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I’m not surprised that flavor does not appear to have stuck around…, I love the green tea ones! (I freeze them first). Wow. I work for a Japanese company and many of our associates will bring these wonderful treats back home after a visit to Japan.. Maybe one day we can have just a small variety!! This weekend I tasted 15 different varieties of Japanese Kit Kats, and I am forever changed by the experience. You will find some unique flavors here, like these 10 very Japanese flavors that represent different regions of Japan.

I’ll admit, I’ve never been particularly excited by Kit Kats (give me a Reese’s or a Snickers or Mr. Goodbar any day!) Now I am living in Japan for about 2-3 years and I try to get all the holiday boxes with 30-50 flavors in them and share them with family and friends. I love edamame as much as the next mildly hip guy, but this piece of candy doesn't quite capture the taste of an immature pod of soybeans. LOL.

I don't know what kind of chili the Japanese are using, but the burn is absolutely exquisite. The melon is my favorite! In that expensive box I found joy, pain, love, innocence, freedom and not a little fear—a lifetime of emotions in 15 pieces of candy. Sakura Sake – White chocolate with a hint of sake and subtle floral undertones. Apple – I’m not sure I’d have chosen Apple as the flavor to go along with dark chocolate (instead of the white chocolate-base that all the other flavors used). Bulk candy stores. The tart berry does a good job of offsetting the sweetness of the white chocolate. Surprisingly good, I liked this one a lot! , Tokyo Day Trips, Japanese Food You be the judge! I'm just as shocked as you guys are. It turns out there are over 400 different varieties. As it turns out, you can get a good number of these flavors on Amazon, including Sake, Wasabi, Apple, Beni-Imo, and Strawberry as well as some flavor assortments.

, Life in Japan, Sweets However, after asking around I discovered a convenience shop called Key Point, located in the shopping center outside of security in Terminal 1 (United terminal) that sells single boxes, and there I picked up the Uji Matcha, Melon, Sakura Sake, Sakura Matcha, and Strawberry. I do not count myself among their numbers. Here's an excerpt from the notes I took while eating. Ever had a lemon cooler cookie, the kind with the powdered sugar? Stateside introductions like Pumpkin Pie Kit Kat and Mint Dark Chocolate are roundly welcomed by the candy's fans. (More about us...), ©2007-2020 All Rights Reserved.

I totally agree!! The dark chocolate base does an admirably job of holding back the chemical taste, but in the end it falls to the pungent power. It is no joke. What was your favorite? The world has taken interest in the popular candy, creating their own flavors that we unfortunately don’t have in North America. Kit Kats are a common gift item in Japan, and there are many souvenir candy shops in train stations and tourist areas that sell gift-ready boxes. On the side, I write all kinds of things: novels in Italian, live reports on the Japanese rock and Visual Kei scene, and articles about other fun stuff you can see and do in Japan. You can taste smoke and heat—not burning pepper heat, just general warmth.

, Life in Japan, Cheap There is one in the GInza that has a cafe attached. Opening the first window in this treasure trove was a special moment for me, the realization of a dream that's probably not as life-long as I made it out to be in the opening paragraph, but still pretty lengthy. Such wonders, my friends—such wonders. "Too sweet. Will have to see if I can track one down here. Whenever we go to Japan, we stock up on Kit Kat bars with unusual flavors. Others (I’m looking at you, Strawberry Cheesecake) were actually kind of gross. The hint comes and then is lost, leaving you hungry for more. Click here to browse!

Kit Kat is popular the world over for their crispy layers wrapped in creamy chocolate. This is one of them. I’m wondering how much natural vs. artificial flavor is used here. It tasted like apple, for sure, crisp and fruity, and wasn’t as overly sweet as the white-chocolate flavors, but I didn’t love the combination.

They are about $7/bag and contain 12 of the double mini sized packs. It's a pleasant piece of candy with a muffled strawberry taste. doesn’t sound that special and tastes meh plain, but it totally transforms once you bake it! Then you feel a slight tickle. At first the taste is like any American strawberry/white chocolate mixture, overwhelmingly sweet and cloying. Hojicha is definitely just as good tho. It's a tantalizing dance that the Jelly Belly people failed to grasp in creating the Juicy Pear jelly bean—the pear flavor in those is so abrupt and concentrated it's almost vulgar. It tastes like I put out a cigarette on my tongue and then ate a proper American chocolate Kit Kat. You taste the heat.

I would not drink it. We only ask for your name and e-mail so we can verify you are human and if requested notify you of a reply. ~^,,^~. We’re back! Most recently, the sakura-matcha combo seems to have taken over the sakura-only version.

Oddly, this was the only single-stick variety, all the others came as doubled-up minis. There are so many unique Kit Kat flavors in Japan that we couldn't possibly list them all, so don't forget to share with us your favorite in the comments! Souvenir candy shops. I think the color is just ruining it for me. And so my adventure comes to a close, and one of five items on my 2013 must-eat list is marked off. I just came back from Japan last week and unfortunately only found 8 different flavors, however 5 more than the past few times I’ve been to Japan. Green tea and raspberry were close seconds. My team at work likes the strawberry flavor as I brought an entire assortment for them at work to try. It's quite disconcerting. She even named it in a blind taste test. If you're far from Okinawa and Kyushu where this flavor is sold, you can buy it on Amazon here. Good luck! US Kit Kats are made by Hershey and everywhere else they are made by nestle. I know, it’s crazy! In my desperation I turned to the import specialists at JBox, where they offered a special gift pack of regional Japanese Kit Kat flavors for $68 plus shipping.
That doesn't sound good. It tasted slightly better, very sweet white chocolate with a hint of strawberry filling. It’s fun and delicious! With its subtle yet unmistakable taste of nihonshu, the proper Japanese word for what we call sake in the Western world, this specialty is a nationwide favorite. There may be affiliate links in this post. In Canada, we have an Asian supermarket chain called T&T that carries several types – they had five kinds this month (the roasted tea, mandarin orange, custard (the toaster oven one), ocean salt, and sakura mochi), and they’ve had the sake and melon ones and some of the “premium ones” in the past (especially around major holidays). Ugh. The taste isn't overwhelming, just a perfect little bite of cinnamon cookie, comforting and delicious. This is such a great list with reviews and it’s making me think twice on getting sweet potatoe now. I picked up a box of the Baked Butter Cookie Kit Kats in a store in Odawara station, a snack for our train ride to Kyoto. The other Kit Kats talk behind this one's back. The Hojicha Roasted Tea Kit Kat does not merely taste like a dark tea—it tastes roasted. we did a taste comparison.
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