glossier boy brow review

But, the formula works, it's easy to use, and it and truly makes having brows you love as easy as a few swipes of the wand. The images are airy; the faces are diverse.

Makes your brows look thicker and keeps them in place. Since Glossier offers four shade options—clear, blonde, brown, and black—you'd think making a selection would be pretty straightforward. Around age 13, I took a razor to my face and tried to trim my eyebrows, only to give myself a big gaping cut. I definitely enjoy this product.

Whether I'm dressing up for a party or just going out for casual drinks, Boy Brow has become the one makeup product I … , Glossier's Boy Brow Made Me Love My Eyebrows Again, Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Ann-Marie Alcántara, 25 Gifts For Anyone Who Always Finds Space in Their Beauty Bags For More Makeup, 8 Feel-Good Beauty Gifts to Buy For Young Black Girls, Cyber Monday Is Almost Here, and These 99 Finds Are the Best Beauty Steals of 2020, Amazon Has Got You Covered With the 48 Best Black Friday Beauty Deals of 2020, Bath & Body Works Has a 5-Day Black Friday Sale, and It Starts Today, Welp, I'll Be Buying This New Barbie Styling Doll Specifically For the Glitter Comb.

Eventually, I did learn about eyebrow threading and ritually go once a month to tame my eyebrows and keep the baby hairs away. But the absolute best part? It doesn't stick to what's not a hair, so all I have to do is get my monthly threading and use Boy Brow, and I have the perfect natural brows. Boy Brow keeps my brows in shape and adds filler without making them look overly done or sculpted. While this product worked well for me, I do think it would be helpful to have a more extensive color range for those whose brows aren't blonde, brown, or black. Wearing: Brow Flick in Black & Boy Brow in Black "Rarely do I wear makeup; most days I roll out of bed and decide to dedicate my morning routine to my curly hair. One other factor that makes it a no brainer for me is the fact that the wax is fragrance-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free, and hypoallergenic.

Check out her review (plus eight other Glossier products we love) here. I obviously bought into the hype since I purchased this product ... but my overall impression is that this product is very meh. However, what I do know for sure is that my brows look fuller in seconds, every time. Boy Brow comes in a small white tube with a short fluffy spoolie. The little wand is really cute and perfect size for my brows, but sometimes grabs onto too much product so it looks like I have paint in my eyebrows. It's just something to be aware of and adjust as needed, similar to how you would with mascara wands. I kept seeing ads for Glossier and noticed the internet's growing obsession with the company's products (and its pink bubble bags).

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All of them were independently selected by our editors. One thing to keep in mind, though, its that it's oil-based.

184 Shares It only took about 25 years, but I …

My skin is very reactive, and anything can send it into a whitehead spiral. I was all into the glossier hype but this is seriously a let down. Since my skin is so far from the perfect palette featured constantly in its ad campaigns, thanks to my hyperpigmentation, I've tended to admire the brand from afar. The one thing is I wish it were a bit of a stronger hold, but the plus is that it doesn’t feel hard or sticky.

Sadly, I never get there as most of the dupes I've tried make my brows too dark—or so stiff that if I make a mistake, I'm stuck with whatever awkward position I've shaped them into accidentally.

Makes your brows look thicker and keeps them in place. But I still didn't really love them. (To be clear, she never hated on my eyebrows either — she constantly celebrated them.)

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