how much electricity can magnets generate

While energy needs to initialize the brief beginning of a perpetual motion machine, something simple, such as a hand crank could be the catalyst in a device that produces enough energy to sustain itself and provide additional power. The concept of a perpetual magnetic motor has been around for a long time, but as yet this source of energy has not been viable. This post does not have any comments.

>A�M��d ��$����� '�v�]qLA����c! magnet? The size of the wire coil (the number of windings) will also determine how much power is generated on each pass of the magnet. The big controversy is whether or not there is such a thing as a perpetual energy magnetic motor (generator).

lightbulb lit for about 160 milliseconds.

��Y�z�U8�]�U�/ T���J}����>�,v�u�}� j�>�_!�#�*ؑO�_[��$�kN�ؠ‚��M�&�����Q�1ڂ�תkK���j=�������W*z*7�r���D�N׷��3�uB?���Z�� �As\Pkt�� With an electromagnetic field induction motor, a rotating magnetic field is developed around the stator which rotates at synchronous (occurring at the same time) speed. However, an AA alkaline battery stores about 15,400 Joules of energy, about 1000 times as much as that bar magnet., The area of a triangle is This is enough energy to keep a 100W (100 Joules per second)

Electricity is produced if magnetic flux changes through a closed conducting loop. Then there is a LED bulb which has reduced power consumption and durability.

The energy stored then is 651,541 J/m 3 * 0.00002458 m 3 = 16.02 Joules. In order to obtain Joules per cubic meter, we have to do some conversions. Depending on the kind of magnet used, a rotating electric generator can have magnets placed in different locations and can generate electricity in different ways. Len started in the audio visual industry in 1975 and has contributed articles to several publications. Is a perpetual magnetic generator impossible?

Initially, permanent magnet generators produce electricity by attaching a hand crank or turbine which initiates its movement.

you get Joule. What is the output voltage?

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Solar energy, concentrated by mirrors and lenses, creates superheated gases.

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However, over time, the magnets can lose their magnetism, so they will have to be replaced at some point to continue to generate electricity. You should confirm all statements with the manufacturer to verify the correctness of the statements. 1 cubic centimeter of NdFeB = 7.5 g The model works using the same principle. What if you walked out of your house and entered the car of the future, which looked like a donut? much. The stronger the magnet, the more power is generated with each shake. Machines that produce work and energy without the input of energy go against the law of conservation of energy. MHD is the most efficient solar electric technology today.

As the energy in magnets lasts for many years, the wheel is able to rotate and keep on spinning without the need to ever stop, thus the motion of the spinning wheel creates power for many years. Sun Xtender® Deep Cycle AGM Batteries for renewable energy storage are manufactured in the USA by Concorde Battery Corporation and are built to the same demanding standards crucial to supporting the aircraft industry.

The important thing is that there is motion within the magnetic field, and that the magnetic lines of force are cut. Break it up into rectangles and triangles and sum the areas.

hard to demagnetize.

I own a small apartment so you can imagine how much electricity I use.

So, 125.66 GOe is equal to 1 Joule per cubic meter. He also writes opinion editorials for a local newspaper. ;��9 �%t=�&t�4���q,i����c)V��uuG����0̵mg(���"�{�YvA��-�4��)b>P�t��]P(f�:�� �``.�=�&G�� This rotating magnetic field passes through the air gap and cuts the rotor conductors which were stationary. Let's compare this to other items. The principle is simple enough. Energy of various materials, we get: A NdFeB magnet can pack a whopping 0.0000869 MJ/kg. much energy as it stores, since some energy is wasted as heat. The problem with your idea is that the flux of the magnet that goes through the coil will be tiny and the generated voltage will be essentially zero.

Thus, a permanent magnet becomes itself a source of a magnetic field which can interact with other magnetizable materials or with electric currents.

That is 13.2 times as much energy as the Alnico magnet! It is running purely on the magnet arrangement. The question then becomes, how much is actually stored within a permanent

Due to the relative speed between the stationary rotor conductors and the rotating magnetic field, an electromagnetic field is induced in the rotor conductors. How does a magnet help a generator convert mechanical energy into electrical energy? Recently I've become interested in the possibility of using magnets to generate electricity, a "magnet motor" if you will. It does not matter if the magnet is moved or if the coils of wire are moved. … //-->. are in kilogauss (kG). Get the Power. Magnets produce such magnetic fields and can be used in various configurations to generate electricity. Get your answers by asking now.

magnetic field can create an electrical current. The question is “Can a perpetual motion machine be created using a similar process?”  A perpetual motion machine in a closed system breaks the first law of thermodynamics. Jason "[View Testimonial Proof] Tillo Suzcim France "I have …

As the rotor conductors are short circuited, current starts flowing through it. i = current, Amps. Maybe, but there have been several patents issued on this theory and as the cost of energy keeps rising, more scientists will be searching for ways to make a working practical perpetual magnetic generator. I am an Engineering student in Greece and there are no jobs.I was thinking ,should I move to a European country to have a job and come back? Pictured here, MHD generates electricity directly from a body of very hot moving ionized gas without any mechanical moving parts. ��~ 2��i�y�)�A.���cB"��D� ��F1׉u���S� ƃHE�z�r��q�ݍ �֜�n�.e��V��u�/��_����7^�K���բ75SޑD����� @5 There are basically five parts to this system. Maybe, but there have been several patents issued on this theory and as the cost of energy keeps rising, more scientists will be searching for ways to make a working practical perpetual magnetic generator.

Here's Why. What you have just discovered in this experiment is that electricity can be generated by moving a wire through a magnetic field. When an electrical wire cuts across magnetic lines of force, a current is produced in the wire. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. `��"QO����dQ�!�E�,���m�P���v�������]�\��,�l�u�i�;.�"הb�K�ҭg����3�a�D�%��`I�b0e��:�i����=�e�5?�S���K(�}�̳�&-�/�1����;�U�=�\\_���&. N is the number of turns in the coil.

The capacitor stores the power that you generate while shaking the flashlight. A generator works very much the same as you saw in the experiment. The mechanical energy moves the wire into the magnetic field of the magnet so that the wire cuts through the magnetic lines of force. Endurance and optimal float life are achieved through plates thicker than the industry standard. S�v�

How much would it likely cost to fix a 3 storey apartment building after it was hit by a runaway truck?

(demagnetizing quadrant).

need to convert m3 to kg for this material.

And as these current carrying rotor conductors are placed in the magnetic field produced by the stator, they experience a mechanical force, which moves the rotor in the same direction as that of the rotating magnetic field. However, over time, the magnets can lose their magnetism, so they will have to be replaced at some point to continue to generate electricity. In a permanent magnet motor, the rotor contains a permanent magnet rather than an electromagnet. magnet's magnetic field? However, an AA alkaline battery stores about 15,400 Joules of %PDF-1.6 %���� �{�Y˹�T��UY� �N�_�*3��`3u����B���v�m�1��p�.I�Q����f�ݏ=�(�Z�k�n There are evidence of a lot of different attempts on the internet as well as a number of actual patents for these motors.

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