how is a fretboard made

Here is a good illustration of exactly what we are talking about: Here is a close up shot of the top part of the image above: The idea behind  fretboard radius is to have the fretboard more consistently match the natural curvature of a human hand.

them all in as far as they would go, I wouldn't have to level them later.

What we end up with is low action, but the guitar still just does not seem quite right. The strings run over the fingerboard, between the nut and bridge. The edge of the fretboard needs to feel Our fingers are not perfectly straight. Rosewood (more so Indian Rosewood) is the most common fretboard material and in terms of color is darker than maple but not as dark as ebony. That is, if the nut is at 45 cm, I start by determining the "scale length" of my ukulele. I then lined up the fretboard and pressed it onto the nails. So start by multiplying the 0.94387 times itself.

Position markers are also sometimes repeated on the edge of the fingerboard for easy viewing. When shopping around for a new guitar or having your guitar custom-built a luthier, the most commonly overlooked feature in the buying process is the type of material used in the creation of a guitar. By pushing the saw up against it, I was able

Here is a quick check to make sure that the radius set at the bridge is consistent with the fretboard radius: With the guitar tuned up to pitch, measure the height of each string from the bottom of the string to the top of the fretboard at the twelfth fret. Now enter the scale length on your calculator and push "=". However, that is also one of the main disadvantages. Relaxing the truss rod allows the pull of the strings to increase the dip, and vice versa. The "scooped out" nature of scalloped fingerboards creates a number of changes in the way the guitar plays. Stainless steel guitar frets may never need dressing, because of the density of the material.

I figured if I squished the frets in by about 30 degrees. I had a strip of wood on either side of the fretboard that I was cutting, and I cut each slot Most five function

In 2008 Ibanez made available their E-Gen model, a Herman Li signature, which includes four scalloped frets (21st to 24th). the frets is easy as long as you measure everything from the bridge, not the nut. Glue is a lubricant, and when gluing two flat surfaces together, it often It is a thin, long strip of material, usually wood, that is laminated to the front of the neck of an instrument. Other Materials. into my maple push block, and the push block itself left some marks on the fretboard.

I use a calculator with the "constant calculation" feature. The saw isn't any

With all the discussions about what fretboard radius does for the playability of a guitar we thought it would be a good idea to include a setup tip that will benefit all players.

A quick check to see how it will look on the ukulele.

Position markers are sometimes made luminescent (through using paint, or illuminated with light emitting diodes) to make them more visible on stage.

A single guitar is made of different types of woods. The idea is to provide a more curved board at lower frets where many players tend to chord more and a flatter board at the higher frets for easier lead work. On some instruments, notes can be sounded by the fretting hand alone, such as with hammer ons, an electric guitar technique. I think the slot from the dozuki may have been on the narrow side, so the frets If The strings are all in one plane, and the instrument does not have a radius (the radius is in a sense infinite). But by working

Fretless bowed-string fingerboards are usually scooped lengthwise in a smooth curve, so that if a straight edge is held next to the board parallel to a string, some daylight shows between them, towards the centre of the board. I should have used a harder piece of exotic wood to squish the frets in with.

Many bridges will allow you to adjust the individual height of the strings in order to more precisely set this radius.

I clamped this block onto my fretboard. into the neck and cut them off to stick out about 1.5 mm from the surface. the frets so that slight damage on the edge gets cut off. I may have overdone the squeezing. position. To play the instrument, a musician presses strings down to the fingerboard to change the vibrating length, changing the pitch.

Many players, especially new players, may find a scalloped fingerboard too different to play easily, especially if the strings are light for the player or the player tends to press too hard. As well, frets do not dampen string vibrations as much as fingers alone on an unfretted fingerboard. I gave all the frets one more working over in the vise.

across the fretboard to press the rest of it in. All Rights Reserved. The problem with a perfectly flat board is that it would not be very comfortable, as it would not conform very well to the curvature of most players fretting fingers. Most fingerboards can be fully described by these parameters: Depending on values of radius r and their transition over the length of the fingerboard, all fingerboards usually fit into one of the following four categories: Classical guitars, some 12-string guitars, banjos, dobros, pedal steel, and a few steel stringed acoustic guitars have flat fingerboards.

Depending on the instrument and the style of music, the musician may pluck, strum or bow one or more strings with the hand that is not fretting the notes. Unfretted fingerboards allow a musician more control over subtle changes in pitch than fretted boards, but are generally considered harder to master. If you just try to push it in straight, it usually tips over left or right Simple dot or block markers survive the procedure well. If you really think about it, it would be a great deal easier to manufacture fretboards that are perfectly flat rather than with a precise subtle curve to them, and as we will explain a bit later, it would actually make a functionally better fretboard.

The idea behind fretboard radius is to have the fretboard more consistently match the natural curvature of a human hand. I used a benchtop planer to get it just right.

This is why during the manufacturing process much care is taken in order to sand a fretboard to a certain radius as well as press the frets in order to have them adhere to this radius.

The fret arches are sufficiently high that the exterior strings can be fretted without making the finger making contact with the interior strings.

Conical and compound radius fingerboards try to merge both these features. fret is the twelfth root of one half as much.

I also hand-sanded the edges to help round the ends of the frets and the edge

kerf from that saw was wide enough. I cut that slot with a 3/4" router bit on my router table.

the fret wire in like this, I didn't end up with any kinks, so I think this method

Frets let the player stop the string consistently in the same place, which enables the musician to play notes with the correct intonation. On some guitars a maple neck and fingerboard are made from one piece of wood. This is called stoppingthe strings. A straightedge positioned on the neck in the "lie" of one of the strings should show nearly level frets.

The scale length is the

the next fret position. I put some pieces of UHMW tape on the jaws of my pliers to keep them from marking It's more of a mushroom shaped

Most obvious, is that the fingertip only contacts the string, not the fingerboard itself, creating less friction for bends and vibratos, which results in more overall control while playing.

It took some experimentation to find a reliable method of getting those frets in. Many vintage. In fret dressing, a luthier levels and polishes the frets, and crowns (carefully rounds and shapes) the ends and edges. Fingerboards may also be unfretted, as they usually are on bowed instruments, where damping by the finger is of little consequence because of the sustained stimulation of the strings by the bow. but before I install it, I want to install the frets.

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