frozen keto waffles

Specifications . I coked them on the higher setting on my waffle iron. Coconut flour is much more dense & absorbent vs regular flour.

I generally spray the waffle maker for the very first waffle then the butter that comes out of each waffle as it is cooking is enough to ensure the next one doesn't stick. I'm going to make chocolate ones next time!

The next day I toasted the leftovers and made a BLT!

Did you try it? Home grown eggs from our chickens called Neville, Lay Lay, Coco, Peanutbutter and Strawberry Lollipop. I wanted to add Whey isolate protein powder to mine.

They were okay, but definitely not what I would consider a "waffle". The flavors are warm and spicy and so perfect for fall.


Thanks for helping me stay on Keto track. More like eating a full stick of butter in the shape of a waffle. I made the recipe and waited with great anticipation while my waffles cooked. Me too, sad huh?

Thanks for your hard work and sharing your recipe. These aren't anything close to the "best". THANKYOU!
A very healthy winner for the boy who eats like a sparrow The key apparently is in the amount of eggs. To be honest I'd never normally dream of having waffles for breakfast as pre-LCHF they would never fitted in to my low fat diet (that just made me fat) so to have them on the allowed list is immense.

Q&A. Last week I made Keto Pizza and he LIKED it. I'm new to Keto, and am going through the food list. There is 25 grams of protein and 2 carbs in 1 scoop. Will check out your other recipes. We use a recipe like this. Brilliant! I don’t understand why people just want to tear others down or how they could still possibly feel good about themselves afterwards. Made these tonight using heavy whipping cream in place of the milk, since it doesn't have any sugar in it, did not use any sweetener, and only used 1 stick of butter because that's what I had. (going thru an I hate eggs stage right now).

Oh my word ! Almond flour and coconut flour work in completely different ways. They were amazing and 2 filled me up!!!

I tried toasting after. These waffles are so good that I can't remain silent this time. One waffle without anything else quenches and sweet cravings. Looks like they just rounded up to 9 Tbsp. Keto waffles can be just as good or better than wheat flour ones. Take a look at how to cook chaffles. It was a fun experiment.

Your review only has me questioning your pastries at this point.

I love it when readers adapt my recipes and let me know their great tips. cant wait to try these. The batter made 3 1/4 -7 inch size Belgian waffles. Their keto pancakes come out to be only 2g net carbs and that’s because they use mostly low carb nut meals. Not when I greased the iron with real butter before each batch. Mine are really limp and one even tore apart getting out of the iron. Crispy? 2 I loved them, too. Awesome recipe, make it!!! Inlike practically everyone else, I thought these waffles were "meh" at best. I know I can use the coconut milk as a milk replacement, but any ideas for the butter replacement? OMG this is delicious. And sometimes I add cocoa powder too for fun. Can't wait to try these WITH the butter hahaha! Read this article which may help.

He might also like my Paleo pancakes. I'm eating them as we speak (oho, I had 2 servings). I used to use the "sugar free" creamer until I checked the ingredients list!!! You subtract sugar alcohols from the carb count. VIKING PERFORMANCE TANK.

I don’t know what I am doing wrong, but I’ve tried to post three times and it’s not showing up. We can say the truth without being crude and rude.Ex. Any kind works as is not the active You can always pot it on my Instagram page and tag me @ditchthecarbs or in my Low-Carb and Keto For Beginners Group.

Delicious ?

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