ghost of kosmos ending choices

Pythogoras says so also Leonidas's memory shows the same as well. Assassin's Creed Odyssey: Walkthrough & Guide. There was a problem. Maybe because I haven’t played AC since 3? Anyway, it felt weird seeing Pythgoras saying the protag was an agent of Order when we were clearly working towards undermining the authority of a unified power. Major choices in the main quest will affect the outcome of this ending. I hated how fast Deimos gave in by using the Spear. She would be in her early 40's in the period the game takes place. You’ll discuss the death of your uncle by your own hand before you’re set loose again on your island home. Check Out What to Do After Beating the Game, Check Out How to Unlock the Cultist Ending, Check Out How to Unlock the Atlantis Ending, ▶Assassin's Creed Odyssey Official Website. Why couldn’t we have at least asked the protag more questions about the prophecy and/or their stance on it? Save Myrrine, and save Deimos from the Cult of Kosmos. Get revenge on the Cult of the Kosmos for what they have done to your family by finally taking down their organization. Jin then ends his life, and the credits roll. As for the Cult stuff there is all the mentions of Agamemnon being the first servant of Kosmos which would point to the group being 800 years by the time of Odyssey but from what I've heard about the novelization the Cult of Kosmos sprung from the Cult of Hermes created by Pythagoras and is only 100 or so years old. I know it would probably be a pain in the to properly order quest chains on that scale, but if Ubi somehow released NG+ with a patch just making the main questline(s) linear, I feel like the overall climax would have left a better taste on people's tongues. Let me chime in. This portion of the Ghost of Tsushima guide explains the ending choice and different endings you can get so you can pick the one that's right for you. Next playthrough, I’m just sparing Nikolaos and Stentor. To get the Atlantis Ending, players must complete the "The Gates of Atlantis" Quest and defeat the 4 mythical monsters guarding the artifacts. The ending doesn't feel like an ending. Watch the differences play out in the video below: No matter what you choose, you'll be able to keep playing the game after to get your platinum!

(Cult of Kosmos spoilers) | Forums. At this point, there isn’t even any point in having modern day being part of the narrative. For the first part, I had the opposite experience because I didn't choose exactly the right dialogue option at the prison. Please read and follow the instructions provided to complete this process. If I pay for a game or a story, it shouldn’t feel rushed towards the end especially when the game is about exploring the history. You’ll also get some final words with Yuna. If she was lying, then why was that the ending? I don't know what I expected but it was more than that. That is never explained. Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, So what did we really get out of this story? I mean, the prophesy was so vague that it was weird. Learn all about the 3 endings you can find in Assassin's Creed Odyssey in this guide! Despite the fact you spend most of Ghost of Tsushima preparing to take on Khotun Khan, killing the domineering invader is not where Jin’s adventure ends.

I wasn't much a fan of Layla's flawless fanfictiony portrayal in Origins and they just double down on it in this game. It's not just a late-minute attempt to feign remorse, as throughout the game she provides leads that are genuine and material to this effort, when she could have withheld them and instead sent the main character on a wild-goose chase or into a trap. This reminds me that there was a cutscene of the Cult telling Leonidis to not oppose the persians because Xerxes would bring order. I wonder if the DLCs will expand on the family dynamic more or if they will even take into account which ending you got. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer.

That means, naturally, that there will be major spoilers for the conclusion of Jin’s sword-slashing escapades from here, so make sure you’ve already finished the game before reading on. The first difference is your new armor dye: now you’ll be wearing the blood-red variant of your Ghost Armor, Vow of Vengeance. Complete the epic story of Alexios and Kassandra by unlocking the endings that can be found in the game! I understand your point but there is no excuse for abruptly ending the story.

Cookies help us deliver our Services. I haven’t played since AC3 so... we can use DNA not our own to sift through the memories using the Animus? Once you’re done poking around your new digs, Yuna will meet you to give you a rundown on your outstanding commitments to the supporting cast such as Lady Masako and Sensei Ishikawa, should you have them. and then does and that's it.

What do you all think about Aspasia being The Ghost of Kosmos? This would pass on to Aristotle who then is the teacher to Alexander the great, most likely an Isu human Hybrid like Kassandra/Alexios. I doubt The Ghost was the central figure in the game events 20 years ago.

I just feel like I spent too much time in a narrative that the developers rushed through when creating the endings. Cultists are dead and that’s it. My choices don't feel like they impacted anything because I basically let everyone live.

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