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beard serum, Today, Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning (STP) is a familiar strategic approach in Modern Marketing. User-generated content (UGC) allows Glossier to benefit from free advertising, no longer just selling to customers, but selling through customers. Weiss said toward the end of the post, “That’s why we didn’t dream up some huge campaign, with a massive set build and an anonymous face of the fragrance.”. This personalized the buyer’s journey because users now found value in purchasing the products and associating with the brand. Enter your email address and we will send you a PDF of our Experiential Marketing Tactics Checklist. Glossier is a brand that is built on customer feedback and it’s no surprise that they use this functionality of Twitter for building an effective relationship with the consumer. Glossier has also often shirked the traditional influencer marketing model that so many brands rely on, instead choosing to engage with their devoted fans and followers.

We make intuitive, uncomplicated products designed to live with you. Since Glossier’s products are so “Instagrammable,” customers are likely to post pictures of the products just because they want to. BUSM 4302 Strategic Marketing in Digital Economy, Assignment 1 – Individual written report on use of traditional and digital marketing tools used by Glossier, Disruptive, innovative, and inclusive beauty brand Glossier, has taken a cluttered beauty industry by storm.

When Glossier was on the launch pad, Into The Gloss had an established presence on social media platforms. Performance: With the core promise and a strong positioning in place, Glossier has being able to deliver on its promised value. Marketing Strategy: Analysis and Strategic Development (STP) Strategic Objectives: Outline your goals in terms of profitability, market share, etc Glossier has been successful in marketing the idea that beauty and makeup are everyday things and hence should be affordable to everyone and easy to use. On average Glossier replied to a tweet in 5.5 hours, with 35% of the user tweets being responded to in 1 – 6 hours. potential channels, achieving a diverse but harmonious strategy that really “Our customer is on Instagram, and it’s how and where she’s crafting her online persona, so we had to be there,” Weiss said in an interview with Entrepreneur, “We used Instagram to launch Glossier, and that’s really where the brand is taking shape.”. Sked is for everyone - but some of our features are designed for particular industries. Chicago: we're coming to town this summer! Using Parent, Planger and Dhal’s (2011) 6C model of social media engagement, it acheives consumer engagement on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube by: A brand-driven website and social media channels have helped Glossier generate awareness about the brand, drive purchase behaviour, and through interactive communications, engage with its community and customers. (Figure 2). Figure 1 Glossier use of digital marketing to align with its customers objectives, Figure 3 Glossier using a fan’s e-mail to announce products availability (Glossier’s Instagram account), Figure 4 Use of Instagram thinking to inspire product design and names (Glossier website), Figure 5 Glossier ad for its product ‘Cloud Paint’ inspired by Instagram’s tags (Glossier’s Instagram channel), Figure 6 Glossier stores are known to be “Insta-worthy” ( Glossier responded to 5.8% of the comments generated by the 832 posts they published i.e 48 conversations in the time period. Kit 1 - cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen.

In order for brands to remain relevant with digital natives like millennials and Gen Z-ers, they need to produce consistent, high quality content for their digital platforms. … We analyzed the comment word cloud of the most engaging post with 2.6K comments and we find that Glossier’s brand messaging aligns with their consumers. Segmentation: How will you segment your market? Now we know how Glossier does their social, let’s look at the numbers behind how well they are doing. But, with Instagram being their core focus, they also leverage other Instagram accounts for a strong social media presence. Do you have a 2:1 degree or higher?

Here are six key things the brand gets right that help them to stand out on a crowded platform in a competitive industry. It is not just important to tend to customer queries on dedicated channels, but use your social media as a two-way conversation space than just as a promotional tool. For example, when the brand realized that their followers never included a cleanser in their “my top shelfies” posts where they shared a peek at their bathroom cabinets, Glossier made the assumption that there was a hole in the market they could fill. Based on above analysis and evidences, it can be concluded that Glossier has inspired a cult-like following because of its emphasis on digital marketing. Glossier has famously used simple engagement metrics such as likes and comments to choose the packaging and design of their products! The reviews and Instagram posts creates a cycle of advocacy and expands the fan-base. Glossier speaks to their target audience unlike most other beauty brands out there through humanized content. Since launching online in 2014, Glossier has attracted a legion of hardcore fans with its straight-talking approach to beauty that shuns “stale retail” in favour of complete customer centricity. With roots in a beauty blog, Glossier started as an exclusively online brand. campaigns with great success alongside their already impressive digital Sked Social’s Hashtag Manager makes it easy to save your favorite hashtags into groups and quickly post them with your content.

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