how to explain god to a 3 year old

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We strive to provide you with a high quality community experience. My 5 year old has recently asked me the same question. There is no need to explain what a God is to a three year old. I explained to him that God lives in heaven and that he watches over us. I wanted to share some information on why I personally chose not to get the TDAP vaccine while pregnant.

Does anyone have any advice on how they have addressed this at a toddler level?

Just explain to your son as best as you can, without getting too adult like about it . Are you sure you want to delete your discussion? The educational health content on What To Expect is reviewed by our medical review board and team of experts to be up-to-date and in line with the latest evidence-based medical information and accepted health guidelines, including the medically reviewed What to Expect books by Heidi Murkoff.

We practice prayer in our home so I feel like it's a bit easier.

The papa of everyone and we're all his children.

Maybe you could find a nice children's Bible to read together; my little guy is only 22mo and has 3 different ones. I will definitely be doing this ! I want to say first that I really do love my MIL to pieces and she’s a lovely lady that does seem to understand boundaries slightly better than some I’ve read about.That being said, I live three doors down from the in-laws. Create an account or log in to participate. Describe God as a person, but not a real-life, flesh-and-blood person. My immediate response was to say that God watches over us and heaven. But I feel like God is being forgotten in our every day lives so I really want to make the effort to go every week so she grows up with an understanding of it all. Hope that helps good luck mama :).

In our family we believe in God but don't attend services. It's cute, and it helps him cope with family members and pets that we've had, that have passed.

Let them know that God is everywhere.

My son even at 3 isn't really buying into the whole god thing I can see his skepticism when explaining it to him. I’m feeling like I’m stuck and contemplating leaving my boyfriend. I'm not comparing god and santa but I thought this might help explain believing in things you can see in the absence of having it explained in a weekly church service. Obviously, he didn't understand but I actually learned some things :-). She knows about Jesus and that Christmas is his birthday and that he died so that we could all live.

© 2020 Everyday Health, Inc. Tell the child that Jesus is God's son, and that God sent him to Earth to teach everyone how to follow God's laws and be good people. I'm not religious so I don't have great advice but I did see something today on facebook called "the Santa explanation" or something similar where a mom was explaining to a young child that basically you believe in things that you don't see like hope, and kindness, and god.

I told my 3yo that God created everything we see.

Then talk about the creation of the world.

I'm not very religious, but I do believe there is a higher being.

Basically, I want to move because we live 10 minutes away from ILs and I cannot live with his moms controlling & manipulative behavior anymore. She asked a lot about how and why Jesus died and that was an interesting conversation to have with her but she grasps the overall concept. We do celebrate the large holidays but haven't addressed the meaning of these holidays with our eldest (almost 3 year old). Thank you!

We touch our face parts and name them, we attach a name to foods, we give names to all we see and touch.
I would tell your little one that God is like papa but bigger and stronger and watches over all of us. Use of this site is subject to our terms of use and privacy policy.

He wanted to know more but I wasn't sure how to explain God. I actually read them all to him well before he was mobile since he didn't have a choice but to sit and listen. His classmate had told him about God and Jesus. I really need some advice. This action cannot be undone. I try to explain a little and hope it works but yeah I liked what another person said about we feel things like love and kindness we can feel God and know He's real like the wind we feel it but we can't see it. He does know about Heaven as our dog passed away earlier this year. 2 Tell the child. This is a difficult topic to discuss especially to a 3 year old. We … So now, he brings them up once in a while. Tell the 3 year old that Jesus was a friendly man who came to be our savior because he loves all people, even her. Thank you, I like the explanation of believing in love hope and kindness. They are just developing language and it focusing first on naming objects that are touchable.
Good luck and I think it's sweet he wants to know more.

He gave us our earth that we live on, the sun and the moon, plants and animals and the people. He does know about Heaven as our dog passed away earlier this year. We bought a house and had a baby in August so we haven't been in a while. He did these things because he loves us and even though we can't see him he watches over us every day and all of our family and friends in heaven. Are you sure you want to delete your comment? Thanks! These are my own personal reasons, and you'll have to do your own research about this. I love this!! Today he asked me who God is. Let the children draw their view of their family and of God on a piece of paper. We also pray to him and ask for guidance.

However, you could purchase a Bible with pictures highlighting the specific topic you want to discuss. We do celebrate the large holidays but haven't addressed the meaning of these holidays with our eldest (almost 3 year old). Let me see if I can find it and link it for you,, He is a link. How to explain God to a 3 year old? This educational content is not medical or diagnostic advice. I don't want to offend anybody. After that my kids understand that we return to him in heaven after we die. Lol. You could give him the Bible version of-He is your father in heaven and everyone is brothers and sisters. Also, have you considered speaking with a local pastor or Sunday school teacher who works with toddlers?

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