hcl/dcl lab lab report

Finding r is trivial once the moment ofinertia is known HCl DCl R = 1.2699 E -10 meters R = 1.2580 E -10 meters 20. Using these spectrums, the moment of inertia of HCL was obtained which lead to obtaining the internuclear separation. Minh Van CHEM 162L Lab Report Vibration-Rotation Spectrum of HCl and DCl Abstract This experiment was to determine the vibrational-rotational energy states and to interpret the equilibrium vibrations of HCl and DCl. The is 26.80 cm-1 for DCl compared to 52.12 cm-1 for HCl representing that DCl needed a smaller vibrational anharmonicity correction term. FTIR spectroscopy was used to analyze rotational-vibrational transitions in gas-state HCl and DCl and their isotopomers (due to 35 Cl and 37 Cl) to determine molecular characteristics. 5 . Energy transitions from the spectra were plotted vs. frequency, from which several physical constants were determined.

5 (green) was placed in flask F – Initial reaction used less than 2 grams PCl. The v e was found to be 2144.18 cm -1 .

From the analysis, the inner-nuclear separation (bond length) of each of the molecule will be found. What we cannot tell just by looking at the lines is which energy levels are involved in the transition that leads to each line. O is not pure both HCl and DCl are formed • Approx. In this lab, you will obtain the spectra of HCl and DCl. 21.

O was added to flask F with the I.R. 2g of PCl.
) was equal to 10.56 ± -0.02 cm-1for HCl and 5.46 ± 0.03 cm1for DCl and is the main factor in describing rotational aspects of the molecule. Vibrational and Rotational Transitions of Diatomic Molecules  Heatcapacity expression and vibronic terms for HCl and DCl give constant volume heat capacities at different temperatures. You will use the information in the spectra to calculate bond lengths, examine isotopic effects, and compare results obtained using the rigid-rotor model with experimental results. It was expected that r e would be the same for both HCl and DCl which was found to be true with r e of 1.30 Å for DCl compared to 1.31 Å HCl which has a 0.2% difference. When we record a spectrum, all we end up with is a set of lines whose frequencies and intensities we know. In this experiment, infrared spectroscopy was utilized to observe the rotational and vibrational spectrum of linear molecules, HCL and DCL. The spring force constant (k) was equal to 479.968 ± 2.8*10-7-kg/s2for HCl and 490.21 ± 1.6*106kg/s for DCl and is vital … In this lab you will analyze the high-resolution FTIR spectra of HCl, DCl, and CO 2. 15 minutes • 1.0 ml D. 2 . which did not produce sufficient amounts of HCl/DCl gas • The system was evacuated for approx.

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