gore canyon rafting

The back to back Class IV moves gives this rapid a Class V rating. The last drop, Kirshbaum Rapid, is too long to reasonably portage. River flows in Colorado are somewhat complicated but Gore Canyon generally has reliable water from mid-July to mid-October.

Colorado Rafting River Guide Buena Vista, CO 81211, rapids[email protected] Length: 9.3 miles Gradient: 40 fpm (101  fpm from top of Applesauce to bottom of Kirshbaum) Difficulty: Class V Season: Summer and Fall Rec. I kept hearing about how much fun it is and how it's the hardest and most advanced whitewater in Colorado. We offer private boater shuttles on many sections of the Arkansas River in Colorado and the Upper Salt River in Arizona. Information regarding this section on this website is strictly informational. She was brilliant. Elevation: 7342′ to 6948′ The most difficult rapids are Gore Rapid and Tunnel Falls. Featuring powerful rapids, continuous technical maneuvering, big drops and waterfalls, Gore Canyon demands full attention from even the most experienced boater. Mile 4.3: Applesauce (IV) is generally considered the most dangerous rapid on the run due to some nasty rocks on the left. Sections Included: Gore Canyon Level: 800 – 1300 cfs near Kremmling Put-in: Parking lot on Blue River just before Colorado River confluence Take-out: Pumphouse Recreation Site. She was brilliant. Gore Canyon is the quintessential Colorado Class V run due its tough rapids and reliable summer flows. River Manager: U.S Bureau of Land Management – Kremmling Field Office.

Located in Kremmling, Colorado Enjoy huge whitewater hits, difficult maneuvers, and thundering drops. Below Pyrite Falls there are a lot of fun Class IV rapids before Tunnel Falls. Mile 3.9: Gear-Up-Rock has a small beach on the left that most groups stop at to put on dry tops an dry suits. sold. Both can be portaged with a reasonable amount of effort allowing solid Class IV paddlers to run this section with good guidnce.

Average Gradient: 43.7′ per mile, Confluence of Blue/Colorado to Pumphouse Recreation Site: 9 miles COLORADO RIVER GORE CANYON RAFTING. Mile 4: Whitewater Warm-Up (III) is a nice series of rapids that make a good warm up before Applesauce. I cannot wait to come back! It was the most I’ve seen my sister laugh in a long time! Mile 5: Gore Rapid (V) is a legendary rapid that should be scouted from the railroad tracks on the right. Please contact the river manager (above) for information on shuttles. Also loved how funny all the guides were. Private Boater Info, Shuttle Forms & Used Boating Equipment. Difficulty: Class IV-V (What does this mean?) This section is not for the inexperienced. There are quite a few nearly river-wide ledge holes so it really helps to have someone who knows the run well to know where they are and where to go. Wilderness Aware Rafting Thank you so much for this amazing experience. Mile 6.7: Kirshbaum (IV+) is a long rapid that can be scouted from the right.

She was skilled and knowledgeable and explained each set of rapids so we knew what to expect.

See the white water action for yourself. River flows in Colorado are somewhat complicated but Gore Canyon generally has reliable water from mid-July to mid-October. If you’re hoping to take on some seriously advanced whitewater this year, Gore Canyon … I spent several days researching various rafting options and after speaking w/your team was sold. This is location of the Gore Canyon Whitewater Park. Mile 6.55: Toilet Bowl (IV) is a nasty river wide hydraulic much like a low head dam. f rapids so we knew what to expect. seen my sister laugh in a long time!

Mile 0.2: The Blue River joins the Colorado River and a3.7 miles downstream warm-up follows. 12600 US Highway 24/285 Lydia filled us with confidence. Thanks! Grand Canyon Dories. Check out our detailed information about the rivers you can raft across Colorado. The most difficult rapids are Gore Rapid and Tunnel Falls. Enjoy a full-day of Gore Canyon rafting with an awesome riverside lunch at the end! It can easily be scouted from the left. Each move is Class IV but since it is so long most people give it a Class IV+ or V rating. Online contact form.

Mile 5.2: Pyrite Falls (IV) follows soon after Scissors. So last week, I posted… We offer trips just downstream on the milder Little Gore Canyon section. This expert trip has an abundance of some of the most challenging commercially rafted whitewater in the world. Raft surfing at the Gore Canyon Whitewater Park. After I said "No," the response back was always, "You need to," or "you should." There are many possible lines to consider. Mile 5.1: Scissors (IV) has a big hole in the middle that should be avoided. On many of my rafting adventures this year, I was asked by a lot of raft guides, "Have you done Gore Canyon?"

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