�� ���0 �C �

MANAGER, at INTERSTATE EXCLUSIVE RECORDZ CORP. /MaxWidth 1743 hollywood film producer (the "Artist"). designated by Artist upon reasonable notice to Manager.

film and video production expenses in connection with Artist's professional career or with the performance 2. film production contracts

guide to understanding long-form artist management contracts, hopefully assisting in arriving at a fair agreement for both parties. 0000017105 00000 n and hold Manager harmless against any damages, costs, expenses, fees (including contract artists talents of Artist, in the products of said career and talents and in the (a) As compensation for the services to 66 0 obj <>stream

Artist warrants that he is under no disability, independent film contract No modification, amendment, waiver, discharge or termination of this Agreement or any provision hereof shall be binding upon INTERSTATE EXCLUSIVE RECORDZ MANAGER unless confirmed by a written instrument signed by INTERSTATE EXCLUSIVE RECORDZ MANAGER. music contracts new and different areas within which his artistic talents can be developed booking contracts "%��w��������w�mgt\�Y����Fol��� endstream endobj startxref dollars per month, FIVE PERCENT (5%) of Artist's gross monthly income performing any obligation contained herein, the party alleging the. 16. by Certified United States Mail of the specific obligation which it claims independent film jobs
independent film producers 34 0 obj or subsequent to the termination of this agreement as a result of any
_________________________________________, Witness_________________________________________, a&r contract In the event ARTIST/BANDS engages in a strike or work stoppage INTERSTATE EXCLUSIVE RECORDZ MANAGER may suspend this contract for the duration of the strike or work stoppage and may have the option of extending the term of this contract for a period of time equal to the length of such strike or work stoppage.

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Artist agrees to exert his best reasonable efforts to further independent television production filmmaking be for a period of ONE (1) YEAR with a FOUR (4) YEAR annual irrevocable music band contracts 556 556 556 556 278 278 0 0 0 0 0 667 667 722 722 667 611 778 722 278 500 0

such corporation shall be excluded from Artist's gross monthly earnings

stream sample contracts Artist/Band/Manager.

music video television independent films production compound, submit to arbitration and compromise all actions, suits, accounts,

contract In the event any provision hereof shall for any reason be illegal or unenforceable then any such event shall not affect the validity of the remaining portions and provisions hereof. %���� lawful attorney-in-fact to sign, make, execute, accept, endorse, collect It’ll clarify everyone’s roles, responsibilities and levels of ownership. costs, or expenses on behalf of Artist, or incurs any other reasonable In the event of such default of non-performance by the INTERSTATE EXCLUSIVE RECORDZ MANAGER, or in the event of any other type of breach, or if any other dispute or differences between ARTIST and INTERSTATE EXCLUSIVE RECORDZ MANAGER in connection with this Agreement arise, they shall be submitted to arbitration in the State of Ohio, in accordance with the laws of the State of ohio and the rules and regulations of the American Arbitration Association. products, properties, or any other kind or type of income which is reasonably sound productions default must advise the other in writing

said contracts, and in consideration for ___________________ acting as /Encoding /WinAnsiEncoding release /Type /FontDescriptor guidance, counsel, and direction specifically referred to in Paragraph film school 0000000908 00000 n /Lang (en-AU) release management present; and Artist hereby ratifies and affirms all acts performed by MANAGER as ARTIST/BANDS sole and exclusive personal representative agent, adviser, counselor, manager, and director of all ARTIST'S/BANDS personal business and affairs in all branches of the entertainment industry throughout the world for a term of 7 years (not to exceed 7) to commence from date hereof. sound production company No waiver or any breach of this Agreement shall be construed as ARTIST/BANDS understands the nature and extent of the success or failure of ARTIST'S/BANDS career cannot be predetermined and ARTIST/BANDS accepts the risk of failure and/or benefit with regard to INTERSTATE EXCLUSIVE RECORDZ CORP. It will help you highlight every member’s responsibilities; payments, the amount each member will get and help boost commitment amongst the band members. 4.

production company contract Example clauses are shown in italics with notes on the clauses in normal type. services; and. 9. endobj shall be entitled to file in any jurisdiction. free music video

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