funny dangling participles

Thank you for this, Arlene. Yes – you got it. Put another way, a dangling participle is a modifier in search of a word to modify. Clear: During dinner, we found the contact lens on the carpet. He came to tour the school…, *Warning Signs That You Need A New Doctor** The patient before you was a goat. An oxymoron walked into a bar, and the silence was deafening. Thanks for this, Arlene! Don’t get hung up on the word modifier; it’s simply a word or phrase that describes another part of the sentence. Along with the wonderful jokes, I like the way you did the examples for limiting modifiers, with that descending diagonal arrangement. They are used in sentences as modifiers. 2. Most often, what’s noticeable with danglers is the lack of a logical subject. The inspiration for this blog post came from a juice box. (Unclear whether cost of living is a unit or of living with several women is a unit. A line from Shakespeare's famous play "Hamlet" reads: "Sleeping in mine orchard, a serpent stung me." Correct a misplaced modifier by placing the modifying phrase as close as possible to the subject it’s modifying. The family lawyer will read the will tomorrow at the residence of Mr. Hannon, who died June 19 to accommodate his relatives. Permalink: Mounted in a grand wood veneer cabinet, her grandchildren clamoured to come over and watch it. Coming out of the market, the bananas fell on the pavement. P.S. And yes I will need an editor to make sure I do not alow my modifier to dangle.:)…….. Your readers will be very confused – so don’t leave them dangling. "Driving like a maniac, Joe hit a deer." ~ Mrs. Shirley Baxter, who went deer hunting with her husband, is very proud that she was able to shoot a fine buck as well as her husband. Participles are modifiers just like adjectives, so they must have a noun to modify. ), Living the strenuous life of a playboy in Europe and America, his wife grew increasingly mentally unstable. This is my weekly installment of “writing about writing,” in which I scan the world to find websites, books and articles to help other writers. Shop with Amazon! 3.

How Does Concord Apply to English Grammar? A dangling modifier walks into a bar. You could correct the sentence by including the missing pronoun, which in this case would be "I," such as, "Sleeping in mine orchard, I was stung by the serpent.".

In general, correct limiting modifiers by placing them immediately before the word or phrase they modify. I want him to marry me only. Three intransitive verbs walk into a bar. Squinting modifiers (On the back cover of, With some of her new money she also bought a very early black and white television set.

Revised: When I was ten years old, my parents were divorced. But funny isn’t always a good thing. Arlene Prunkl is a freelance manuscript editor November 7, 2013, * Some examples have been modified from those found in The Little, Brown Handbook, 2nd Edition, by H. Ramsey Fowler (1983) and at Misplaced and Dangling Participles, Ans. Confusing: We found the contact lens during dinner on the carpet. When you’re trying to communicate a message, the focus should be on what you’ve said, not how you’ve said it. I’m glad you figured out the Disqus commenting system! Before discussing dangling modifiers, it's important to first understand what participles and participle phrases are. Que?

We have no idea. Help Your Participles Find Their Footing Casual readers may gloss over dangling participles, assuming that I’m the one wishing, not my run. Whew! Here's a handy, brief guide to help you out.

The teachers I had growing up weren’t much help in that they said to just put one where there was a pause. A modifier can’t modify more than one grammatical element at a time.

It was Julia who missed the exam, and who now needed an excuse. I was standing at the fridge one morning a few weeks ago, getting a drink of Sun-Rype juice—a well-known brand where I live—when I read the following on the side of the box: “Nestled in the heart of British Columbia, Canada lays a lush green valley of orchards renowned for sun-ripened fruit.”. Grace Fleming, M.Ed., is a senior academic advisor at Georgia Southern University, where she helps students improve their academic performance and develop good study skills. A dangling modifier occurs when the modifying word, phrase, or clause makes no logical sense with the subject it seems to be modifying, and moving it to another part of the sentence doesn’t help the clarity or logic. A revised sentence that eliminates the dangling modifier might read, "Running after the school bus, the girl felt her backpack bounce." (Lederer had a long career as a private-school English teacher.) You’ve heard these terms, no doubt often as the heart of a joke, and with good reason. Examples: Sometimes the results are hilarious when we do a global find-and-replace and discover the craziest words inadvertently inserted into the manuscript we’re working on. 5. Sign up or log in to Magoosh Professional Writing. He wore a straw hat on his head, which was obviously too small. To correct the problem and give the dangling modifier a noun to modify, the writer might revise the sentence as follows: Since dandelions can't see, the sentence now makes it clear that it is "I" who is looking around the yard at the sprouting sea of dandelions. A dangling participle is one that is left hanging out in the cold, with no noun to modify. Dangling participles can be unintentionally funny because they make for awkward sentences. Hunting can also be dangerous, as in the case of pygmies hunting elephants armed only with spears. It occurs when the word being modified is either left out of the sentence or isn't located near the modifier. A limiting modifier limits the meaning of another word in the sentence, usually the word immediately following it. So if you’re uncertain, first take a peek at our article What is a Participle? We are actually laughing at our authors’ malapropisms. Do you see how the meaning is different for most of these sentences? Examples: #funny dangling participles; #Humor; Easy to remember computers & technical jokes. Mrs. Shirley Baxter, who went deer hunting with her husband, is very proud that she was able to shoot a fine buck as well as her husband. A “dangling participle” has no noun in the sentence to which the participle would logically attach. and the owner of PenUltimate Editorial Services Feb 9, 2015 - Explore Blair Tucker's board "Misplaced modifiers", followed by 113 people on Pinterest. So all we need to do to fix this dangling participle is add in the subject (i.e., who is doing the action). Here are a few from the Internet and from my colleagues to …

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