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"The strawberry & lime gin is vegan friendly and does not contain any animal ingredients, and no animal products are used for processing aid. Kopparberg partners blueberries with the citrusy zing of lime.

£39.39. Det finns inga spår kvar av animaliska ingredienser i den färdiga produkten. ", Company email (June 2016):

Sweetness of fresh pear delivers bags of fruity flavour, Kopparberg's premium and classic Pear Cider is a revitalising drink, best enjoyed outside with friends Built back in 1882, the Kopparberg Bryggeri remains independent and is home to our uniquely refreshing fruit cider.

£50.59. Description. Kopparberg Pear Cider (15 x 330ml Cans) 1 offer from £48.39. ", Company Email: Free online calorie counter and diet plan. This classic pear cider got the sweetness of fresh pear and is best served over mountains of ice in a large glass. Combining fresh strawberries with the subtle taste of lime, Kopparberg Strawberry & Lime Cider packs in maximum fruit refreshment and a revitalising taste – the perfect drink for a summer BBQ.

", Company email (May 2019) The original Kopparberg hero. The two leading imports from Sweden however have added a whole new element to the cider boom, their highly coloured and flavoured versions featuring strawberry-lime, blackberry, peach and mango flavours the latest craze, according to Dan Murphy’s merchandise manager Campbell Stott. Packed with plenty of fruity notes, Kopparberg Blueberry & Lime Alcohol-Free marries sweet blueberry flavour with the delicious touch of lime with zero compromise on taste. Kopparbergs Cider Rosé does not contain any animal ingredients but contains gelatin as a process aid. “That’s what consumers expect, but with such weak labelling rules we just don’t know what is in those products.’’. No.

Packed with plenty of fruity notes, Kopparberg Blueberry & Lime marries sweet blueberry flavour with the delicious touch of lime. Like many larger-scale commercial cider brands, Kopparberg’s filtration process involves using several animal by-products, including gelatin, isinglass, crab shells and collagen. Gelatine is used in the filtration process, albeit there is none left in the final product. All times AEDT (GMT +11).

It does not contain any animal products and we don’t use any animal products in the process.

Sweetness of fresh pear, delivers bags of fruity flavour.

Many big brand ciders, both Australian and international, label their products as “made from local and imported ingredients” which many insiders say are concentrates, sugar-based syrups, flavourings and colours. "In cider manufacture, gelatin is used as a process aid, but there are no traces of animal ingredients left in the finished product. The original Kopparberg hero. ", Company Email: Kopparberg’s premium and classic Pear Alcohol-Free cider is a revitalising drink, best enjoyed outside with friends. Authentically made for an authentic taste.

whilst you're in a Wetherspoons, ask in the event that they have a bottle of the Weston's or Thatcher's perry (they have had the two) or attempt the Westons classic cider from the draught polypin (All are obtainable in my 4 nearest w/spoons) It tastes of apples. ", Company email (April 2017)

Kopparberg UK.

The Kopparberg Perry bears approximately as lots relation to genuine perry as Watneys pink barrel did to genuine ale. The big issue with this sector of the cider category is whether or not they should be called cider or not. Every single Kopparberg is born in the town of Kopparberg before making its way to you. ", From their Australian website (, retrieved March 2017) re: Kopparberg Cider:

Naked Apple is brilliantly thirst-quenching and full of fresh green apple flavour, Kopparberg’s classic serve of cider is the ideal choice for drinks with friends. Kopparberg Pear.

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