fountains of bern, switzerland

The armed standard bearer of the marksmen stands on an elaborately decorated pillar in front of Zytglogge (Clock Tower). The exhibition hall, for example, the Bernisches Historisches Museum, characterizes a captivating showcase of relics. Fountains Bern, Switzerland has over 100 wellsprings, and this is maybe the reason why it is now and then nicknamed as the “city of fountains.” The fountains are historic points of the intriguing history of Bern, and in addition they are an impression of the abundance of its individuals dating back to the sixteenth century. The statue was made by sculptor Nikolaus Sporrer from Konstanz and represents Moses in a long, golden-blue robe.

Millions of travel reviews on TripAdvisor, Live like a local, find unique places to stay, November, teens, kids, outdoors, relaxing, beaches, shopping, wildlife, popular & hidden gems, March, historic sites, museums, shopping, popular sights, January, historic sites, museums, shopping, popular sights, Child Eater Fountain (Kindlifresserbrunnen), The Best Fountains in Bern Mittelland District, The Best Specialty Shops in Canton of Bern, The Best Adrenaline & Extreme Tours in Canton of Bern. Apart from supplying water, it also had an important social role. It was designed by Bernese artist Meret Oppenheim (1913 - 1985) and The cool water flowing from their spouts is drinkable and free for everyone. Artist Hans Gieng’s figure was not suited for this kind of treatment, and its left underarm broke off. By the way: the figure standing on the fountain on Messenger Square is a replica from the 1950s. Today, the fountain is dedicated to Anna Seiler, who, in 1354, donated a hospital – which later became known as Inselspital – to the city of Bern. Apart from their decorative character and interesting history, Bern’s fountains obviously also have a functional aspect. It is therefore no wonder that in 1687, people started calling the fountain “Butcher’s Fountain”. In the past, the public would get safe and clean drinking water from the well chamber of the once three-storied building. What are the best places for fountains in Canton of Bern?

Furthermore out of sight, you can see groups of roofs and the snow-topped crests of the magnificent Alps.

It takes participants on a stroll through the alleys of the lower part of the Old City, where they visit a select number of important fountains and other water supply stations. All Rights Reserved. Both of these accessories are emblazoned with a golden lion on a red background. Near the historic Zytglogge (Clock Tower) and at the end of Kramgasse, a bear stands upright on a fountain, overlooking the street. After several relocations, Marksman Fountain has finally found its permanent spot. Bern’s heraldic animal is reminiscent of the founders of the city, the Zähringen people. By the way: rumour has it that this very fountain is where the parents of famous Swiss artist Ferdinand Hodler met.

Up to date music booming from radios and adverts posted are all over the place.

Upon entering the medieval roads of this part of the capital of Switzerland, you will acknowledge how nearly wedded Bern is to its removed past.

Mounts and lush locations surrounding it, make it an extremely enchanting picture of Bern that has experienced scarcely any change since its establishment in its over five hundred years’ history. These places are best for fountains in Canton of Bern: Which places provide the best fountains in Canton of Bern for kids and families? - Operated by Felix Travel LLC © 2020. What most of them have in common is the creator: eight of the eleven figures were made by sculptor Hans Gieng from Freiburg, who seems to have lived and worked in Bern in the 1540s. Save your favorites. As the legend goes, Bern got its name from an event in which Bern’s creator, Berchtold V von Zahringen, murdered a bear on the Aare headland, “bar” being the German word for “bear.” In any case, the Bear Pits, as its name infers, is a common natural surroundings for bears. The water came from the city’s underground stream, wells and probably cisterns.

Down by her feet are a pope, an emperor, a king and a sultan; the sovereigns’ closed eyes symbolising their reverence for justice.

A series of eleven 16th century fountains with colourful figures are Gerechtigkeit (Justice), Chindlifresser (Ogre), and Zahringen. #7 of 53 Sights & Landmarks in Bern. Today, many years and relocations later, the restored standard bearer stands elegantly atop the fountain on Town Hall Square.

Find information on fountains in Bern as well as 10 fountains in Switzerland, 170 fountains in Europe, 253 fountains in the World.

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