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The Monticello tornado family was responsible for 18 deaths across Illinois and Indiana, several injuries, and an enormous amount of damage in excess of $100 million (1974 dollars). Proceeding to the northeast, it passed between Ligonier and Topeka. The reclassification of the tornado still documents the Monticello Tornado as having a 109 mile path length with a path width of up to a half mile, retaining the title as the longest track tornado during the Super Outbreak of 1974. Meteorology definition is - a science that deals with the atmosphere and its phenomena and especially with weather and weather forecasting. Submit a Report The twister narrowly missed Chalmers and soon after, took a direct hit on Monticello, passing through the heart of the city. The tornado slammed directly into the school from across an open field. Fall Frost Climatology The Heat Index is a measure of how hot it really feels when relative humidity is factored in with the actual air temperature. All NOAA. The tornado passed across Dewart and Wawasee Lakes toppling countless numbers of trees. Northern Indiana7506 E 850 NSyracuse, IN 46567574-834-1104Comments? At 10 a.m. Thursday, two Ouibachi representatives climbed in a state police car and covered about 80 miles in five hours. Sorry, the location you searched for was not found. April 3, 1974 will always be remembered as the date of the worst tornado outbreak during the 20th century. It notes that the figures for Monticello road and for Fulton avenue north of the Eric Lackawanna railroad are low because of the difficulty in determining just where houses and other buildings had been located before the twister struck. 25, four on Lucas street and five in Wayne township), 56 houses damaged, 40 barns destroyed, eight barns damaged, two churches destroyed, 31 mobile homes destroyed or damaged, 25 other structures destroyed, three other structures damaged. In Fulton County other than in Rochester and Talma – 69 houses destroyed (31 north of Ind. The Roosevelt Junior High School, located to the north and west of the Twin Lakes School sustained less damage than the other two Monticello schools. Probabilistic Snowfall Two other significant tornadoes that affected what is now the Northern Indiana forecast area were the Angola and Hillsdale tornadoes. Tornado Climatology, Local Information On Thursday morning, April 4 – less than 23 hours after the tornado hit Fulton county – Mayor Wayne Hittle was being deluged by requests for information about the extent of the damage. Damage pictures from the tornado can be found here. So they missed the best window of prevention due to this cover-up. Please Contact Us. This unusually long production time was due to the cold weather conditions, the remoteness of the locations and director Alejandro G. Iñárritu's and cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki's aesthetic plan to shoot only with natural light for maximum realism. The next significant damage occurred in the towns of Rochester and Talma, where the western portion of Rochester received extensive damage with Talma being almost completely destroyed. However, further analysis and research by Dr. Ted Fujita indicated that this was not the case and the Monticello tornado was officially reclassified as two separate tornadoes. Questions? Satellite, Climate Learn a new word every day. Another weaker F1 tornado, which touched down just southwest of Plato, quickly dissipated 8 miles to the northeast near Mongo, thus ending the wrath of the Monticello tornado family.

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