how to make a homemade generator with a alternator

Finally, I will talk about the tail or the turbine advisor. If you build something like this generator, you must build it at your own risk! On one of our recent trips across the interweb we happened upon an article that discussed how to make your own windmill using a GM one-wire alternator.

Im not sure what the alternator is from but if you want i could Pm you the manufacturing info on the alternator. No matter how fast it is rotated, the output will never go above that value. This 12v system can still run a refrigerator or stove simply by using a step up transformer commonly known as a power inverter or you can use the 12v system to power a 12v motor to turn an entirely independent generator system with a higher voltage output if you can source that free rather than spend several hundred dollars on inverters. With all of the uncertainty in today’s world many people are trying to become more self sufficient. Chevy Hardcore NEWSLETTER - SIGN UP FREE!

The price is unpredictable. This machine was used as a generator producing 3000-volt, 133-hertz, single-phase AC, and an identical machine 3 miles away was used as an AC motor, ST 13HP Alternator 10KW 50hz 1500rpm 220v AC. We did find a few useful tips and designs at Automotive alternators can supposedly be reconfigured to generate 110v. The alternator also has a pin at the bottem that says "Bat" so im guessing that goes to the negative terminal of the battery. Although Lenz's law was broken by many engineers, also, some experts have proven that Lenz's law is inaccurate. New deep cycle batteries aren’t cheap but if you can afford them you will have better results, just like if you use two large inverters. Combining 2 or 3 modified alternators - in a circular pattern with the blade shaft in the middle - will provide much more power. Oh!

The basic structure of   Battery Generator includes Batteries and inverters. What's the alternator from ?

The AC generator head is direct coupled to the Tecumseh 8 HP motor, and has a belt driven 12 volt alternator mounted to our Horizontal generator bracket which is attached to the motor. This will allow the generator to work for several hours without running the engine. 2 years ago However, according to electrical researchers, electrical gurus, there is no causal relationship between the rotation (kinetic energy) and the electric current. By chance, until it was once hit by a storm, but not directly, because what happened was that a roof of corrugated iron came loose and was reaching the guiding the generator, which was badly damaged, having been forced to make their replacement. - Yes! It is therefore evident that this effort is taken from the engine to the rotation of the alternator causes increase fuel consumption, which will be greater the greater is also the consumption of electrical energy, especially at night. Don't receive 300+ days of direct sunlight per year? Unless you ALREADY have the alternator, engine, battery bank, inverter and the materials, skills and tools it would be better to purchase a used generator. This Tip o'da Week is intended for educational purposes only. We did a little searching around the information superhighway to ferret out the truth behind wind-powered generators made with Delco alternators. Bearing that was in the tower hole bottom, allows the joint to rotate easily when it is driven by the wind hitting the advisor. I was wondering if some one could please tell me how to wire this alternator up so that when driven by a motor it will charge a 12 volt car battery. One way would be to purchase somewhat expensive solar panels to utilize the power of the sun.

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