hand hammered carbon steel wok

Every time I use the wok I pause to admire it. x, A few members from my online cooking group Wok Wednesdays posted that they bought a Mr. Cen wok from Markus. I’m brand new to wok cooking, striking up an interest due to a remodel / new range that has high-powered open burners and actually has an optional wok ring. I immediately contacted my friend Jennifer Thomas who I had sent to meet Mr. Cen a few years ago.
I am especially pleased with my initial attempts at using it, excellent “non-sticky-ness”, and the ability to get a decent browning of the noodles – without exactly frying them. What is the difference about these that create the “patina” on one of his woks, fresh off being seasoned? I agree with the recommendation to season with flax seed oil. I’ve been using the Wok Shop 14” flat bottom USA pow wok for a couple of weeks. I understood that I was witness to the crafting of a dying art form, one kept alive by two men who had learned their craft from their deceased father who started the business 70 years before. I’m not sure if he’s finished his huge order, but I was able to buy a wok from him for 150 rmb. I liked it so much that I ordered a second one for myself. 12 Reviews. Please keep me posted on any other wok news. It has a round bottom, bamboo handle, and a metal helper. Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. The craftsmanship is beautiful and it was much lighter than I expected. These are also available on E-bay for a bit more. Thank you for sharing this with us. After receiving the item, contact seller within. Easy clean up and cooking, Joe Hill I stopped by this afternoon and found Mr. Tao hammering away on his hand-made woks! I wasn’t certain about the hammered effect and it looks awesome and type of quality that you can serve out of. I would love to hear from you! I did let the shop know and they didn’t seem concerned stating that’s how they are made. Mike, Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. It reported that as of May 2016, Mr. Cen and his brother are still in the neighborhood making woks, but because of the city redevelopment plans, they expect a neighborhood relocation as early as June. Thank you so much for your recipes and inspiration. This hand hammered wok … He’s still there! Mr. Cen’s patina is like a cast-iron pan—there’s never any flaking. This item will be shipped through the Global Shipping Program and includes international tracking. Thank you Grace. The Wok Shop is a delight with which to do business. Let me know if you have any questions. His technique for hand-pounding a wok is radically different from the Cen brothers. Xinyi Iron Wok Shop, 214 Baoyuan Lu, near Baotong Lu, 130 4664 7226. See the seller's listing for full details. I cook much more Asian style foods, better for your health. I’ve owned my 14″ wok since around 1976….roughly 44 years. He works Monday-Friday in the afternoon, near the intersection of Tianhong Lu and Zhoujiazui Lu. (verified owner) – August 8, 2017. Any international shipping and import charges are paid in part to Pitney Bowes Inc. International shipping and import charges paid to Pitney Bowes Inc. International shipping paid to Pitney Bowes Inc. Any international shipping is paid in part to Pitney Bowes Inc. A brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging (where packaging is. Eastman Outdoors Gourmet 22-inch Wok Kit : great for camping or using outside; comes with spoon, spatula, propane burner with gas regulator, and adjustable legs: 7. If someone is looking to make “indo-china” style noodles like they used to make in India 15-20 year’s back this is the wok! The ones he removed were already rusted. My own Mr. Cen Cantonese-style wok, which is now 16-years old is a black beauty after years of stir-frying. alansaldanha The traditional round bottomed wok works best with a gas stove or an open fire. Grace, I have been studying your “Stir frying To The Sky’s edge” and ‘Breath Of A Wok” to get all the tips and tricks down in anticipation of the wok’s arrival (cleared customs today). The crisp stalks sparkled against the wok’s ebony finish. Katie, I hope Mr Cen will still be in business! This dedicated Wok burner is where I am going to deploy the Cen Woks.

Indeed it is a wok of art. Mr. Cen’s Cantonese-style hand-hammered carbon-steel woks: my 16 year-old well used wok (left); new wok (right). We found only a few old people staying put in the middle of the demolition.”.

The Wok Shop's 14" Carbon Steel Hand-Hammered Pow Wok Set, 6 pcs $ 55.00. But many woks in China are still crafted by the traditional hand-hammered method. It’s such a pleasure to cook with the wok. So I picked up an inexpensive machined wok and seasoned it, and decided to try one of Mr. Cen’s woks ordered through Williams Sonoma. May have to buy a ws just in case. Tina, Apologies for the delay in replying. Thank you Jennifer for your kind praise and for making it possible for so many Wok Wednesdays members to have a Mr. Cen wok. warren perry I did not do in the oven, but did it with an outdoor stove – after cleaning it using the recommended instructions. The end of this CNN article gives you Mr. Cen’s address: http://travel.cnn.com/shanghai/shop/shanghais-wok-man-citys-dying-art-521912/ This carbon steel wok comes from the brand Wok Shop and is one of the best carbon steel woks available. He has relocated his “workshop” to the grass median next to a huge construction site. Two years later I traveled with Alan Richardson, my collaborator for “The Breath of a Wok,” to Shanghai just to photograph Mr. Cen. Nice tribute to Mr. Cen. Craft Wok Heavy Hand Hammered Carbon Steel Pow Wok with Wooden and Steel Helper Handle : conducts heat well; textured to prevent food from pooling in bottom: 6. I would have bought the 16″ had it been available, but mine gets the job done. After putting it in the oven for an hour to season it, the wooden handle did wiggle slightly due to the metal expanding, but it is now back as tight as it was when I received it. Required fields are marked *. Young usually prefers a 14-inch, flat-bottomed carbon-steel wok with two wooden handles. To cook with them is truly a privilege. So glad that I had a chance to see the artistry and make a purchase. There are numerous recipes for how to season a wok.
My expectation of the Wok Shop was higher than the expectations they have of themselves. I too store my Mr. Cen wok out in the open, in the center of my dining room table – it makes me smile each time I pass by. A carbon cooking pan is one of the essential kitchenware for every home. It is Mr Tao (as posted above) that lives at this address. I am planning a trip east next summer – I hope the shop is still around by then. I hold the hope that Mr. Cen will relocate his business. I love the look, I love the slickness of the surface vs the machined, seasoned wok, but I’d like to understand why they are clearly so different. Metal handles.

I bought the 14 inch flat bottom pow-wow and am very happy with it. Grace, For additional information, see the Global Shipping Program. My Mr. Cen woks are actively used for stir-frying, but my Mr. Cen woks are not stored in a cupboard. When we arrived, I got out of the car and followed the driver down a residential street, hearing a distinct pounding sound, loud and piercing. I use it a lot more often than I thought I would. A machine produced wok is generally spun into its wok shape with no heating involved.

A few months ago I received an email from a Mr. Burgess who had found a photo of me in The New York Times holding one of Mr. Cen’s woks. The best Chinese wok weight is 4.8, and its dimension is 22.5x14x6 inches. Mr. Cen is still in business. My husband said it looked like it was made by a child in shop class. You’re lucky your friend took care of you. There we were, my parents and I, in modern Shanghai, yet it was as though we had completely stepped back in time. Great wok! The only hand-hammered wok made in Shanghai that I know of is Mr. Tao’s. Im in the UK by the way. (The way around this problem is to cook in very small batches and assemble all the batches at the end, too tedious). Betty Fussell the food historian wrote, “the wok symbolizes a craft, an art, a container of communal harmony and balance.” Mr. Cen’s woks are all that and more… Last night in honor of Mr. Cen, I stir-fried spring asparagus.

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